How to Throw a Fabulous Startup Party

Hosting a startup party is the crucial part of any business promotion. This event could help you reach out to new customers, meet new potential investors, and obviously celebrate your success. However, throwing a fabulous party isn’t easy. It requires an impeccable preparation and outstanding organizational skills. Every segment must be covered, and nothing should catch you off guard. Therefore, before you start planning, be sure to check the following tips to get an insight into the whole process.

Determine the Budget

Spending a fortune on a startup party won’t be so good for your business. Therefore, it might be a good idea to look for sponsors. Many large brands or service providers like recruitment, law, and accounting firms will gladly help you with the funds, if you agree to promote them to a younger audience. Email various companies who’ve already sponsored events similar to yours and be creative. They’ll probably want to co-brand the event, so be open for cooperation. Be sure to ask for money in advance once they agree to give you funds, since there’s numerous expenses you’ll have to cover.

Find the Venue

Once you’ve ensured the money, it’s time to look for an adequate venue. The place can both make the event amazing, or completely ruin it. This is why you must pay attention to its location, whether it’s indoors or outdoors; you’ll also have to determine how big a venue should be, what kind of an ambience you’d like to have, will the catering be provided or not. Additionally, inquire about Wi-Fi availability, as well as if the venue is covered by insurance.

The Guest List

It’s essential that you decide who you want your guests to be. Do you want a young audience to be introduced to your business, or do you want experienced business people to notice a new and prosperous young entrepreneur? What’s more, it’s essential that you decide whether the event should be crowded with journalists, or you don’t want the media attention. However, even if you choose to invite them, but want to keep the party off-the-record, be sure to mention that in advance.

Set the Date

The next thing you should think about is the appropriate date for the party. Furthermore, it’s essential to have at last two back-up dates, in case anything goes wrong. Spring and autumn are the best seasons, since the holiday season won’t be in its peak and people will generally be available to attend your party. Furthermore, make sure you give the guests enough time to RSVP, so start planning the party at least five to eight weeks prior the date you chose. This is especially important for parties that’ll host more than 40 people, since those events require much more logistic effort than simple dinners that host less than 20 people.


Your guests should be properly entertained, so be sure to pay special attention to this part of planning. If you choose a certain theme for the party, hire a band that’ll perfectly fit the ambience and set the mood. With various talented comedians for hire, you can provide your guests with fabulous entertainment that’ll make the night unforgettable.

Don’t Do it Alone

If you want to add a special touch to the party, team up with some foundation or other company and make the night a charity event as well. Depending on the type of the event, guests could donate money, clothes or maybe food for the ones in need. This would also be a perfect promotion for your business.

Planning a business party is challenging, and it takes time and proper organization. Nevertheless, with these couple of suggestions you’ll be able to plan it much easier and make it into an unforgettable event.

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