US-Israeli Startup Teridion announces $20M in total funding

US-Israeli Startup Teridion, which helps companies speed up internet performance upto 20 times has managed to bag series B funding led by Singtel Innov8 with existing investors JVP and Magma, to accelerate adoption of Teridion cloud-based networking platform.

The services of this cloud based company is currently used by more than 15 companies which use some of the most band-width consuming applications. The current funding which was worth $15M was led by Singtel Innov8. “The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool, but until now, we have struggled to take full advantage of its capabilities. It’s still common for us to fall victim to slow response times and volatile connections” says  Elad Rave, who is the founder and CEO of Teridion.

The applications nowadays need to deliver content at a much faster pace and at the same time need to display rich graphics and media. Internet speed can cause major setback when it comes to the final delivery of services.Teridion solves this problem by providing a high performance, reliable Internet experience that addresses the low latency, highly dynamic applications brought to market everyday.

Image source: Teridion

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