Craziest Ads on Craigslist

When it comes to posting ads in areas like Craigslist Los Angeles: 

Some people take it way too far! 

You can find some of the craziest ads on Craigslist if you dig deep enough.

 Don’t believe me? 

How about the ad of the person that posted this: 

“Hipster tires for sale.

The person described the tires as being a “hella good deal” which you can use for “like a jillion thousand miles.”

It gets better:

 They are “so fresh because they so colorful they hurt your eyes to look at.”

You can buy them for “15 dolla” so make sure to “get em while they in season.” 

Here’s one that’s even crazier: 

One person advertised a “lifetime supply of hot sauce” on Craigslist.”

 How much hot sauce was he offering?

 How about “200 lbs of sauce; easily enough to crush a man…”

 Talk about a lot of hot sauce! 

It gets weirder:

 Someone advertised a “free human sized hamster wheel” that’s “available for immediate pickup.” 

That’s crazy! 

I mean I guess if you’re intro treadmills and like the idea of running in place constantly:

 Then this would be for you. 

Here are some more insane and crazy ads on Craigslist for you to enjoy right here:craigslist-los angeles

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