The Perks of Contemporary Office Retrofits

Considering how much time employees spend daily at their workplace, making that environment comfortable, pleasant and energy-efficient is a major precondition for their well-being and productivity. Employees’ satisfaction and engagement are directly linked to a stimulating environment, so office design should lean towards being inspiring and motivating and not gloomy and dispiriting.

The tendency for modern office designs is to rely on sustainable products and equipment, which means furniture, lighting and heating/cooling have adhere to environmentally-friendly standards. Even older buildings can be transformed into ideal working spaces by retrofitting for the benefit of all employees.

Insulation and soundproofing

If you’re planning to set up your business in an old but well-built building in a great location, chances are you’ll be able to realise your design dream but it will be necessary to make some improvements. Primarily, you’ll need to put a proper insulation on interior walls and under the roof construction, usually by adding layers of thermal mass.

In case the internal layout is not in its best condition, it might be necessary to top it all with the overcladding procedure. This procedure involves putting layers of thermally effective “skin” over the existing façade which improves the building’s energy efficiency, air tightness and thermal performance. It also increases the life expectancy of the building and aesthetically, it improves its appearance and adds to overall comfort.

As for the interior walls, there are a couple of choices to consider, depending on your budget. Excellent soundproofing can be achieved with wall-to-wall carpets and different kinds of wall coverings that can take up a part or the entire surface of walls (over-sized paintings, posters, and tapestries). If your budget is tight, consider putting up heavy drapes or window blinds.

You can additionally fit your windows with argon-filled frames or completely replace them with energy-efficient models to reduce energy loss to the minimum.

Double glazing

Instead of a complete window and door replacement, there’s another option to consider. You can choose to install double glazing and keep the existing setup. It’s a simple, non-invasive and cost-effective way of improving office comfort.

The advantage of this installation is that it regulates the temperature and also reduces noise (sound-proof doors and windows are based on the secondary aluminium window system that is specifically designed to reduce noise through existing sliding structures). Since it’s adaptable to your existing size and position of panels, it will take very little space and it can be retrofitted in record period of time.

In addition, you can even choose from a large variety of colours to fit in any kind of office design scheme that you already have. For a job well done, consider calling genuine pros who offer an extensive range of services and are highly recommended.

Using existing design and resources

Lighting, cooling and ventilation rank high on the list of factors that contribute to office comfort. It’s very easy to go green here, too. Installing solar panels, for example, will provide a sustainable method of both lighting and heating. A lot of energy can be saved by installing light sensors and while you must use air-conditioning in the server room and large meeting rooms, the offices can easily be cooled by regular airing through open windows.

To set the bar even higher and be a leading example in resource efficiency, think about using reclaimed wood and stone, bricks and slates for necessary repairs. If you use salvaged tiles, floor coverings and radiators, you can truly minimize your environmental impact.

The benefits of retrofitting are numerous: efficient use of energy, lower utility bills, improved working conditions, higher employee satisfaction and productivity. Retrofitting has the overall effect of creating a pleasant, environmentally-friendly environment that is beneficial to both workers and owners.

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