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WiMi Developed Execution Platform for AutoAIM Analytics to Facilitate Machine Learning in Marketing



WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. (NASDAQ: WIMI) (“WiMi” or the “Company”), a leading global Hologram Augmented Reality (“AR”) Technology provider, today announced that it developed the AutoAIM (Automatic Artificial Intelligence Marketing) analytical execution platform, which uses visual-based programming to organize ML (Machine Learning) more intuitively, facilitating the application and understanding of ML in marketing.

WiMi’s AutoAIM implements ML in marketing by creating a real-time repository of projects and making implementation recommendations for ML in marketing. In this repository, users can learn, share and reuse workflows (visualization code). Visual modular coding is a visual representation-based programming approach for extending Machine Learning (ML) in the marketing domain. It organizes ML projects in an intuitive way through configurable nodes. Our visual programming approach is easier to understand and use than traditional script-based coding interfaces.

AutoAIM analysis platform is a software tool based on visual programming. It provides an intuitive interface that allows users to build and design ML projects by dragging and connecting nodes. These nodes represent different functional components such as data preprocessing, feature extraction, model selection and evaluation. Users are free to select and configure these nodes to build their own workflows according to their project needs. To support different marketing needs and approaches, several ML frameworks are used in AutoAIM. These frameworks include methods such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning and deep learning. Users can choose the appropriate framework and algorithm according to their project requirements.

In terms of technical execution, users first need to import and prepare their marketing data. They can use the data preprocessing nodes provided by AutoAIM to perform operations such as data filtering, feature selection and transformation. Next, users can select the appropriate model node and connect it to the data processing node. In the model node, the user can configure the parameters and hyperparameters of the model, as well as select appropriate evaluation metrics. Once the workflow is configured, users can execute the ML project and observe the results. AutoAIM provides visualization tools and charts to help users analyze and interpret the model output. Users can also adjust nodes and parameters in the workflow and optimize as needed.

With our conceptual visual coding and AutoAIM analytical platform, users are able to approach marketing program development more intuitively and flexibly. They can quickly build and adapt workflows without having to delve into the underlying programming language and algorithmic details. This enables marketing teams to better collaborate, share, and reuse workflows to increase productivity and accelerate the execution and development of marketing applications.

The technology and logic of the AutoAIM platform are reflected in the following areas:

Visual programming: the AutoAIM platform uses a visual-based programming approach to transform complex machine learning algorithms and processes into intuitive graphical interfaces and drag-and-drop functionality. This approach enables marketing professionals to quickly create and implement machine learning projects without an in-depth knowledge of programming languages. Users can build their own ML models by combining different modules with simple operations, and make real-time adjustments and optimizations.

Real-time repository: the AutoAIM platform provides a real-time repository with five annotated sample projects. These projects cover a variety of areas such as customer churn, sentiment analysis, automated image analysis, search engine optimization and customer experience. Users can learn and draw from these examples to understand the application of machine learning in different marketing scenarios, and customize and improve them in their own projects.

Implementation recommendations: more than just a tool for creating and implementing ML projects, the AutoAIM platform provides powerful implementation recommendations. By analyzing data and algorithm performance, the platform is able to provide users with real-time feedback and recommendations. These recommendations can help users optimize their marketing strategies and improve the accuracy and effectiveness of machine learning models.

Workflow sharing and reuse: the AutoAIM platform allows users to learn, share and reuse workflows. Users can save the workflows they create on the platform and share them with other users. This type of knowledge sharing and collaboration promotes learning and exchange among marketing professionals and accelerates the application and innovation of machine learning in marketing.

The AutoAIM platform will significantly drive growth and innovation in the AI marketing space. By streamlining the process of creating and implementing machine learning programs, the platform enables more marketing professionals to leverage AI technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing campaigns. Over time, AutoAIM will continue to optimize and expand its platform to meet market needs and continue to lead innovation in the AI marketing.

WiMi’s technical team utilized advanced techniques and algorithms in developing the AutoAIM platform. They have combined the latest research findings in the fields of machine learning, data mining and natural language processing into practically usable tools and features. The library of algorithms and models within the platform is constantly updated and expanded to ensure that users have access to the latest technologies and methodologies to solve marketing challenges.WiMi’s AutoAIM platform is highly flexible. The platform’s basic frame is based on distributed systems and cloud computing technology, capable of handling large-scale data and complex computing tasks. At the same time, the platform supports integration with various data sources and marketing tools, enabling users to easily import data from existing systems and apply machine learning to actual marketing campaigns.

WiMi has been committed to the development of innovative technologies and is also developing new AI advertising and marketing markets based on its business strengths. Currently, WiMi has developed workflows based on AI and machine learning technologies applied in the field of marketing. WiMi provides marketing professionals with an innovative solution that enables them to easily create, share and reuse workflows for ML projects. The platform talked about in this article provides marketing professionals with powerful tools to implement ML projects and incorporate the benefits of machine learning in their marketing strategies through a visualization-based programming approach. Its technological innovations and capabilities enable marketing professionals to better understand and leverage data for more accurate and personalized campaigns.

WiMi believes that AI and machine learning technologies will play an increasingly important role in marketing, and WiMi will continue to help marketing professionals better meet market challenges and improve the effectiveness and ROI of their marketing campaigns through innovative solutions and platforms. WiMi will also continue to improve and upgrade its platform to meet the market’s needs and users’ expectations, and looks forward to working with more marketing professionals and companies to achieve better marketing results. WiMi will continue to improve and upgrade its platform to meet market needs and users’ expectations, and looks forward to working with more marketing professionals and companies to promote the development of AI in the field of marketing and realize more excellent marketing results.

About WIMI Hologram Cloud

WIMI Hologram Cloud, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIMI) is a holographic cloud comprehensive technical solution provider that focuses on professional areas including holographic AR automotive HUD software, 3D holographic pulse LiDAR, head-mounted light field holographic equipment, holographic semiconductor, holographic cloud software, holographic car navigation and others. Its services and holographic AR technologies include holographic AR automotive application, 3D holographic pulse LiDAR technology, holographic vision semiconductor technology, holographic software development, holographic AR advertising technology, holographic AR entertainment technology, holographic ARSDK payment, interactive holographic communication and other holographic AR technologies.


Venture Capital Fund Manager Token Bay Capital Granted In-Principle Approval To Invest In Tokens With First of Its Kind License in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)



  • License will permit investment in both the equity and tokens of crypto start-ups
  • Opening of Token Bay’s new offices in ADGM aligns with planned second fund

Token Bay Capital Limited (“Token Bay”) is expanding its venture capital footprint in the capital of the UAE and has been granted an in-principle approval (IPA) from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) to carry out regulated activities in the ADGM. Subject to final regulatory approval for the grant of the Financial Services Permission (FSP), Token Bay brings niche capabilities to manage both token and equity investments in early-stage crypto start-ups under the FSRA’s Venture Capital Fund Manager (VCFM) framework.

Founded in 2021, Token Bay is a leading Crypto Venture Capital Fund that has adopted a regulatory-first approach from day one. Token Bay invests in start-ups building next-generation blockchain infrastructure and decentralized applications for Web3. Building on the success of its first fund, Token Bay is now launching its second fund and will continue to back outstanding entrepreneurs building infrastructure solutions for the new token economy. In addition to Abu Dhabi, Token Bay also has offices in Hong Kong, and is strategically positioned across digital assets hubs in both the Middle East and Asia.

Founder and Managing Partner of Token Bay, Lucy Gazmararian: “This marks the first phase of global expansion for Token Bay, and we’re excited to have been granted the IPA in ADGM for venture capital investment in tokens as well as in equity. Blockchain technology has the potential to drive innovation through tokenization, and as blockchain networks continue to evolve, it is important that as venture capitalists we are fully equipped to support talented founders building in Web3 by directly participating in these networks and taking an ownership stake through tokens. We extend our sincerest thanks to the regulator for their forward-thinking approach and open dialogue so that we were able to reach this important milestone and establish Token Bay in one of the world’s leading international financial centres and digital assets hub.”

ADGM’s progressive regulatory framework, English common law legal framework, status as a leading centre for financial innovation and vibrant blockchain and digital assets ecosystem have attracted Token Bay to set up offices in the capital of the UAE.

Arvind Ramamurthy, Chief of Market Development at ADGM said, “We extend a warm welcome to Token Bay Capital as they join ADGM’s international financial centre and commence their establishment in Abu Dhabi, marking the beginning of their global expansion journey. ADGM is dedicated to cultivating innovation and excellence in the financial sector, particularly within the virtual asset space. With progressive regulatory frameworks that facilitate companies like Token Bay Capital, ADGM’s vibrant ecosystem stands as the optimal platform for initiating their global growth trajectory.”

Token Bay’s Venture Funds offer institutions, multi-national companies, private banks, family offices and high-net-worth individuals the opportunity to invest in an emerging asset class right at the start of a multi-decade cycle.

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Walmart chooses Swisslog ASRS powered by SynQ software to enhance transparency and delivery of quality products in third milk processing facility




Swisslog, a leading provider of best-in-class intralogistics warehouse automation and software, has announced that Walmart will install a Swisslog automation solution within its Robinson, TX, facility to enable seamless material flow and increase uptime. Walmart is planning to break ground on the milk processing facility later this year with the facility scheduled to open in 2026.

This is the third Walmart milk processing facility to deploy Swisslog’s automated storage and retrieval solution (ASRS) featuring SynQ software and Vectura cranes. The company worked with Swisslog to open its first milk processing facility in Fort Wayne, IN, in 2018. This facility served as a blueprint for its second facility in Valdosta, GA expected to open in 2025, as well as for the just announced Texas facility.

According to Walmart, the ASRS continues the company’s commitment to building a more resilient and transparent supply chain to deliver high-quality products. It also will bolster the company’s capacity to meet consumer demand for milk. The products from the facility will serve more than 750 Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs throughout the South including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and parts of Arkansas and Mississippi.

Designed by Swisslog’s automation experts, the ASRS brings together five Vectura pallet stacker cranes with KUKA palletizing and de-palletizing robots, a ProMove pallet conveyor system, as well as a conveyor system for small loads. The automation solution operates on synchronized intelligence from Swisslog’s SynQ software, which provides warehouse management, material flow and automation control system functionality in a single, modular platform.

“We are honored that Walmart continues to put their trust in our automation solutions and our people behind those solutions,” said Sean Wallingford, president, and CEO of Swisslog Americas. “This has been a very collaborative relationship as our two teams work together to create value for Walmart and ensure our automation solutions and software enable the company and its farmers to bring fresh, transparently sourced dairy to market.”

SynQ management software not only optimizes the flow of the equipment to increase efficiency and accuracy of the operation, it also orchestrates the operation of multiple sub-systems. It equips warehouse automation and IT systems with synchronized intelligence of people, processes and machines to boost the efficiency and productivity of warehouse processes and adapt to changing market requirements. SynQ provides sophisticated inventory management and material flow capabilities that enable real-time inventory tracking and management of items to ensure freshness, quality and transparency of the food supply chain.

This project also includes Swisslog’s IT Managed Services, which puts in place experts to proactively manage the IT systems and software required to keep the equipment running at peak performance. The higher-level 24/7 support allows Walmart to free up internal resources from routine IT system administration, while also enabling data-driven proactive maintenance that helps reduce unplanned downtime.

For more information on Swisslog automation technologies and software, visit

About Swisslog

We shape the future of intralogistics with robotic, data-driven and flexible automated solutions that achieve exceptional value for our customers. Swisslog helps forward-thinking companies optimize the performance of their warehouses and distribution centers with future-ready automation systems and software. Our integrated offering includes consulting, system design and implementation, and lifetime customer support in more than 50 countries.

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Rally Ventures' Justin Kaufenberg Joins PayGround Board of Directors



SportsEngine co-founder brings payments industry experience and understanding of consumer expectations as PayGround prepares for continued growth

Justin Kaufenberg, Managing Director of Rally Ventures, has accepted an invitation to join the Board of Directors of PayGround, a healthcare fintech payments platform. Kaufenberg, who is the co-founder and former CEO of SportsEngine, brings a unique entrepreneurial perspective as well as a deep understanding of payments and banking.

Rally Ventures participated in PayGround’s Series A fundraising in 2023.

“From our very first conversation, Justin and the Rally Ventures team have been enthusiastic about joining PayGround on our mission to empower individuals and families with a healthcare digital wallet,” says PayGround CEO Drew Mercer. “We are in a season of hyper-growth and innovation at PayGround, and we are looking forward to having Justin at the table as we look for ways to provide additional banking capabilities for both healthcare providers and consumers.”

A core investment focus for Rally Ventures is products that deliver mission-critical software with embedded payments and financial services.

“Fixing the payment process within the healthcare industry has proven difficult because of all of the disparate systems involved. This is an industry in dire need of innovation, and I believe PayGround is approaching the problem in a smart and strategic way,” Kaufenberg says. “I’m looking forward to offering any guidance I can to help PayGround move the healthcare payments industry forward as they develop a strategy that looks to integrate various billing systems into their platform. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this company.”

About PayGround

PayGround is a healthcare payments platform that streamlines the payment experience for providers and patients. For patients, it’s an easy-to-use mobile app to manage, track and pay all medical bills in one secure place. For medical providers, it’s a modernized payment platform that reduces costs, simplifies processes and boosts patient and employer satisfaction. PayGround — the meeting place for healthcare payments. Learn more at

About Rally Ventures

Rally Ventures invests exclusively in early-stage business technology companies, focusing on entrepreneurs creating major new markets or bringing transformative approaches to existing ones. Since 1997, Rally Ventures’ partners and venture capital industry veterans have invested in or run early-stage enterprise business-to-business technology companies with a proven ability to deliver superior returns regardless of the overall market environment. For more information visit

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