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Logo Creator Tools: Perfect for Startups on a Budget



Logo Creator Tools

For any start-up out there, keeping running costs under control to stretch their dollars has always been the primary objective. When looking to build a business identity, a lot depends on designing your logo. With Deep Learning (DL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the design spectrum has evolved vehemently.

The result is easy to create logos that impart a solid identity for your organization. Not some mirror cracking material type, but the kind that’s fun to achieve and saves money.

But, before we harp on further, let’s move over to answer a very significant question – What does the future of logo designing look like for start-ups and bootstrap entrepreneurs ?


Well, any great logo design focuses on basic geometry and typography rules. However, with new found technologies, scaling  and setting of grids and lines have undergone automation. Quite contrary to what many would believe, such applications and tools aren’t replacing bespoke designs crafted by professional graphic designers, just yet. In fact, they  can never be compared to what a professional in the field can achieve.

Now, since start-ups usually have a fixed budget, hiring a professional wouldn’t be a viable option. That is where online logo makers  get the upper-hand. Furthermore, they  offer a handful of benefits that any company on the verge of rising would welcome and appreciate:

  • A much better substitute to DIY design option.
  • Highly cost effective compared to hiring professional logo maker
  • All logos are unique creations.
  • One doesn’t have to spend too much time on researching
  • A plethora of options to choose from in the form of inspiring visual mock-ups.
  • It’s easy, fun to use and

They say, logos can break or make a business.

True that! A great logo readily depicts the objective and values of a business to make you stand out in the crowd.

Furthermore,  when a logo is done correctly, it readily attracts buyers and turns them into loyalists. No matter where they can see your company emblem, they can relate with a brand they trust and depend upon.

So, what’s the backdrop for creating a great logo?  Here’s a quick checklist to follow:

  • Researching competitions across your niche.
  • Listing out what makes your business exclusively different from the rest
  • Be unique. Never blindly follow what’s trending and always skip clichés.
  • Avoid scoring a complex or a controversial design. Ask for a primary feedback from patrons and loyal customers in private.
  • Always incorporate a tagline that defines your business.

A logo that is of high quality and inexpensive as well.

Who doesn’t like the idea? That’s what start-ups want and that is exactly what logo makers have to offer. Regardless of what your business size is , logo makers offer exceptional features for designing your brand identity:

  • Free Templates to work with
  • Design Layouts that are distinctly unique
  • Mock up designsthat inspire readily
  • Inexpensive final ready to print designs

Enough said, let’s check out  6 such awesome logo makers we absolutely love  and what all they can do:

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands

One of the best performing logo makers out there that does full justice leveraging the power of AI to help design a logo within a few minutes. Reportedly, Tailor Brands is original AI logo design creator to use  proprietary AI tech to deliver unique designs for just about anyone in any line of business. You start with a simple layout and truly endless options to render and modify your logo a thousand different times before it hits the sweet spot. Tailor Brands is a great option when you are looking to factor in the cost that comes with hiring a professional to do the same design. Premium Plans ofTailor Brands offer a wide variety of add-ons if you are looking to create a corporate identity for your business. There are three different plans that one can choose from and are all billed annually namely, Basic ($3.99), Standard ($5.99) and Premium ($12.99).

Logo Garden

Logo Garden

Crave endless customization for your brand logo? Logo Garden can be the answer. With Logo Garden, one can choose to work on yourself in creating a logo all by yourself or choose to work with a graphic designer. One can begin all by himself and start browsing through the native stock of icons and editing the same to create your desired look. Compared to other logo makers, Logo Garden offers similar service at much cheaper rates. Their package offering starts at $39  and one can also try their services for free over a limited period of time. Additionally, they don’t have any preset packages to lock customers into choosing them when they don’t require such services in the first place. Instead, one can download different file formats which can be purchased as and when needed so that you only pay for what you need.

  • For High Resolution Image – Starts at $12.50
  • For Vector Files (.AI, .EPS & .PDF) – Starts at $39.99
  • For Custom Designs – Starts at $39.99

Turbo Logo

Turbo Logo

Fun and affordability are two such guiding factors that go into making a design with Turbo Logo. The interface is very basic to start with. You simply select from examples of other logos and preferred colours and the logo maker tool shall use the same as inspiration. Soon after, you will see a set of logo designs created for you where you can edit and modify the fonts, layout, style, icons and just about everything else and get print ready files to be used all around for your needs. The pricing structure of Turbo Logo varies along with  the offerings as listed below:

Lite  ($9) Standard ($14) Business ($49)
Only one logo with no transparent background ·         High quality images  with colour variations.

·         Vector files  that comes with full copyright ownership

Everything else that you get in the Standard package  along with business cards, envelopes, social media kits and favicons.


Logo Type Maker

Logo Type Maker

Another innovative platform that is high on AI to create unique looking logos for your business. One simply starts with their brand name or with their tagline. Further, you select a category that defines your business and change the background colour of your design. From the templates that are presented in the next screen tweak layers to your heart’s content and play with fonts and colours and effects  towards saving your final desired output. Logo Type Maker offers two distinct pricing plans (billed annually) to choose from namely Basic (€1,99) and Premium (€4,99).



Ucraft brings forth an alternatetouch for a logotool as it primarily functions as a website builder. With a slew of creative templates and breezy interface, it helps create websites of various types (ecommerce, blog, business, etc) with utmost ease. The free logo maker tool is a part of Ucraft’s offering where one can select from a  wide collection of stock images that are freely available. The customization options are pretty limited like narrowing and stretching but one can add colour and edit the dimensions of the artwork. If you are looking for a logo that can be used just about anywhere (online and offline) and do not wish to invest a lot of time or money, Ucraft logo maker tool can certainly be your best option to consider. One can save their logo as an SVG file for just $10.

Free Online Logo Maker by Logomyway


This logo maker can’t be any easier. The first step is to enter your business name and a slogan if you have one. After that you will have hundreds of logo templates to select from. After you select the logo that you think will best fit your company you’ll be brought to another screen that allows you to make even more changes to your logo. You can edit the fonts, the different colors of the logo and add shapes to your design. Once you have finished making your logo design you can then download the high resolution instantly. The entire process of making your own logo takes about 10 minutes.

Final thoughts

Logo makers are a perfect choice for cash strained start-ups. No matter who you are or what you do, working with logo makers can be a great deal of advantage when you are looking to invest minimum for great results.

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Tips for Startups

Why Your Startup Needs Digital Media



Startup Needs Digital Media

In today’s rapidly evolving, technology-driven business landscape, digital media has become indispensible for startups striving to carve out a robust online footprint, engage with their intended audience, and stimulate growth. Whether it’s via social media, websites, blogs, or online advertising, digital media bestows upon startups a multitude of advantages capable of profoundly influencing their achievements. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why digital media is imperative for your startup in the current competitive environment.

1. Wider Reach and Visibility:

Digital media allows startups to reach a global audience like never before. With the internet as your platform, your business can be accessible to potential customers from around the world 24/7. This extensive reach can help you expand your customer base and increase brand visibility.

2. Cost-Effective Marketing:

Conventional advertising approaches, like print ads or TV commercials, often pose budgetary challenges for startups with constrained financial resources. Digital media provides affordable marketing alternatives, such as email campaigns and social media marketing. These avenues enable precise targeting of specific demographics, optimizing the effectiveness of your marketing investments.

3. Audience Targeting:

One of the foremost benefits of digital media lies in its capacity for precise audience targeting. By harnessing data-driven analytics and tools, companies like Join the Dots can tailor your messaging and content to align with distinct demographics, interests, and behaviors. This guarantees that your startup’s message reaches precisely the individuals it intends to at the opportune moment.

4. Instant Feedback and Engagement:

Digital media facilitates real-time engagement with your audience. You can interact with customers quickly through social media comments, respond to inquiries via email or live chat, and receive immediate feedback on your products or services. This direct interaction builds customer trust and helps you refine your offerings based on customer input.

5. Brand Building and Credibility:

Having a strong online presence through a well-designed website, active social media profiles, and informative blog content enhances your startup’s credibility and trustworthiness. A professional online presence demonstrates that you are a serious player in your industry, which can attract customers and potential investors.

6. Data-Driven Decision-Making:

Digital media offers invaluable data and analytics tools for monitoring the efficacy of your marketing endeavors. You can gauge metrics like website traffic, click-through rates, conversion rates, and beyond. This approach empowers you to make well-informed decisions, fine-tune your strategies, and allocate resources efficiently.

7. Content Marketing and Thought Leadership:

Through digital media, startups can establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry by creating and sharing informative and valuable content. Blog posts, whitepapers, webinars, and podcasts allow you to showcase your expertise, educate your audience, and build trust over time.

8. Scalability and Flexibility:

Digital media strategies are highly scalable and adaptable. As your startup grows, you can expand your online presence and marketing efforts accordingly. Whether you’re a small team or a rapidly expanding enterprise, digital media allows you to adjust your strategies to meet your evolving needs.


Digital media stands as a fundamental element of success for startups in the contemporary business landscape. Its capacity to reach a broad audience, cost-effectiveness, precision in targeting, and data-driven insights render it an indispensable asset for growth. By embracing digital media and harnessing its benefits, startups can establish a solid foundation for enduring success and confidently navigate the competitive terrain. Whether you belong to the tech startup realm or a traditional brick-and-mortar business, the integration of digital media into your strategy is imperative in today’s digitally-driven world.

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Tips for Startups

Best Product Packaging Strategies For Startups



Product Packaging Strategies

Hey entrepreneurs, launching a startup can be a lot of work! You stress about funds, operations, and team building. And while you prioritize product development, packaging may take a back seat, right? But did you know that it drives the buying decision for 72% of Americans? That’s surprising, but true.

And it also means that product packaging is one of the ways to stand out and grab customers’ attention in a cutthroat world. That’s a good reason to go the extra mile to nail a strategy. So, if you’re wondering how to make your package pop without breaking the bank, we’ve got some killer tips for your startup.

Here is what you need to know to win an incredible unboxing experience for your customers.

Know your target audience

You’ve got to know your target audience to create a successful product. And the same applies to packaging. Who are you trying to reach and sell? What are their preferences? What would they want in the product package?

By understanding your target customers, you can pick an option that speaks directly to them. For example, if your target audience is health-conscious millennials, choose a minimalist and eco-friendly one that emphasizes your product’s sustainable ingredients.

Focus on customer experience

Your product packaging is more than a pretty face. It’s also about enhancing the customer experience. Think about how you may create a memorable unboxing process.

Consider adding unique features, such as easy-open lids, tear strips, or resealable packages. By making the components easy to access, you get the benefits of brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Consider what’s inside

That’s a no-brainer because your product determines the packaging material. Things are easy if you sell a single offering, but CBD entrepreneurs may struggle to choose different materials for different products.

For example, you will need a tincture bottle, boxes, mylar bags, cartridges, and tin containers for different items in your portfolio. Additionally, you’ll have to ensure that they are child-resistant and preserve the flavor and aroma of the components.

Be sustainable

As a startup brand, you can gain a lot by joining the sustainability bandwagon, and packaging is a good place to start. Buyers care more than ever about the environmental impact of products and brands.

So eco-friendly packaging options are surely ideal. Prioritize biodegradable materials and minimize excess packaging. It’s the best way to make your offerings pop in a market saturated with competition.

Branding is key

Remember that your packaging is a crucial part of your brand identity. So ensure that it aligns with your company’s values and messaging. It should replicate your brand’s color schemes, fonts, and imagery.

The text labels should also match your brand’s personality and tone. The idea is to remind buyers of your brand every time they see the product on the shelves.

Is packaging a big deal? Yes, it actually is when it comes to the product packaging for your startup. You’ve got to ensure it makes a great first impression and drives a buying decision. Well, there are no shortcuts to winning the packaging game. But you can try these tips to ace it!

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Tips for Startups

What Startups can learn from the Special Forces of Armies around the world



What Startups can learn from the Special Forces

Startups and special forces of armies may seem to have very little in common. However, upon closer examination, there are several key lessons that startups can learn from these elite military units. Special forces teams are highly trained, flexible, and able to operate in rapidly changing environments. Startups, too, must be able to pivot quickly in response to market changes and evolving customer needs. In this article, we will explore several key lessons that startups can learn from special forces teams.

Lesson 1: Build a strong team

Special forces teams are composed of highly skilled and specialized individuals who work together to achieve a common goal. Similarly, startups must build a strong team of individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds who can work together to bring their products or services to market. A successful startup team should have a mix of technical, business, and creative skills to ensure that all aspects of the business are covered.

Special forces teams also place a strong emphasis on teamwork and communication. They must be able to work together seamlessly, and each member must understand their role and responsibilities within the team. Startups can learn from this by fostering a culture of collaboration and open communication within their team.

Lesson 2: Adapt quickly to changing environments

Special forces teams are often deployed in rapidly changing environments, where they must adapt quickly to new situations and changing conditions. Similarly, startups must be able to pivot quickly in response to market changes and evolving customer needs. This requires a high degree of flexibility and agility, as well as the ability to quickly assess and respond to new information.

Startups can learn from special forces teams by adopting a mindset of constant adaptation and improvement. They should be willing to experiment and iterate on their product or service, and be open to feedback from customers and other stakeholders.

Lesson 3: Embrace risk and uncertainty

Special forces teams operate in high-risk and uncertain environments, where the stakes are often very high. They must be willing to take calculated risks and make difficult decisions under pressure. Startups, too, must be willing to embrace risk and uncertainty in order to succeed. They must be willing to take chances and make bold moves, even in the face of uncertainty.

Startups can learn from special forces teams by adopting a mindset of calculated risk-taking. They should be willing to experiment and try new things, while also being mindful of potential risks and taking steps to mitigate them.

Lesson 4: Focus on the mission

Special forces teams are highly focused on achieving their mission, which is often critical to national security. Similarly, startups must be highly focused on their mission and vision, which should guide all of their decisions and actions. This requires a clear understanding of the company’s purpose and goals, as well as a strong sense of commitment to achieving them.

Startups can learn from special forces teams by adopting a mission-driven approach to their business. They should be clear about their purpose and goals, and ensure that all of their decisions and actions are aligned with these objectives.

Lesson 5: Train and prepare rigorously

Special forces teams undergo rigorous training and preparation in order to be able to perform their duties at the highest level. Similarly, startups must invest in training and preparation in order to build a strong and capable team, and to ensure that they are able to execute on their mission effectively.

Startups can learn from special forces teams by investing in training and development programs for their team members. This includes technical training, as well as leadership and management development. By investing in their team members’ skills and abilities, startups can ensure that they are well-prepared to succeed in a competitive and rapidly changing business environment.

In conclusion, startups can learn a great deal from special forces teams of armies around the world. By building a strong team, adapting quickly to changing environments, embracing risk and uncertainty, focusing on the mission, and training, Startups can achieve goals that may seem impossible at first.

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