Indian Smart Phone Startup which is promising an update every month

CREO might not be a familiar name for many. The company is known for its HDMI streaming stick Teewe, which lets you stream content much like the Google Chromecast. This India-based startup has now announced that it’s working on a new smartphone, known as the Mark 1.

However, this won’t be your run-of-the-mill budget/mid-range handset. CREO mentions that the smartphone will come with a multitude of features to make it stand out in the highly competitive Indian mobile industry.

The company plans to do this by providing monthly software updates to the smartphone, going by public feedback on its forums. This will effectively give users a new smartphone experience every month, as per the company at least.

CREO will be responsible for both the hardware and the software on the Mark 1, so the company can make suitable changes when and if required. However, the CREO Mark 1 will launch with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop out of the box. This is very disappointing for a device that claims to be on top of the update game. CREO’s justification for not going with Android 6.0 Marshmallow is that they will backport all of the features and experiences that users usually upgrade for.

“With our OS, we’ll send to our users super relevant updates that’ll keep Mark 1 running as just new. And not just that, we’ll also ship a big new feature with every update. These updates will be an industry-first update system, driven by the ideas and suggestions given by Mark 1’s community of users.” mentioned Creo team in the press release.

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