This Startup wishes to help you with the upcoming Odd-Even days in Delhi

The second round of the Odd-Even formula in Delhi is scheduled to begin from 15th of April 2016 for a period of 15 days. The plan will be implemented by the Delhi government to beat the menace of traffic and pollution that the city is grappling with nowadays.

Because of the scarcity of public transport in Delhi, the office goers will suffer the most as and when such government policies are implemented. Though the government will try to provide additional buses during the second phase, it isn’t a bad idea if people start looking for options on their own.

Car Pooling is one such option. Though the concept of Car Pool is not a new one, last two years have seen significant growth in its usage. Cities like Bangalore, Pune and New Delhi have the maximum number of people opting for Car Pool. On an average a pool can save a user more than $1,000 per year which otherwise would have gone on fuel ,Maintenance  and Wear and Tear of vehicle.

PoolMyRide is a Delhi based Startup which provides Car Pool options and has been participating in CarFreeDays being held both in Gurgaon and Delhi.

Keeping in view the Odd-Even plan of the Delhi government, the Startup will provide the Commuters from Delhi/NCR region an option to choose odd or even car through the app. The Startup wishes to differentiate itself by providing several other features in its app. The user can see other commuters on app without even creating an account / logging.

Also, with smart geo-location algorithm, the app fetches carpools created within 5 km radius of the user and shows it in nearby section along with the latest carpools created.

The have also incorporated Intelligent Notification through which once the app goes in background, the app checks the users travelling behaviour and accordingly notifies with the list of co-passengers user can share ride with. Once the user creates a carpool not only the users nearby are notified but also users who searched on the same path are notified, this increase chance of finding perfect carpool partner.


According to the Startup, poolmyride is an intelligent on-demand ridesharing platform which shows users travelling nearby in realtime. Recently, it has launched the 59th version of the app.

About the Founders:

The Co-Founders are cousins namely, Rajat and Abhishek Talwar and both have technical background and have experience in working with successful startups and MNC’s in India. For the past 10 months  both have been working on Poolmyride Full Time, resigned from their  jobs with no other commitment in hand.

It was a harrowing traffic experience that prompted Abhishek and Rajat Talwar to start Poolmyride. Abhishek had secured a new job in Sohna Road, Gurgaon, which was close to 40 km away from where he lived in Rajouri Garden. After spending most of the time in traffic jams every  day, he became frustrated and decided to do something about the problem. Two weeks later, he resigned and started Poolmyride, a ride sharing  app.That was the beginning. Rajat, also a co-founder, and his brother, was working for Amazon. He too became interested and left his job and   developed the iOS version of the app.

The Startup claims to be growing at the rate of 200% monthly.

It would be interesting to see how this app along with other Car Pooling apps like Bla Bla car, poolit etc perform during the second phase of the Odd-Even plan.

Team TOS


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