This Startup wishes to redefine the landscape of the home decor market in India

The concept of “Home decor” is rather old and the Northern Black Polish Wares dating back to 2000 BC suggests the existence of the concept even during the Indus Valley Civilization. However, Home decor approaches have evolved in various time periods drawing inspiration from various cultural milieu and other socio economic factors. Modern generation too has different needs of aesthetic engagement and in order to fulfill the needs of the millenials, various Startups are taking the lead.

Founded by Natasha Jain and Neeraj Jain, Bent ChaiBENT CHAIRr is an eclectic decor brand that custom designs an array of contemporary furniture and funky fitments, from design innovation and re-interpretation to material selection and caters to the needs of the clients having contemporary design needs. Bent Chair focuses on bringing to its clients affordable luxury with a universal appeal.

Bent Chair was born from a passion for innovative and progressive design. The vision of bringing engineering, technology and high design to consumer’s lifestyle was the inspiration to bring the brand alive.

Today, Bent Chair is the brand behind the interiors at well known restaurants like Lord of the Drinks (entire chain), Tamasha (Delhi & Mumbai), Teddy Boy (Pune & Delhi), Lazeez Affaire (Delhi) and South Hall (Delhi).

However, like every other Startup, giving life to this brand has been full of challenges. For the founders of Bent Chair, the biggest challenge has been to showcase to the customers how their product would look and feel in reality. It requires detailed images and mood shots to fully convey the look and feel of the products. Also, another major challenge is to create high quality design while maintaining the cost.

Bent chair recently launched a new collection called The Lokalferi Line as well as a studio in Delhi.

They decided to launch an offline studio to provide shoppers with an experience of the high design and high quality furniture and accessories, which in turn helps shoppers to be sure of what they are spending on.

In order to truly make the brand Omni channel they have also tied up with Franchise India to target at least 25 franchises over the next 7-8 quarters. Currently Bent Chair is a self-funded enterprise.

About the Founders

Natasha Jain

Natasha Jain is the Co-Founder at Bent Chair. Her passion for designing and fore-vision for technology marked the inception of Bent Chair.  In her present role she is accountable for fortifying the company’s portfolio, and creating long-term value in a high potential and innovative design market.

Her vision with Bent Chair is to revolutionize people’s home and living spaces by bringing everyday design alive with a quirky twist at affordable prices.

She has worn many hats and her acumen in business has always been her forte, which is one of the key reasons of success and growth behind all her ventures.  She started her career with her family business where she was responsible for operations and supply chain management of four major manufacturing plants that resulted in acknowledging and shaping her entrepreneurial capabilities. Her insights have played an instrumental role in managing the much-successful Fresh Mentors initiative that she founded in 2012. Fresh Mentors is an online college-mentoring platform that helps students get live one-to-one video interactions in the form of thirty minutes video chats. Her last stint was Ruplee in 2014 an avant-garde payment app designed to ease the way we pay. Ruplee signifies substituting cash with smartphones so that one never has to carry their wallets again.

Natasha holds a masters degree in Management Science Engineering from Stanford University.

Neeraj Jain

Neeraj Jain is the founder of Bent Chair and a seasoned industrialist with more than 35 years of experience and wide business perspectives in manufacturing and design industry.

He holds a rich experience at seeding businesses. His expertise includes creation and implementation of business models and business performance frameworks. He has formulated and lead implementation of a comprehensive strategic framework across his business ventures to deliver long-term values. Previously he has successfully spearheaded the growth of Labomed, a globally renowned medical devices brand. Over the past few years, Neeraj has been involved with the development of several cutting edge factories and restaurants.

He is the only Indian to be honored thrice with Red Dot Award – an internationally recognized awards for quality label for excellent design.

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