Check this disposable Smartphone charger from an Israeli Startup

If you are a travel buff and love to visit far off places, and sometimes find it difficult to charge your phone because of unavailability of charging points near you, here is something to cheer you up. Israeli Startup mobeego has come up with a disposable smartphone charger aptly describing it as “energy drink for the mobile phone”. The disposable phone charger can boost the battery life for upto four hours.

Ashdod based mobeego announced the global launch of this disposable phone charger today. The charger is compatible with Google android and Apple Smart phones. The device consists of two parts which are manufactured in China. One unit is in the shape of energy drink can which is priced at $2.50 and the other part is a portable charger which is to be connected to the charging outlet of the phone and is priced at $5.0. The charger is eco-friendly intended to cause minimum damage to the environment.

mobeegochargermobeego was founded in the year 2014 and is planning to come up with a new model of its solution that will include refundable deposit. The users will get the deposit after returning the charger in good condition.

The distribution partners of this Startup are mainly located in Europe and America mainly in the United States, Germany France, Belgium, Russia, South Africa and Chile.The Startup is planning to partner with many vendors including convenience stores, transportation terminals and entertainment hotspots. It is also planning to expand sales to several million units by 2016. 

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