Accidents & Injuries: 5 Dangers to Prevent at Your Factory

Factories play an important role in the growth of the country’s economy as well as your well-being as they provide different products and source of your livelihood if you manage one. However, there are so many dangers lurking in your factory that can cause various accidents and injuries to your staff or even yourself. You should learn about the potential hazards in your factory and take up effective measures to prevent them from happening. Below are five dangers in your factory that you should learn how to prevent.


Any live wires hanging precariously anywhere in your factory can harm your employees if they touch it directly or indirectly through a conducting material or object. Electrical accidents can at times result in fatalities and therefore great care should be taken. You should maintain all your electrical installations, equipment and ensure that your workers use protective boots to avoid accidents and injuries. You can also rely on guidelines offered by someone with an engineering management masters on how to avoid electrical accidents in your factory.


Chemicals can cause dangerous accidents and injuries when they come into contact with your employees. Chemicals in their liquid, gaseous or solid state can cause serious injuries and should be kept away from your employees and other people in your factory. Ensure that you store and dispose chemicals in your factory safely and properly. You can also reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in your factory as much as possible.


Factories are at a high risk of being harmed by fires. Fire is dangerous and can wipe out your factory in a matter of minutes. Ensure that you observe all safety precautions that will prevent the occurrence of fires in your factory. Your staff should be properly trained on fire safety and how to react to a fire disaster in order to reduce casualties and the spread of fire if and when it breaks out. You should ensure that you install fire alarms, fire extinguishers and provide all your workers with fire-resistant working gear.

Trips,Falls and Slips

Loose cables, wet floors and uneven sections of your factory floors can cause nasty falls, slips or falls leading to serious injuries. Falls are the common cause of most work-related injuries and most factories lose a lot of money settling lawsuits emanating from them. Most of these falls can be prevented if all safety regulations are observed by your factory employees. Any kind of spills should be cleaned immediately, loose cables should be well fastened and kept away from walking paths and the lighting inside your factory should be improved. You should also ensure that your workers wear slip-resistant footwear as they work to prevent slips of falls.


Loud noises in your factory can cause damage to your employees’ eardrums. This can cause permanent hearing loss among your employees either immediately or progressively. Exposure to explosive sounds like explosions or cartridge operated tools can cause hearing loss. You should ensure that the noise level in your factory does not exceed the set harmful levels to protect your employees’ eardrums. Noisy machinery should be well enclosed and away from your workers and ensure all workers coming close to it wear ear protection gear.

Final Thoughts

Your employees form an important aspect of your factory and hence you should protect them from all possible safety hazards in their working environment. You can protect your employees from harm by observing all the preventative measures mentioned above. You should take note of all the dangers listed above and others that pose a risk to your factory and take necessary precautions.

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