Greensboro Business Women launch new beauty product line

What started as a simple solution to a friend’s hair care problem turned into a successful brand. Greensboro, North Carolina natives Judith Jamison and Tamikia Samuels-McKiver invented Silky Curls – a patent pending product, designed to create long-lasting, spiral curls and deep waves without damage.

Jamison, a business expert who holds a Masters degree in Information Systems, moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to explore new business opportunities. Separated from her beautician, Samuels-McKiver, Jamison was unable to maintain the salon perfect curls she was accustom to wearing. To solve her problem she tried using traditional rollers, but her hair began to break. Seeking a solution to her dilemma, Jamison reached out to her best friend, Samuels-McKiver, for a remedy. Together these two innovative women invented Silky Curls.

mysilkycurlsSilky Curls’ unique patent consists of a flexible rod outlined in delicate silk fibers, specially designed to alleviate prints, creases and snagging commonly encountered through traditional hair roller usage. In addition, the custom made rods are easy to use and comfortable to sleep in. Eliminating the need for excessive heat, the Silky Curls brand has been praised by consumers across the world, and even has the celebrity hair world buzzing!
“It took a little over two years to get our line off the ground. We created several proto-types until we got it right. A lot of research was involved, but having the hands on ability to try our product on clients with all types of hair textures was a plus!” states Judith Jamison, a 35 year old inventor and entrepreneur.

“When my clients bragged about the results they received from Silky Curls, I knew we were on to something big. Their curls lasted twice as longer and looked like they were freshly done,” states Tamikia Samuels-McKiver, a 35 year old year inventor and owner of “Center of Attention” hair salon.

With a proven track record for reducing hair breakage and producing long-lasting, luxurious curls that promote healthy hair growth, the Silky Curls brand is on the rise. A simple remedy to a friend’s hair care issue has turned into a leading brand in the African American hair & beauty industry!

For more information about Silky Curls and to see a demonstration of the product, please visit here. To purchase Silky Curls also visit Amazon or EBay today!


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