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All-in-One Web3 Gaming Ecosystem Blockus Raises $4M Pre-Seed After Completing a16z Incubator Program



The announcement comes during the Game Developers Conference week, where the company will host a special side event

Blockus, an emerging, innovative force at the intersection of blockchain technology and gaming, today announced a significant milestone, securing $4M in pre-seed funding. This successful raise follows Blockus’s participation in the prestigious a16z Crypto Startup Accelerator, which not only provided access to mentors and advisors but also allowed the startup to connect with potential investors.

The pre-seed round was led by Maple VC and included Altos Ventures as well as known angel investors such as Zhuoxun Yin from Magic Eden, Michael Ma from CreatorDAO, and Bryan Pelligrino from LayerZero.

Blockus is dedicated to transforming the gaming experience by enabling studios to onboard their players and build on-chain gaming features with ease. The company has already gained traction in the market, with over 30 partners already signed, including Ambrus Studio, the team behind E4C: Final Salvation. The funding will allow Blockus to accelerate its growth, expand its team, strengthen sales operations, and invest heavily in product development.

“This pre-seed raise marks a pivotal moment in our journey,” said Jess Zhang, Co-founder & CEO at Blockus. “The trust our investors, like Maple VC, have placed in us is both humbling and inspiring. We’re ready to unlock the next level of innovation in the gaming industry, and we’re excited to bring our blockchain solutions to even more studios and developers.”

With a rapidly expanding market – approximately 62% of all dApp activity comes from gaming projects, and Web3 gaming is expected to reach $600B by 2030 – Blockus is in a prime position to capitalize on this growth.

“We’re thrilled to witness Blockus’s latest achievement,” said Johnson Yeh, Founder & CEO at Ambrus Studio. “As innovators in the gaming space, we’re proud to partner with a company that’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. The potential for Web3 in gaming is immense, and we’re confident that Blockus will play a major role in shaping its future.”

The announcement is made in the lead-up week to Game Developers Conference (GDC) taking place in San Francisco. There, the company will host a dedicated event on March 21 at 7 p.m. at the iconic SPIN bar to engage with the Web3 gaming community, and current and potential partners.

“Blockus has the potential to be the catalyst for a new era of gaming, built on the principles of decentralization and player ownership,” said Andre Charoo, General Partner at Maple VC. “The founders’ deep understanding of both gaming and Web3 technologies, combined with their track record, makes them an exceptionally compelling team to back. We believe Blockus is poised to lead the way in the Web3 gaming revolution.”

To celebrate its funding milestone, Blockus is extending a special offer of $20,000 in credits to potential clients for the two weeks following the announcement period. This offer presents a unique opportunity for game developers interested in exploring how Blockus can elevate their game experiences.

About Blockus

Blockus is a complete Web3 gaming economy ecosystem. Beautifully built, fully compliant, and seamlessly integrated into games, the company’s mission is to create a future where players have true ownership of their in-game assets and where gaming experiences are more immersive, engaging, and rewarding.

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Rally Ventures' Justin Kaufenberg Joins PayGround Board of Directors



SportsEngine co-founder brings payments industry experience and understanding of consumer expectations as PayGround prepares for continued growth

Justin Kaufenberg, Managing Director of Rally Ventures, has accepted an invitation to join the Board of Directors of PayGround, a healthcare fintech payments platform. Kaufenberg, who is the co-founder and former CEO of SportsEngine, brings a unique entrepreneurial perspective as well as a deep understanding of payments and banking.

Rally Ventures participated in PayGround’s Series A fundraising in 2023.

“From our very first conversation, Justin and the Rally Ventures team have been enthusiastic about joining PayGround on our mission to empower individuals and families with a healthcare digital wallet,” says PayGround CEO Drew Mercer. “We are in a season of hyper-growth and innovation at PayGround, and we are looking forward to having Justin at the table as we look for ways to provide additional banking capabilities for both healthcare providers and consumers.”

A core investment focus for Rally Ventures is products that deliver mission-critical software with embedded payments and financial services.

“Fixing the payment process within the healthcare industry has proven difficult because of all of the disparate systems involved. This is an industry in dire need of innovation, and I believe PayGround is approaching the problem in a smart and strategic way,” Kaufenberg says. “I’m looking forward to offering any guidance I can to help PayGround move the healthcare payments industry forward as they develop a strategy that looks to integrate various billing systems into their platform. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this company.”

About PayGround

PayGround is a healthcare payments platform that streamlines the payment experience for providers and patients. For patients, it’s an easy-to-use mobile app to manage, track and pay all medical bills in one secure place. For medical providers, it’s a modernized payment platform that reduces costs, simplifies processes and boosts patient and employer satisfaction. PayGround — the meeting place for healthcare payments. Learn more at

About Rally Ventures

Rally Ventures invests exclusively in early-stage business technology companies, focusing on entrepreneurs creating major new markets or bringing transformative approaches to existing ones. Since 1997, Rally Ventures’ partners and venture capital industry veterans have invested in or run early-stage enterprise business-to-business technology companies with a proven ability to deliver superior returns regardless of the overall market environment. For more information visit

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PowerPay Completes $118.9 Million Asset-Backed Securitization to Further Growth



Inaugural deal ignites new opportunities for leading fintech company.

PowerPay, a leading fintech company specializing in real-time lending and payment solutions for contractors and physicians announced the closing of their inaugural securitization obtained by home improvement and elective medical loans, and a 144A transaction rated by KBRA.

This is PowerPay’s first securitization (PWRP 2024-1). The Company partnered with CapitalOne Securities and Chartway Federal Credit Union, Virginia Beach, VA to achieve this milestone.

“The transaction provides the Company a securitization program that will allow us to obtain access to capital markets while providing a diversified funding source to fuel continued growth for the foreseeable future,” said Mike Petrakis, PowerPay Founder & CEO. “Chartway Federal Credit Union has been a valued partner. We look forward to further success as we consolidate the space. It’s encouraging to see that our consumers and channel partners have remained resilient despite economic turmoil over the past few years. With the focus of converting transparent purchases into simple monthly payments, we anticipate being able to access public securitizations on a regular basis as the market begins to rebound.”

Headquartered in King of Prussia, PA, PowerPay launched its platform in 2020 in the home improvement and elective medical sectors and has since become one of the industry leaders in point-of-sale financing.

The securitization, totaling approximately $118 million and issued as PWRP 2024-1, consists of Class A, B, and C notes with ratings of A-, BBB, and BB-, respectively, from Kroll Bond Rating Agency.

Since its inception PowerPay has been focused on its partnership with credit unions as it provides origination, servicing, compliance, & insurance through its 10,000 + national provider network.

  • For this issuance, PowerPay originated loans to Chartway Federal Credit Union and then repurchased them through this securitization (PWRP 2024-1).
  • The transaction ultimately helped PowerPay execute its vision of developing an ABS platform, diversifying the Company’s capital market outlets and providing a viable vehicle for its credit union and bank partners to manage liquidity through the program.
  • This transaction brought 17 new institutional investors to the platform.

The issuance of PWRP 2024-1 is a landmark achievement for PowerPay as the Company continues broadening institutional support of the asset class and improving access to home improvement and elective medical financing.

About PowerPay
Launched in 2020, PowerPay is a financial technology company providing seamless consumer financing solutions to over 10,000+ national providers. The Company helps contractors and physicians convert homeowner and patient purchases into simple monthly payments through its point-of-sale lending platform. Since its inception, PowerPay has funded over $1.2B.

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Cosmology Raises $5M to Simplify Web3 Application Development




The “Adobe for Web3” makes building dApps accessible to a wide range of developers, not just those who have expertise with the entire blockchain stack

Cosmology, the tech suite that enables developers to build Web3 apps in the Cosmos ecosystem, has closed its $5M seed round, co-led by Galileo and Lemniscap with participation from Dispersion, Hashkey, Tuesday Capital, the Osmosis Foundation, Chorus One, Informal Systems, and angels including Kevin Lin, Zaki Manian, Leland Lee, and Ethan Beard. As an official part of the Interchain Stack, Cosmology empowers over 2,000 developers to build applications like dYdX, Osmosis, and Celestia. This funding allows Cosmology to support the growth of the interchain, and provide tools that make app development accessible without requiring deep technical blockchain knowledge.

“Having spent nearly three decades at the intersection of design and technology, I see the potential of Web3 and the need to lower the barriers to development,” said Dan Lynch, Founder of Cosmology. “Our mission is to empower a broad range of developers, driving innovation and the shift from Web2 to Web3. We achieve this by enabling builders to swiftly turn their ideas into launched applications, focusing on big-picture concepts rather than the low-level technical details of blockchain.”

Cosmology’s tools make the development of Web3 applications dramatically simpler for developers throughout the interchain and have been downloaded over 5 million times. They’ve created tools like Telescope, which generates easy-to-use TypeScript libraries for developers to access the functionality of Cosmos blockchains, and Cosmos Kit, a universal wallet adapter for quickly making apps that easily interact with Cosmos blockchains and wallets.

“Dan’s work building developer tooling has led to huge growth in the number of applications being built in Cosmos,” said Sunny Aggarwal, Founder of Osmosis. “Cosmology is making app development on the 100+ blockchains in the ecosystem a streamlined, elegant process.”

Initially focused on front-end tools, Cosmology is now broadening its scope of services to offer a comprehensive full-stack environment for developers. The team now includes experts in key blockchain technologies like Tendermint, Cosmos SDK, and IBC Protocol, enhancing its suite’s capabilities across the board. This expansion gives Cosmology extra bandwidth to support developers from design to deployment, covering everything from user interface design all the way to backend blockchain and smart contract tooling.

“Cosmology is the bedrock underlying everything being built right now in the Cosmos and Celestia ecosystems,” said David Feiock, Managing Partner at Galileo. “As an integral part of building application-specific blockchains, Cosmology tools like Telescope materially reduce the complexities for developers allowing for much quicker innovation and iteration cycles, which will be an essential component of this next phase of growth in crypto.”

Commenting on the announcement, Roderik van der Graaf, Founder of Lemniscap, said: “To date, the perceived complexity of Web3 has kept many Web2 developers from exploring novel use cases that would enhance their product offerings. Cosmology is playing a pivotal role in enabling developers to incorporate Web3 elements in their applications, while circumventing the steep Web3 learning curve. We’re delighted to have co-led this funding round and look forward to supporting Dan and the team in executing a strong growth strategy in 2024 and beyond.”

“Dan’s experience building and exiting low-code platforms like Brandcast is invaluable in the Web3 space, where building applications can prove daunting,” said Pat Gallagher, Managing Partner at Tuesday Capital. “Cosmology is democratizing the digital landscape for businesses and developers alike with an Adobe-style suite of products that lower the barrier to entry, so decentralized application development doesn’t require the full-stack expertise that very few software engineers possess.”

“In the early days of the internet, the concept of every business having its own website once seemed like a pipe dream. Today, we’re at a similar point in time before the brink of a revolution with the Internet of Blockchains. Much like low and no-code platforms transformed Web2, making digital participation accessible to all businesses, I see a future where Web3 is equally open and user-friendly,” said Dan Lynch.

As Cosmos becomes an increasingly interwoven mesh of blockchains, Cosmology is at the forefront of enabling developers to build interchain-native applications. This raise helps the team further build out the essential tooling that’s making Cosmos one of the most attractive places to build in Web3 today.

About Cosmology

Cosmology is creating the Adobe of Web3 – a suite of products that work interdependently to catalyze creativity for builders.

Cosmology is building a unified developer experience for cross chain dApps, streamlining everything from low-level encoding and signing to user interfaces and wallet adapters. Our tools are becoming the standard in the interchain, where our community has now grown to 100+ chains and countless smart contract projects across the Cosmos ecosystem.

Hundreds of developers leverage Cosmology’s software to build DEXes, wallets, governance tooling, NFT platforms, lending, leverage, and liquid staking protocols. These include Osmosis, dYdX, Celestia, Cosmostation, Stride, Juno, DaoDao, Stargaze, Mars Protocol, Leap Wallet, AstroTech, Persistence, Quicksilver and more.

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