How to Optimise Commercial Air Conditioning

Summers are becoming hotter with each passing year and the need to install and maintain an effective and efficient cooling system in your office space is becoming increasingly important with each subsequent season. A healthy working environment is characterised by a cooling system able to combat the incessant heat waves throughout the hot summer months and create a balance in temperature that will allow your employees to maintain peak productivity levels throughout the day.

Unfortunately, air conditioning systems in commercial buildingsare often neglected for pronged periods of time, which leads to them accumulating dirt and debris, wasting energy and having a shorter lifespan. Here are the best ways you can optimise commercial air conditioning for top performance all yearround.

Maintaining air conditioning performance

Ensuring the health, longevity and performance of your air conditioning system is essential.One of the first things you need to do is make sure that the system is turned off when your office space is not in use. Leaving the system running throughout the night is a waste of energy and resources, and the benefits of stepping into a cool office in the morning are not worth the cost.

If you keep forgetting to turn the system off when you leave, you can install a programmable thermostat that will regulate the “on” and “off” times instead of you. This will not only prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning system, but it will also significantly decrease your electricity bills.

Moreover, you are not doing your AC system any good by leaving the windows or doors open. Heat expands, and thus travels inwards, lessening the effect of your air conditioning. Rather than allowing your employees to leave the windows open in an attempt to create a breeze, be sure to inform them on the benefits of a closed cooling environment.

A good way to allow the AC system to take a break during the day while maintaining the pleasantly cool environment is to introduce fans across the room that can create an artificial breeze and also decrease your electric bills in the process.

Another valuable tip to consider is scaling your AC system accordingly. If you opt for too powerful of a machine, your business will not only begin to waste valuable resources, but it will also start wasting money simply due to the fact that you do not need that much cooling power.

Tips on keeping an office space cool

The first and most important thing to remember when trying to keep an office environment cool and healthy is regular maintenance. Air conditioning systems accumulate dirt and debris over time and their performance suffers as a result.If you want to avoid wasting energy on subpar performance, guys behind Sydmech offer regular maintenance for commercial AC systems as well as professional installation to fit your specific needs.

Secondly, you want to turn off all the unnecessary lighting around the office in order to reduce the energy expenditure andunnecessary heat accumulation. You can also consider introducingenergy efficient appliances around the office area, which will help you make your business more efficient and also put less strain on the air conditioning system.

Finally, your employees need to work in a naturally illuminated environment, and although closing the blinds is effective in preventing the heat from penetrating the room, it’s not the most popular tactic for maintaining productivity levels. Instead, you can install double-glazed windows across the board that have a myriad of contemporary features and are able to significantly reduce the amount of heat that penetrates the room without the need to use the blinds.

It’s not easy maintaining a perpetually cool working environment during the hot summer months.However, by implementing these crucial tips, you will have no problem creating a healthy, efficient, and productive workplace for your employees.

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