4 Way College students can make money online.

Irrespective of the type of college you are enrolled in, money will always remain tight for you. Saving money for your holidays, weekend parties or meeting just your day to day expenses, you just don’t have enough money with you all the time. Below are some of the online jobs for college students you can take to make decent amount of money and at the same time continue with your college studies.
Become an Online tutor.

If you have the desired skills and in some cases, certifications, becoming an online tutor is not very difficult. In addition to earning decent salary in proportion to the bandwidth you can offer, it gives you an opportunity to hone your knowledge in the field your interest. Nowadays, various companies use Skype or their own video streaming applications to enable tutors to teach.
Use your fast typing skills.

The notebook that you use to take notes in your class can actually help you in making money online. The typing skills that you acquire over a period of years can be used by  students to offer services like article writers, resume writers etc. in various Freelancing websites. Once you have decent ratings and reviews, you can actually make a handsome amount of money.
Become a social media manager.

Social media management has become one of the highest paying Freelancing jobs. Moreover, most of the assignments can be completed on the move.  While many job boards can help you in finding such jobs, it is always better to contact local businesses and offer them your services.
Use youtube for earning money while having fun.

Starting a youtube channel on something that you love can be a great way to earn some passive income. For example, If you are student of world history, you can start your own channel discussing various facets of world history or if you are a student of music, you can share your learnings with the world and if your channel becomes viral you can earn a decent revenue through ads.Obviously it depends on the content of your videos.
These were some of the ways a college  student can make money online. Do you have other suggestions? Share with us!

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