[UPDATED] 6 Low Budget Startup Business Ideas for 2019

Originally published in January 2017.

You don’t need money to make money anymore. People around the globe are starting their own businesses from their homes. These low budget startups have been on the rise over the past several years. Innovative and imaginative entrepreneurs star their own companies with little money and big ideas. This kind of employment has its benefits, besides being your own boss. Anyone who is willing to take the risk can start their own company. Here are some of the most common businesses to start on a low budget. You might also want to read Top 50 business small business ideas with low investment.

Selling Used Books

Our houses are full of books we haven’t even read, probably never will. Selling or reselling used books can be a very lucrative business idea. You have the option of selling them online, over Ebay or Amazon, or set up shop in your own house. It would be a good practice to have working hours, so people know when you are open. And besides, nobody wants people barging in throughout the whole day. Another good idea is to specialize in certain type of books, make yourself known to customers.

Moving Company

Families that are moving to another location usually hire a company to do the heavy lifting for them. You can decide on operating locally or between cities. This type of business will require you to invest in a moving truck. If you don’t have a lot of money to start, you can rent it at first until you earn the money to buy your own. You won’t need an actual shop for this business, but try to advertise yourself across town. Flyers and posters should suffice.


Being a photographer is an excellent business idea. Although you will need to invest some money in a good camera and equipment, you will quickly recoup your investment. You can work as a photographer at weddings, birthdays or other celebration events. People always want to have a photo of the times they spent with their loved ones, family portraits are very popular. You can photograph nature and sell those photos to magazines. The possibilities are endless.

Electronics Repair

This will, of course, require working knowledge of basic electronics. But, like with every other job, you will also learn while you work. You can open up shop in your house, offer your services to businesses and private clients.

Personal Trainer

Nowadays a lot of people look for personal trainers. They either don’t like working out in groups or need a professional to help them get fit. You can offer your services as a fitness instructor to gyms, you can work one on one with clients or assemble a group of clients. Working hours will depend on your client’s availability. Of course, you can earn more money with one on one workouts, as people will pay more money for your undivided attention and assistance.

Rug Cleaning

Every now and then, people like to send their carpets off for a good cleaning. If you want to start a carpet cleaning business you will have to invest in some cleaning equipment. You should also learn how to work with different type of fabrics. Learn how to get difficult stains out of carpets, like red wine for example. Pet hair can also be tough to get out. But practice makes perfect.

Starting a business of your own can be a risky move, but it comes with great rewards. You get to be your own boss and you can expand your business with time. Use these ideas to start your own business with little money.


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