50 Small Business ideas with low investment

First-time entrepreneurs are constantly looking for small business ideas that require minimal investment and maximum return. It is not uncommon for people to get bored of their 9 to 5 jobs. However, more often than not, it becomes impossible to get out of this quagmire. Mostly because they have no options left and in many cases, starting your own business can be an expensive affair i.e. you don’t really have low investment business ideas. In this list we have compiled some top small business ideas which require low investment. Spending thousands and millions of dollars in starting a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. In this list of “Small Business ideas with low investment”, we will see how you can establish your own business without affecting your pocket too much.

50 Small Business ideas with low investment.

  1. Social Media Manager or Consultant

    Social media is something everyone is talking about. Everyone with a smartphone knows what Facebook, Whatsapp, instagram etc. is. Interestingly, the spawn of social media era has led to the creation of lots of job opportunities. Many big organizations need social media managers who can plan, post, organize and manage their social media campaigns and drive business into their companies. And yes, they are willing to pay a good amount of money as well. Most importantly, being a social media manager requires little to no investment and is fun. Therefore, it is one of those business ideas you will find millennials experimenting with.

  2. Party planning

    Party party party!. Yes, there are people who have party on their minds all the time. But they are neither good planners nor do they have time to organize awesome parties. Read here how to organize awesome Startup parties. If you have that organizing skill and are fun loving, you can be a party planner and yes, there are clients willing to shed some serious money if you can organize awesome parties. You just need to get a start. Don’t worry about the money in the beginning. Establish a reputation and see your business grow like anything.  If you are a party animal, this is one of the most happening Small Business ideas.

  3. Bookkeeping services

    If you have a little bit of accounting knowledge and can manage account books, you can get in to the business of bookkeeping. Knowledge of Tally and other tools will be an added advantage but there are small and big organizations that are willing to outsource their bookkeeping services. You just have to demonstrate your skills properly. Outsourcing bookkeeping services also helps companies to focus on their core areas.

  4. Website or app developer

    This digital age requires digital presence of your business. Having a brick and mortar office is just not enough. If you can make websites on any platform be it WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, you can earn good bucks just by making making and maintaining them. All you need is good coding and organizing skills. No investment required.

  5. Tax Consultant

    With the governments all over the world surprising people by opening the “Tax pandora box” every now and then, companies whose core area isn’t finance, need Tax consultants. If you have experience in this field and can guide companies in their tax related affairs, be it tricks on saving taxes or filing taxes correctly, then you can definitely start your own Tax consultancy firm. It is again a low investment business to run.

  6. Graphics designer

    Graphics designer do a whole lot of stuff. They cool designs that you see on tshirts or that awesome graphic work on the billboards, they are essentially the creation of graphic designers. All you need good design sense and hands on experience in tools like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop etc. and you are good with starting your own graphic designing company.

  7. Dietary consultant

    Obesity is one of the leading causes of premature death world wide. However, even fit individuals are in the hunt for good dietary consultants. The need for dietary consultants is on the rise primarily because of the rising awareness about the role of a good diet in healthy living. Be that as it may, if you can prepare good diet charts depending on your client’s health profile and requirements, you can start your very own dietary consultancy firm and see the cash flowing in.

  8. Teach driving

    Eventually everyone needs a driving lesson. Most of the times people learn driving from their relatives or friends. But in doing so, apart from learning basic driving they forget to learn the nuances of driving which involve absolute knowledge of traffic rules in your country. Also , in the fast paced work culture, many people find it difficult to get hold of someone who can teach them driving. If you have right driving skills and have a car or are willing to buy a second car, you can start your very own business of driving instructor.

  9. Tiffin or meal service

    For some people cooking is fun. But for others, either they hate cooking or don’t have the time to cook. Eventually they have to settle down with clumsy and not so tasty meals in canteens. If you belong to the former category, you can earn some serious bucks by delivering quality meals to people in your area. People will love to pay you good amount of money, given they get good quality food. Just be sure to incorporate your local food safety rules.

  10. Mobile Garage

    Mobile garage is a business that is gradually establishing name for itself. Cars usually don’t break down outside a garage 😉 . More often than not, your car will break down in a remote area and if you are really lucky, near a service station. Be that as it may, if you have the resources to cater to clients who experience car breakdowns in the middle of nowhere, you can start a business and see it grow. The competition is really low in this business as most of the garages are stationed at a permanent location.

  11. Pickle and snacks

    Again, your cooking skills can come handy in this business which involves very low investment. However, there is no pressure of meeting deadlines as in meal services. You can make pickles and snacks when you feel like. Initially, you can approach local shops for selling them and can expand your business after seeing the response locally. Alternatively, if you have all the food certifications, you can sell them in online stores too. In any case, the business requires low investment but high passion. No doubt, this is one of the most popular Small Business ideas.

  12. Resale of used products

    Used product market is on the rise. Be it a car or a motorbike or even a smart phone. If you have good marketing skills and can provide good value for money to your customers, you can earn handsome amount of money. The market is over 100 to 150 USD in USA itself. In other countries too it is a multi million market.

  13. Provide pet care services

    Pets become your life partners in many cases. Atleast for the entire life of your pet. They need special care and attention all the time. But owning a pet has a drawback too. The owner is unable to perform many social functions that would require keeping pets away. You cannot take a family trip without giving your pets in safe hands. This is where pet care takers come to use. The investment is zero and all you need to have compassion towards animals.

  14. Translator

    We live in a globalized world and this requires constant interaction with people from all around the world. Business tours can become a mess if you are not able to communicate with a prospect in a common language. The only investment in this business is good command on some top languages so that you can read, write and translate communications for your clients.

  15. Bakery

    Baking cake is fun. Who doesn’t love a self baked cake. And if you are one of those who can bake awesome cakes, you can gear up for a business of a lifetime. Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate events, Farewells, name any major event around you and you will see the requirement of a cake in the event planner’s list. Why not make a business out of it?

  16. DJ Services

    Love music? Well, make it a profession. Similar to cakes, DJ services have become a must in most of the events. After all, who doesn’t love to dance to their favorite tunes. Apart from small investments in equipment, all that is required is your passion for music.

  17. Tour guide

    Tourism industry is worth billions of dollars. With relaxed labour laws and extra income for disposal, people all over the world have started keeping a portion of their work year for holidays. As a tour guide, which requires no investment, you can guide tourists in an area making them aware of the historical or cultural significance of the place and making their travel experience pleasant. Just brush up your language skills and your knowledge about an area.

  18. Start cooking lessons on social media

    #foodporn is a tag one must have seen on social media especially if you are on Instagram. The fact is people love food. And there are people who need cooking tips. You can create cooking lessons and upload them on Youtube or can sell them as micro courses. If it becomes a hit, you can expect to earn a handsome amount of money. Either through ad revenues or through sponsored contents. In the recent past, this has become one of the most popular Small Business ideas in across social media platforms.

  19. Financial services

    Financial experts of all kinds are in demand. You can be someone who can save a company from financial frauds, guide them in acquisitions, suggest investment opportunities. The bottom line is that you need to possess good knowledge of capital and money market and other aspects of Financial management. The investment here is your knowledge.

  20. Logo design

    Your passion for logos and a sense of design can help you start your very own logo design company. Logo design is a profitable affair after you have nurtured your skills in designing captivating logos. You can expect a lot of repeat business if you can provide good service in the first instance.

  21. Selling photos

    For those having photography as their passion, nothing could be more better than taking that epic photograph and selling them online. With little bit of patience and expert promotion, you can make a big name for yourself. The investment is a good camera, quality lenses and hands on experience in photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop.

  22. Video Production

    Ever since Facebook incorporated auto streaming and playing of videos, the demand for video production companies have been on the rise. Be it an explainer video or a whiteboard animation video, you can expect constant inflow of clients once you establish your name.

  23. Electrical Services

    Anything which flows need maintenance. Like plumbing services, you can start your very own electrical services and this virtually requires no investment. Good knowledge of Electrical parts, circuits etc. is enough to start this business.

  24. Tailor services

    Tailoring is an expert’s job. It requires attention to detail and a sense of fashion and design. You can expect people to pay generously to you if you can provide them good services. Very little investment is required. Sewing machine, threads and needles. That’s it!

  25. Telemarketing

    Are you someone who can convince a 75 year old man to buy a football? If yes, then please think about quitting your regular 9 to 5 job. Telemarketing, or for that matter marketing is all about the art of convincing and making sales. If you have these skills, you can start your very own telemarketing agency and can expect regular inflow of cash.Just form a core team and you will be fine.

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  26. Event planner

    Like a party planner you need to have a passion for social gatherings. However, the scope of an event planner is much wider and is not related to any 1 event. You can plan political, social or cultural events depending on your clients needs. With good soft skills and organization capabilities, you can expect to succeed in this business. The initial setup cost is minimal. If you are looking for one of those small business ideas which is fun, this is it.

  27. Freelancer

    Simply said, a freelancer is someone who does work without a formal setup. If you are a good programmer or a good graphics designer, you can expect people to hire you for your skills on a short term basis. There are various websites that facilitates Freelancing. But it can also be offline. You can read about top online business ideas here.

  28. Manage properties of your clients

    Yes, the distribution of resources is not equal in this world.Especially land. Having said that, there are people with huge properties that need proper management. The owners are simply not able to do that because of their commitments. Typically property management means filing of taxes to authorities, extracting rent from tenants, maintaining records of lands etc.

  29. Software installation expert

    Every one who has a laptop or a desktop has softwares installed in them. However, not everyone possess the same kind of technical skills. Especially elderly people find it really difficult to install and manage softwares. This is where your skills as a software expert can pay dividends. Yes, even with all the instructions that come with softwares, people find it difficult to install them. You can come to their rescue and make a business out of it. No doubt, it is one of the most profitable small business ideas.

  30. Pest controller

    People freak out when they see pest in their homes and farms.  Pests make your home uninhabitable and your farm suffer from low production. As a pest controller, your job would be to use appropriate pesticide in appropriate amount. This requires a good knowledge of different pests and the knowhow of the usage of pesticides.

  31. Door to door medical sample collection

    It is really a cumbersome task to go to a pathology lab to give samples for medical condition. Especially, when you are not well. If you can invest in basic setup and can build terms with pathology labs, you can kickstart your medical sample collection business. It is a profitable business and in doing business, you are indirectly alleviating people from their sufferings. This has become one of the most profitable small business ideas in the recent past.

  32. Massage services

    What better can you expect than a good massage after a tiring day at work.  A good massage can relieve you of your stress. If you have the skills, it is virtually a low investment business paying rich dividends. After building a reputation, you can expect to have repeat clients.

  33. Cleaning services

    In this fast paced environment, people often forget to clean their own homes Yes, that is true! But if you are that person who thinks no task is smaller and are ready to pick broomstick for others, you can make a good business out of it. Especially in metros, you can expect a good client base. No doubt, this is becoming popular as one of the most recent small business ideas.

  34. Water purification expert

    As a water purification expert, your job would revolve around suggesting and maintaining right amount of TDS and other nutrients and removing other pollutants. As water borne diseases are on the rise, so is the demand for water purification experts.

  35. Movers and packers

    People move quite often. You can assist them by making their movement hassle free. Apart from an initial investment in a vehicle and contract workers, you don’t need to invest much in this business.

  36. Laundary services

    Taking dirt out of someone else’s clothes can actually help you earn quite a bit. The reason for this business gradually establishing its roots lies in the scarcity of time people face in this industrial age. And yes, once you establish your name in your area, this small business idea can be your next big business!

  37. Elderly care

    One of the noblest things to do can actually be a small business idea. Investment=Zero! But a feeling of compassion and love for elderly a must. Elderly people need a great deal of attention and care and with a group of young dedicated people you can actually start providing care to them and make a business out of it. There is nothing unethical about it.

  38. Child care

    Doesn’t everyone love kids? If you are also someone who cannot resist yourself from loving kids, you can earn by doing what you love. Either you can provide your services to individual families or can start a daycare of your own. The only investment is your love for children!

  39. Home security services

    Even if you don’t have any prior experience in the field of providing security, you can actually apply for home security services. You can become a consultant security expert. You need to have a good idea of security devices and a strong network to begin with. This is one of those small business ideas that various ex-servicemen find the most logical thing to do once they retire.

  40. Proofreading

    In this business, you just need to have good language skills and an eye for errors and you are done.  However, even though it is a low investment business, it requires a bit of patience and getting clients.

  41. Makeup services

    Be it a bridal makeup or a makeup service provided in a house party. If you have an eye for fashion and can do awesome makeup, this is really a profitable business. The initial investment on the makeup kit can be reimbursed after you get your first client. After that, all you earn is your profit.

  42. Used Book stores

    Even though people are moving in the direction of ebooks, for some people, the smell of books is simply irresistible and they cannot help themselves from buying a physical copy. The margin in used books is pretty big and you can make a decent amount of money in this business.

  43. Stock market expert

    If there is one small business idea that requires nothing but your skill to crunch numbers and your ability to understand the market, you can consider becoming a Market(Stock) expert. And yes, it is a highly profitable career. The fact is, people want to invest in stock markets but the jargons and complexities associated with the rise and fall of the market preclude many from investing in the market. Well, if you have an in-depth knowledge about how stock market functions, you can actually help people manage their stock market portfolio.

  44. Electronic repair shop

    Virtually everyone nowadays owns an electronic item and everyone faces a situation where it requires a professional help. Why not become an expert in this field and provide services in your locality?

  45. Smart phone repair shop

    Probably many of you who are reading this article, are doing so on a smart phone. The fact of the matter is, smartphones have become dirt cheap. This has opened a big opportunity for those who wish to provide services to those who face issues with their devices.

  46. Fast Food store

    Again, your passion for cooking can help you make big bucks. Every fast food joint that you know of started small. Even you can sell your magical fast food and hope for some luck along with some hard work to become the next Mc Donalds. The investment is meager in this business. This is one of those small business ideas that can easily make you big profits if you are persistent.

  47.  Car wash service

    This is becoming one of the top low investment business ideas recently. The investment is generally low and the return is huge. If you don’t mind some dirt around, you can definitely make it big in this business.

  48. Advertising agency

    Thousands of companies are incorporated on a daily basis. But not everyone is going to make it big.  But how do big companies make it big? Simply by an effective combination of their quality service or product and through targeted advertising and marketing skills. The investment in this business is your soft power.

  49. Chatbot designing

    The latest in the web world, chatbots make the interaction of your prospective clients with your websites simple and hassle-free. However, there aren’t many experts out there and if you can design quality chatbots, you can definitely make a big business out of this. Therefore, though one of the relatively new Small Business ideas, chatbot designing will be a big hit in the coming future.

  50. Apparel designing

    The apparel industry is growing at a fast pace. This is one industry which isn’t going to die. With initial investment on cloth pieces, sewing machines etc. you can easily establish a name for your self if you have an eye for fashion. Big clothing brands are in the look out for apparel designers and are willing to pay handsomely for the quality work produced

This list with fifty Small Business ideas with low investment was carefully prepared keeping in mind the latest entrepreneurial trend. If you have any suggestions, let us know.

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