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Top 10 White Label Wallet Development Companies in 2023



Due to the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, it has become vital for businesses to find a secure and cost-effective solution to manage their assets. This solution is a White label wallet, a ready-made wallet solution developed by one firm and licensed to another for rebranding purposes and launched in the market as their product. Using a white label solution framed by Antier helps to reduce the number of resources required for completing the development phase, and also speeds up the launching process. It’s a technical solution, so one needs a reliable White label wallet development company. The professionals would work closely to gather the requirements and devise the product based on ones preferences.

Finding the best White label wallet development firm is a complex task, especially when there are numerous options. To simplify the selection process, a list of top White Label wallet development companies has been compiled, but before that, an overview of the wallets and things to consider before choosing White label crypto wallet solution provider is listed below: 

Market Overview of White-Label Crypto Wallets

A White label crypto wallet is a ready-to-deploy solution that saves ones time in developing the wallet from scratch. It is a market-ready product available for business use and integrated with advanced features. The high-end features present in the wallet give them a competitive edge over their counterparts and have become a preferred choice of global businesses.

As per the market analysis, the wallet market share will increase to USD 686.05 million between 2021 to 2026, and the growth momentum will increase at a CAGR of 24.19%. This means more enterprises will be venturing into the segment with white-label wallet development companies to boost their earning potential.

Explore the World-Class Features of White Label Crypto Wallet

  • Multichain & Multicurrency Compatability
  • Multiplatform Support
  • Web3 Integration
  • Biometric Authentication
  • EVM Compatability
  • Manage Assets
  • Ledger Support
  • ERC20/ERC721 Support

Business Benefits Offered by White Label Crypto Wallet

A White label crypto wallet solution is ideal for businesses that don’t have time and resources to spend on developing the wallet from scratch. It also benefits those with expertise in certain domains which aren’t technically sound. Apart from this, a White label crypto wallet offers myriad benefits:

  1. Reduced cost
  2. Minimizes development time
  3. Instant deployment
  4. State-of-the-art features
Factors to Consider while Choosing a White-Label Wallet

The market is flooded with several companies There is a need to choose the best wallet development company from the option list. The best white-label wallet development providers will deliver a well-tested solution. Apart from this, below is the list of factors businesses must consider before developing a white-label crypto wallet solution:

  • Cost
  • Degree of customization offered
  • Provider’s Reputation
  • Payment Gateways Integration
  • Transaction Speed
  • KYC or AML Compliance
  • Technical Support

Top 10 White Label Wallet Development Companies of 2023 

1.  Antier

Antier is one of the biggest and highly experienced crypto wallet development companies globally. Apart from developing a wallet solution from scratch, our team is well-versed in developing a white-label crypto wallet. With 7+ years of industry experience and expertise, we have delivered over 100 wallet solutions, with two million end users registered across all deployments. Their dextrous development teams have assisted start-ups, federal governments, and established firms. Developing great software can be challenging, but our practices like expert project management, high-quality code, continuous testing, and experience have helped us stand out.

Explore their Top-of-the-Line Features White Label Wallet

  • Top-Tier Security
  • Supports over 350+ currencies
  • Fiat conversions
  • High-Volume TPS
  • Real-Time trading information
  • Payment Integration support
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Interoperability
  • Multi-chain support
  • Rewards & Referrals

2. Technoloader Pvt. Ltd

Technoloader is an established Blockchain wallet development company. They offer numerous wallet development services like blockchain development, supply chain development, cryptocurrency exchange development, cryptocurrency MLM development, IDO Development, Smart Contract Development, Dapp development, crypto trading bot development, NFT Marketplace Development, Real Estate Tokenization, Crypto Wallet Development, and hyper ledger blockchain development.

Explore their Top-of-the-Line Features White Label Wallet

  • Sending
  • Staking
  • Swapping
  • Price graph
  • Cash Out
  • QR code scanner
  • Vendor payments
  • API Integration

3. SoluLab 

SoluLab offers end to end White label wallet development services to enterprises across the globe. They have extensive experience in offshore software development and project management capabilities. SoluLab was formed in 2014 to provide futuristic IT Solutions. SoluLab management has visionary, experienced, and enthusiastic leaders that have contributed to the success of SoluLab customers, partners, employees, and the company.

Explore their Top-of-the-Line Features White Label Wallet

  • Borrowing & lending
  • Crypto staking
  • Advanced admin panel
  • High-Graded security
  • Vendor payments
  • Wallet connect
  • Trading insights
  • Seed phrase back-up & retrieval

4. Suffescom Solutions

Suffesscom Solutions has become the preferred technology partner of global firms. Whether a start-up or an established corporation, they have provided businesses with robust, scalable, and feature-rich solutions. The top-tier security mechanisms integrated with their wallets protect the wallets from hacks and breaches. Speed up your development process and market launch by scheduling a free consultation with the subject matter experts.

Explore their Top-of-the-Line Features White Label Wallet

  • Sending, receiving, and asset management
  • Transaction history
  • Exchange integration
  • Multi-platform support

5. Rising Max Consultant

Rising Max Consultant is another name on the best crypto wallet development companies list. Top leaders and managers who never put quality resources at stake operate the organization. The company can establish its reputation with its advanced blockchain solutions. From requirement gathering to deployment, get the support you need to succeed in your endeavors by contacting their team.

Explore their Top-of-the-Line Features White Label Wallet

  • 2-Factor authentication
  • Asset management & transaction
  • Session logout
  • Multi-chain support
  • Seed-phrase wallet backup

6. Idealogic

Idealogic is a full-cycle software development firm in Kyiv, Ukraine. They have helped various industries in Logistics, Fintech, Retail, plus Business Intelligence domains in achieving their goals. They specialize in building secure and user-friendly wallets for storing, managing, and transacting with cryptocurrencies.

Explore their Top-of-the-Line Features White Label Wallet

  • Multi-Factor authentication
  • In-Chat transactions
  • Wallet backup & retrieval
  • Live trading information

7. Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain app factory offers unique, matchless crypto wallet development solutions. Their blockchain experience and passion for the technology have helped them deliver customizable and cost-effective solutions. They have extensive experience and expertise in developing solutions for web, desktop, and mobile applications. The blockchain developers have a track record of developing cutting-edge solutions for clients globally and have delivered an eye-opening session on how their wallet works.

Explore their Top-of-the-Line Features White Label Wallet

  • OTC trading
  • API connection with exchanges
  • Multi-coin and multi-asset support
  • NFC
  • Auto denial of duplicate payments

8. OpenXCell

OpenXCell is a USA-based firm established in 2009. The company is deemed the most trusted and industry-leading crypto wallet development company. Their quality deliverables and strict timelines have helped us establish a strong reputation among the clients. The relentless support of the team can speed up a client’s wallet launch and help them achieve their business goals with the guidance of the team.

Explore their Top-of-the-Line Features White Label Wallet

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Multi & Single currency support
  • Private key storage
  • Asset management
  • Top-Tier Security
  • Asset Management

9. Cubix

Cubix is an eminent game, mobile, and crypto wallet development firm. Their team comprises top wallet developers, designers, and marketers who work together to help these enterprises achieve their goals. In their eight years of experience, they have assisted start-ups, individuals, and corporations across the globe. Every solution they develop is integrated with power-packed features and advanced security features to ensure tradeability and accessibility of assets on trading and blockchain platforms.

Explore their Top-of-the-Line Features White Label Wallet

  • Simple UI/UX design
  • Advanced security protocols
  • Trading insights
  • Real-Time trading information in the form of charts and graphs

10. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz has become a prominent name in the blockchain landscape worldwide. With a team of more than 250 blockchain developers, they have delivered more than 100 solutions so far. With their close-knit team of Blockchain analysts with full-stack developers, they create next-generation applications suitable for all businesses. From start-ups to established businesses they have assisted everyone at every stage of the project and their post-deployment assistance ensures that the application runs smoothly.

Explore their Top-of-the-Line Features White Label Wallet

  • Selling
  • Swapping
  • Staking
  • API exchange integration
  • Auto denial of duplicate payments
  • QR code scanner
  • Payment integration
  • Cash Out


Compare the pros and cons of every wallet development firm and associate with the one that develops the solutions as per ones business needs and financial goals. Venture into million-dollar crypto space by developing future-ready white-label crypto wallet development solutions.



Nimble Gravity Acquires mDEVZ to Strengthen Its Data, AI and Software Engineering Capabilities



nimble gravity acquisition

Today, Nimble Gravity LLC and mDEVZ,announced that Nimble Gravity has successfully completed its acquisition of mDEVZ, a data science and application engineering consultancy based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. mDEVZ brings a deep heritage in finance, gaming, and retail and will expand Nimble Gravity’s Data Science and Engineering practices, continuing the company’s strategic 2023 growth initiative.

mDEVZ strengthens Nimble Gravity’s ability to help customers transform their businesses with AI, bringing both data science capabilities, additional expertise in application development and net new capabilities in computer vision, rendering & optimization, and Unity3D.

“We are excited to bring mDEVZ onboard as we continue to advance our growth strategy for 2023,” said Tony Aug, co-founder, and chief executive officer of Nimble Gravity. “Their expertise in data science, artificial intelligence and software engineering will further strengthen our position in the market and enhance our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions to clients looking to leverage cutting-edge technology for their businesses.”

“We are proud of the results we’ve delivered to our customers during our 10 year history and are immensely appreciative of all their support,” said Mauro Lopez, founder and CEO of mDEVZ. “Joining Nimble Gravity represents a unique opportunity for our team to scale the impact of our work to an even broader customer base. Together, we can drive forward the strategy and execute the most innovative tech solutions to achieve unparalleled success and to give our team new opportunities to grow their careers and deepen the valuable skills at the company.”

mDEVZ builds on Nimble Gravity’s global operations, augmenting its team of professionals ready to tackle the hardest challenges businesses are facing in today’s digital landscape.

About Nimble Gravity:

Founded in 2019, Nimble Gravity is an international consultancy firm that specializes in Strategy, E-Commerce, Digital Transformation, Data Science, Analytics, and BI, as well as Software Development and Tech Design. Nimble Gravity believes in the power of data and evidence-based approaches to drive growth, transform businesses, and create winning solutions for a diverse clientele.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with offices in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, and Medellín, Nimble Gravity is a rapidly growing consulting firm ready to tackle the hardest challenges your business is facing.

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KaarTech Expands Digital Transformation Footprint with Acquisition of Dunn Solutions Group Inc.




KaarTech , a global Digital Transformation Consulting company, is excited to announce its latest strategic move in the world of digital transformation. The company has broadened its’ capabilities and geography by successfully acquiring Dunn Solutions Group Inc. , a leading Customer Experience Solutions Consultancy headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Founded in 2006, KaarTech has solidified its position as a key player within the SAP ecosystem. With a proven track record of delivering digital transformation success across various sectors, including Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, and Consumer Packaged Goods, KaarTech has carved a niche for itself. The company has also developed proprietary intellectual property, KEBS for Professional Services and KTern.AI for SAP Digital Transformation , reinforcing its reputation as a formidable force in the Digital Transformation Arena.

Founded in 1988, Dunn Solutions is headquartered outside of Chicago and has offices both in Minneapolis and Bengaluru. The company has carved its niche as a Digital Commerce and Business Transformation Consultancy. Their core mission revolves around delivering unmatched velocity and transformative solutions to their clients.

This strategic acquisition facilitated by Eiliant Advisors, a Bangalore based Investment Banking Firm, marks a watershed moment for KaarTech as it combines its extensive SAP domain expertise, especially in SAP S/4HANA, with Dunn Solutions’ prowess in Digital Customer Experience.

Speaking about the acquisition, Mr. Maran Nagarajan, CEO of KaarTech, says, “We are excited to join forces with Dunn Solutions to accelerate our vision of redefining Digital Transformation. This partnership brings together the best of both worlds – our SAP expertise and Dunn Solutions’ prowess in Customer Experience – to create a transformative force that will deliver exceptional value to our clients.”

This union not only broadens the horizontal scope of KaarTech’s services but also strengthens its commitment to providing cutting-edge digital solutions that drive business growth and competitiveness. With this partnership, KaarTech solidifies its position as a true leader in the Digital Transformation Arena.

Mr. Bill Dunn, CEO of Dunn Solutions, says “KaarTech has earned a reputation as a key driver of SAP innovation across a number of verticals over the years globally, and we are excited to join them as we look to leverage the assets and experience of Dunn Solutions to continue building on KaarTech’s success in the Digital Transformation Space.”

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Insurtech Named Among Most Innovative Insurtech Companies by FinTech Global



Prestigious InsurTech100 List for 2023 Recognizes the Austrian AI Pioneer’s Contribution to Transforming Insurance Processes today announced that they have been named to FinTech Global’s Sixth Edition of its prestigious InsurTech100 list for 2023. The ranking celebrates the groundbreaking tech companies that are developing solutions to the insurance industry’s most daunting challenges.

Our approach to intelligent document processing paves the way for insurers to explore a wealth of new opportunities, differentiating them from competitors in the digital transformation journey.

Over the last couple of years, insurance firms have faced an uphill battle to rapidly digitize their services and meet the evolving customer demands, nurturing a competitive landscape of Insurtech companies. This meant this year’s battle to earn a spot amongst the 100 InsurTech visionaries was intense. A select group of analysts and seasoned industry specialists sifted through a list of over 1,900 contenders presented by FinTech Global. The chosen few were acknowledged for their inventive technological applications either to solve a major industry challenge or to bolster efficiency throughout the insurance value chain.

“FinTech Global acknowledges for the second consecutive time’s role in revolutionizing document-centric processes within the insurance sector,” said Rainer Kegel, CEO of “It’s incredibly gratifying to be recognized for our efforts in addressing a significant industry challenge, namely reducing the need for human intervention in the document review process. Our approach to intelligent document processing paves the way for insurers to explore a wealth of new opportunities, differentiating them from competitors in the digital transformation journey.”

Quoting group benefits is probably one of the most challenging insurance processes as it requires the analysis of many documents of variable types and structures.’s intelligent document processing solution extracts, interprets and classifies complex information found in terms and provisions and is for example able to detect the best plan matching a competitor’s policy. “Large insurance carriers employ hundreds of people to manually review policies before submitting a quote for group benefits,” said Kegel. “Our solutions help them prepare more accurate quotes faster, and consequently close more deals.”’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions leverage a unique approach to natural language understanding called Semantic Folding to reach unmatched levels of accuracy with unstructured text.’s solutions automatically search, extract and classify complex information from various documents such as insurance policies and emails with attachment, helping insurance companies eliminate quoting errors, improve customer response times and reduce labor intensive processes.

FinTech Global director Richard Sachar said, “The widespread availability of generative AI capabilities has opened the doors for even greater innovation within insurance. We’re entering a new wave of digitalization and insurance firms need to be prepared. The InsurTech100 will help top-level insurance executives in discerning the tech pioneers revolutionizing key areas like underwriting, pricing, distribution, and data analytics.”

About delivers highly efficient AI-based solutions that help enterprises unlock the value of unstructured text by leveraging a game-changing approach to Natural Language Understanding (NLU). SemanticPro is an intelligent document processing solution that accurately extracts, analyzes and classifies information based on meaning and builds the basis for document workflow automation. With more than 10 years expertise in implementing NLU solutions in the enterprise, has demonstrated its ability to solve the challenges of language ambiguity and variability across many use cases and verticals for Fortune 500 companies. has offices in the U.S. (New York and San Francisco) and Europe (Vienna).

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