Apart from publishing News and Stories on Startups, Times of Startups provides branding solutions for companies and a platform to showcase their products or services using banner Ads. After building a world-class product, reaching out to the masses to make people aware of your brand is one of the biggest challenges for companies in their early days and in this we become a valuable partner by leveraging our digital platform and our social media platforms.

Currently, we provide two branding solutions to companies:

  1. Helping your published story reach to a larger audience.
  2. Ad display on our website.

Helping your story reach to a larger audience:

What happens when a story is selected and published?

Currently, when a story(post) is published on timesofstartups.com, it will automatically be shared on social media platforms of Times of Startups viz. Facebook, Twitter, Medium,Tumblr, Pinterest and Editor’s Xing profile without any cost.

However, the worth of any story is measured by the number of its readers. If you want the reach of your published story to be maximized via our platform, we can become your partner in this.

Currently, we are offering customized promotion via our Facebook page only. Post-boost on other platforms will be available soon.

Why should you opt for a customized boost on Times of Startups’s Facebook page and what does a customized promotion mean?

Using the customized post boost option, you can boost the post featuring your Startup so that it reaches to a larger audience apart from the organic reach that our page provides. You would definitely want your story to be read by a large number of people!

You also have the option to choose the age group of the target audience, their interests and their location where you want the post to reach.

For example, if you want your Startup to target the city of Kolkata, we will target the post featuring your Startup so that it will reach out to maximum people in Kolkata. It doesn’t mean that the post reach will be limited to Kolkata. It will be available to everyone on Facebook but the targeting will be highly streamlined thereby making your brand more visible at the place of your choosing.

A promoted post will give your brand more visibility and the much needed initial exposure.

Currently, we are providing post boost option in a multiple of 2 days. That means you can opt for post-boost for a minimum of 2 days. You can repeat this 2 days cycle within 2 months of the publication of the post. At the end of the promotion, we will share with you details like post reach , post reachincrease in the number of likes, comments etc. You can also monitor the performance by visiting the post yourself.

However, no claim regarding a minimum number of post likes, comments, shares etc and actual conversion of the promotion to real business on your side can be made. The whole purpose of boosting your story is increasing your brand visibility.

Ideally, a Startup should try to use this feature within the first week of the post getting published. Also, we require the following details 24 hours before you want us to boost the post.

  • Your target audience age group : Eg. 15-50
  • Your target audience interest : Business, Technology, Lifestyle etc.
  • Your target audience location: Delhi, Mumbai, California etc.

Ad display on our website:

The available sizes for ad slots:

  1. 300*250 Right Sidebar :For Brand visibility(Just below our email subscription box on the right sidebar).  Available . Buying this ad space will enable you to make your Ad sticky. That means your ad will float along with the scrolling down of the page.
  2. 300*250 Right Sidebar(Just below 1) :For promoting Startup Events/Entrepreneurship Summits. Currently Not Available.
  3. 728*90 Header (Above the header menu) : Available

For more details including current costs of the above branding solutions, payment options etc, contact : [email protected]