Check this Smart jewelry from a Delhi based Startup that keeps women safe

Leaf Wearables, founded by five  DTU and IIT Delhi graduates –Chiraag Kapil, Avinash Bansal, Ayush Banka, Paras Batra and Manik Mehta is a Delhi based Startup which has come up with a smart jewelry that has a potential of solving the problem of women safety and that too in style.

It is not the first time that companies have launched products in the market targeting the issue of women safety. From mobile apps to pepper sprays to spring coil folding rods, there is a range of products in the market intended to help women when their safety is in threat. However, the efficacy of these products are limited, mainly due to the time it takes for a victim to reach out to these devices. Moreover carrying pepper sprays or folding rods always take ‘extra space’. 



In order to overcome the limitations of traditional safety instruments, these college graduates came up with an innovative product which women can not only wear as a jewelry but can also use it to protect themselves in difficult times. The product is known as Safer which is a pendant incorporated with a panic button. It utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) along with nearby cell towers and Wi-Fi to track and locate users.

If a woman feels unsafe, all she needs to do is press the pendant twice. Pressing the pendant will send alert signals to some pre-selected people. It will also send automated signals to people who are using the same application.The jewelry is synced with a mobile application where the ‘guardians’ or the people who you want to reach out in distress situation is added.In case the device is accidentally set off, the request can be easily disabled which will intimate the guardians’ that the woman is safe.

One thing about this device that stands out is its ability to send alerts even when there is no internet connectivity via SMS so that the live tracking doesn’t stop in remote areas. The battery life of this device is considerably long and it can be charged with any micro USB.

This Startup has raised Rs 10 lac from Mumbai Angels at the ’10-Minute Million’ organized by the entrepreneurship cell of IIT-Bombay. They have also raised Rs 5 lac through the Ketto platform.

With such innovative products which have large social impact, awards and accolades become norm. This Startup has won many awards including GITEX, Dubai, Ericsson Innovation Awards, Philips Blueprint 2014, and Eureka in IIT Bombay. Moreover, they were a part of India Innovation Growth Program (IIGP) in San Francisco where they met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Startup Konnect Event.

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