Mott and Prince founder Krista Reischl wishes to give above par shopping experience to women

Mott and Prince is a platform where women can have amazing shopping experience along with the opportunity to connect with other women and learn from their life experiences.

According to Krista Reischl, founder of Mott and Prince “Mott and Prince is a place for women to feel inspired and empowered through their style, experiences, and culture. We have always wanted to give women an amazing shopping experience, but most importantly a place for them to learn and connect with others with honest experiences and life happenings that we can all relate to.”

The passion behind starting Mott and Prince was to give women strength to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. It started as a blog, curating content from talented writers and reporters about dating, lifestyle, health, and fashion. The content includes how-to’s, personal stories around dating, family, and careers, events and happenings, and healthy lifestyle choices and recipes. Bi-monthly features include inspiring and empowering women to share their stories and experiences to our readers.

By February 2018, Mott and Prince, an e-commerce platform selling clothing and accessories to women was launched. “With the help from our influencer network and social media, we built the store around current fashion styles mixed with timeless pieces, using the opinions of our followers and network. We are a start up, but we have taken off and are excited to share our content with the world!” added Krista.

The top items on display on the online platform include tops and bottoms from designer brands like BLANK NYC, 525 America, WYLDR, Paper Crane, Hammer, Sugar Lips, among others. The platform also has a dedicated section where hot items on sale are featured. Moreover, there is blog section where women can read fascinating articles on Lifestyle, Fashion, dating etc. and connect with other women.

The global fashion industry is over 3 Trillion dollars and Women’s fashion occupies a big chunk of this industry. The competition in this sector is cut throat too. Notwithstanding the competition in the market, by providing quality that people yearn for , one can expect to grab a healthy pie of this ever growing sector.

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