Favourite Team-Building Ideas for Modern Companies in Australia

There aren’t many companies that don’t organise team-building activities for their employees. The benefits of such events are now well-documented and some companies are even prepared to organise longer trips for their employees in order to make the most of the team-building activities. Being one of the most attractive destinations in the world, Australia offers some exciting and unique opportunities for people who wish to improve their teamspirit by engaging in some fun and memorable activities.

Whether it’s the sandy beaches of the Gold Coast or some of the bustling cosmopolitan cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne, Australia is a perfect destination for small and large groups of people who want to develop their team and leadership skills. Depending on how big the group is and what the people feel like doing, modern companies can choose from hundreds of team-building activities. Here are just some of the ideas that have proven to be very successful among modern companies.

Boat building

One of the most exciting activities is definitely boat building where teams receive specialised equipment, tools and instructions to make a sturdy boat. The more the team collaborates, the better the end result. This highly engaging and “hands-on” challenge is great if you’re near hotel resort pools and lagoons or any other flat and safe water so that the teams can compete in a race once their boats are ready.

Amazing race

Another popular activity is team races, which can be organised in such a way that they include some attractive locations and attractions, as well as a number of sophisticated team challenge tasks. Inspired by books and TV shows that promote travelling and overcoming obstacles along the way, this team-building activity provides excellent exercise in teamwork, bigger-picture thinking and entertainment.

Finding clues on remote and secluded beaches, followed by hopping on a modern Sydney to Canberra bus in order to complete the task is just one of many options available down under.

War games

Apart from the globally popular paintball, there are other activities that involve some type of battle simulation. Some activities include teams receiving their tasks and having to come up with a strategy to complete their mission.

Sometimes they have to release hostages or prevent a terrorist attack and in order to do that, teams have to collaborate, think on their feet and be ready to adjust their plans and actions to the situation. The amount of adrenalin rush is amazing and people really have a great time.

Team movie making

More and more companies are choosing this activity, and there’s a good reason why Australia is one of the preferred locations. Teams are provided with basic training and equipment for movie making and are given a task to create a three-minute blockbuster. The fact that every person has to be involved makes this team-building activity particularly useful.

Australia’s wonderful landscapes provide fantastic opportunities for creative people to express themselves and create small masterpieces that they can show to other teams on the last day of the trip; there is often a small award ceremony with prizes for the most imaginative teams.


If abseiling is your idea of fun, look no further than Australia. The Blue Mountains National Park, Victoria Ranges and Kangaroo Point are just some of the locations where people can try out this exciting sport with training, safety equipment and instructions all provided by seasoned professionals. Even those who have never tried abseiling or rock climbing are guaranteed to enjoy the experience.



Teams are given maps and compasses, but are not allowed to use GPS. Australian woods provide a fabulous setting for team-building activities where teams have to use their skills in order to find the meeting point. If forests sound too intimidating, some of the large Australian parks can be utilised, since they also feature rugged terrains, woods and trees that make orienteering a difficult task.


Team building is very important for every company regardless of its size or primary business activity. Australia might be the perfect destination for such events because of the environment and experienced professionals involved in the organisation of such activities.


Carolin Petterson

Carolin Petterson is a Business Lady/Content Marketer and contributor for number of high-class business and marketing websites.

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