To Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner, Fixing the Dilemma

Can you get your older unit to last next couple of years more by fixing it or will have to invest money in buying a new one?

According to Consumer Report, the average life of a air conditioners is 10-15 years.It’s a tricky question to replace or repair your conditioner, so how do you go about making that decision?

The unfortunate truth is, there is no cut and dried answer. But there sure is a good news!

You can make the best decision when you know what factors to consider and  understand the fact of the situation to make the most informed decision.

Your Air Conditioning Age

 The average air conditioner lives about 10-15 years under optimal conditions. However if your A.C is exposed to pollution for more than 5 years, it is worth to replace it. 

Your Energy Bill Matters

 With the usage of time, every device goes through wear and tear. Keep an eye on your energy bills. New A.C claims to reduce your energy bill. Are the savings really the worth, at the cost of a new A.C replacement ? The main point is to reduce energy and if your old one can make by repairing, go for it.

Get a high energy efficiency unit with a Energy Star Label, if it comes at the cost of repairing or by replacement: Make decision wisely.

How Often Your A.C Troubles You?

 If your A.C does not meet your need, invest in a replacement. If your old A.C didn’t have any or less issues, there is a good chance of repairing it’s parts. Evaluate how often you get sick of your A.C. One repair job may be cheaper but multiple job repairs can easily add up to more than a replacement would cost. A constant check on your cooling device will land you in taking a better decision.

When You Have To Decide On The Spot 

Be very careful when your service provider ask you to purchase a new equipment, it’s easy to make wrong choices. Some problems may seem serious but are not. Electrical related problems often fall in this category. Analyse the A.C problem and then find about whether to replace or repair it. It’s your right to take time to decide.

The repair or replacement decision of a HVAC system  is not easy to make, sooner or later everyone faces this dilemma. Use these tips which will guide you:

It’s generally better to Replace- 

  • No matter what you try certain areas in your room do not cool properly.
  • When your repair becomes repetitive.
  • When your utility bills are rising high. 

  (Cost of Repair) X (Age of  Old A.C unit in years) > (Cost Of Your New A.C)


It’s generally better to Repair-


  • When your system is under warranty service.
  • When slight fault occurs which does not hamper with the cost.
  • When you have not experienced ongoing problems with it and your utility cost has been steady.


(Cost of Repair) X (Age of  Old A.C unit in years) < (Cost Of Your New A.C)

 Other than houses and car, maintenance and repair can be a major  financial purchase for a home.

So looking after those and regularly maintenance can extend their life and save money in the long run.That’s why- boring or not- it’s important to know what you are doing when it comes to repairing or replacing.

It’s not an easy choice when you are faced with such issues of household appliances. As helpful these domestic devices can be, this entails paying attention to every detail and taking all the reasonable precautionary measures.

We are sure this has come to your rescue when you are at sea about air conditioners.

Author : Elevyn jeskinve

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