Cyber security Startup Cybric raises $1.3M

Cyber security Startup Cybric which was founded by Mike Kail ,Ernesto DiGiambattista, Andrew Gilman, and Sean Walter  has raised $1.3M in seed funding. Mike Kail is the ex-CIO of Yahoo and six months after leaving the company, has emerged as the co-founder and CIO of Cybric.


Mike Kail

His new venture is aimed at coming up with solutions for enterprise security. Cybric’s cloud-based platform checks applications,  operating systems, data centers, integrations and other components of an enterprise network for security issues using a shadow environment. The company utilizes fabric computing to perform multiple processes at once. This allows simultaneous detection of vulnerabilities and their resolution.

One thing that stands out about Cybric is its emphasis on enterprise security. Most of the security Startups have been focusing on one aspect of security like data center security and web access among others. Also, the company has designed its platform so that it can easily integrate with other enterprise security technology. So in the short run, Cybric is focusing on making its solutions compatible with existing enterprise security solutions and in the long run, it means, it can acquire security features.

There has been a sudden surge in the investment growth trajectory for Cybersecurity Startups. Recently Code42 and Zscaler raised $85 million and $100 million respectively  in funding. In 2015 alone, cyber securities have raised $2.3B globally and the investment boom doesn’t seem to be stopping in the near future.

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