How to Keep Stress Out of the Office

Even though the economy is getting stronger, there are numerous reports of increased work-induced stress. In today’s world, deadlines and high demand dictate the rules of business, so stress in the workplace is common and can affect a business in an extremely negative way.

If you are running a business and want to help boost your workforce productivity, there are various things you can consider. From redecorating and adding personal touches to communication and improvisational problem solving – there are a lot of steps you can take to ensure your employees are happy and their productivity levels are at the maximum.

Use Color

Unless you are running a science lab, white and sterile colors are not very inspiring or particularly helpful when it comes to enhancing the productivity of your employees. Think about smart color implementation as it can completely redefine the way your office lives and breathes.

Discuss with your employees and with interior designers which colors would be the best fitting for your business, and define the areas that are going to be painted. Try to imagine what would bring the right feel to your business and try to adapt it so it suits both your workers and your clients or customers.

Provide Enough Space

If your workers are cramped in a small office and loaded with heaps of paperwork with no views other than from their cubicles, you cannot expect them to provide you with very satisfying results. Various studies have already shown that such working environments have an incredibly bad effect on the employees.

Give your workforce enough space so they can work properly and think about other uses of that space. Various companies implement an entertainment room or a meditation room. It may seem extremely expensive or complicated to setup, but you only need to use a room, redecorate it, and set up Ipad Stands as terminals for music, relaxing videos or Yoga classes. This should do the trick. Get creative and satisfy the needs of your workers.

Encourage Your Employees

Whether it is a personal touch or the positive feedback you give your employees, it has the same effect – it encourages them. An encouraged worker is a happy one, and a happy worker works at his highest productivity level.

Encourage your employees to get more involved and let them make personal touches to their workstations. Talk with them and listen to their suggestions, whether it is about business or anything else. Great communication, encouragement, and openness are what makes great companies what they are.

Get Involved with Sports

There is a lot of bonding when it comes to sports teams. There are also a lot of professional, semi-professional, and amateur leagues for various businesses and companies for all types of sports. Gather up your employees and see if they are willing to form a team and get involved in any type of sports activity.

Forming an office team helps bring people together, makes them closer and it creates a stronger sense of unity and mutual goals. This helps with the overall productivity as well as with the general relationship your employees will have with the company.


Basically, the working environment is almost always perceived as something stressful and hard, but it really does not have to be that way. Yes, the job may be hard, but the environment and the relationship toward that job are what help boost productivity levels.

Use your space smart, interact with your employees and learn what they need. Try to find the best mutual solution to your problems and keep in mind that a company is valued as much as they workers are. Keep them happy and stress-free and you will have a successful business.

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