See How this Young Entrepreneur wishes to Change the Car Culture in San Diego

It’s no secret that Southern California loves their cars. You can’t drive down the main street without seeing at least one car wash, detail shop, rim shop or something related to the automobile sector. Rami Ilaian, Founder of DipSd took his love for cars to a whole new level and built a successful business around it.

With the vision of transforming the auto customization sector in San Diego, Rami’s venture DipSD provides Auto Customization Services in San Diego and dip parts of your car. DipSD uses a product called Plasti Dip, which is a revolutionary rubber based substance that is applied like paint but peels off like a wrap. This dip can be applied to any part of any vehicle, most commonly used for coating Rims, Grilles, Emblems and even Full Cars.There are multiple colors available to the customers but the most requested is black. This is a simple, quick and affordable service that can completely transform the look of any car.Rami Ilaian Dipsd San Diego

It all started with an idea. Rami wanted to get new black wheels for his car but the price tag for new rims was prohibitive and the only other option was Powder Coating which is an extremely tedious process that was also very expensive.

There had to be another option. After a lot of research and experiments, Rami founded this product and named it“Plasti Dip” which looked like a normal can of paint but works much differently. The results achieved with the application of Plasti Dip were more than satisfactory. This was the beginning of DipSD.

Within just two  years, Rami Ilaian has turned an idea into a full-blown scalable business. With little overhead and the ability to be able to provide this service mobile to client’s homes and offices’, DipSd has became the most popular option for customizing cars in San Diego.

Rami runs this business with the help of 5 employees who visit client’s place and perform the ordered customization. Rami is currently planning on franchising this business to other parts of California in the near future.

Turning any business to a six figure mark is not easy. However,things seem to be working for the better in case of Rami and DipSd. What other entrepreneurs can learn from dipsd’s business model is that a very basic business idea combined with little innovation can go a long way in helping you realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

You can follow DipSD on instagram.

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