Adaptive Training Foundation awarded $70,000 in seed funding

Adaptive Training Foundation(ATF), which is a Dallas based non-profit organization and which helps physically impaired individuals to redefine their lives has secured $70,000 in seed funding.

The funding has been awarded by United Way of Metropolitan via its GroundFloor program. The goal of this program is to support social innovation Startups. ATF was founded by Former NFL player David Vobora in order to optimize the capacities of people who are physically impaired.

It was in early 2014 that David met Travis Mills, a retired United States Army Staff Sergeant and quadruple amputee which led him to understand the challenges faced by physically impaired people. ATF offers adaptive performance training to people who have suffered life-altering injuries. Generally, after an individual gets injured, there is a few weeks of physical training, post hospital treatment, in order to restore strength. This physical training session doesn’t last long and it gets really difficult to continue with the recovery process after that.

ATF addresses this problem by providing quality and customized training sessions to adaptive athletes in order to enable them to create opportunities for themselves which will not be temporary but sustainable.

But the most important thing to notice is that the athletes are not required to pay anything. There are corporate and private individuals who donate on a regular basis in order to run this facility. Also, there are few volunteer trainers who work really hard in order to provide training to a large number of athletes. With the latest funding pouring in, it can be expected that ATF will scale up its operations and more number of people who have suffered life altering injuries will benefit out of it.

Image Credit: twitter/davidvobora

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