Top Ways in Which Screen Recording Can Be Useful

Although most people are aware of what screen recording is and the fact that it can be used to capture video footage directly from a screen – many may not have used it in the past. At one time screen recording was fairly technical, but nowadays it is more user-friendly and many platforms come equipped with built-in tools that can be used easily.

Because of that the popularity of screen recording has surged, and people are starting to realize how useful it can be. If you want to know some of the top ways in which screen recording can be useful, there are few that you should look into:

  • Create video content involving digital products

The most popular way in which screen recording is used is as a tool to create video content involving digital products. The types of video content that it can create vary, ranging from how-to guides to demonstrations, reviews, and case studies for digital products.

Aside from that there are other specific types of video content that can be produced using screen recording – some of which will be discussed later.

  • Save online streaming video or audio

Although there are several ways to save online streaming video or audio, screen recording is one of the more versatile as it does not have any of the limitations that most other methods do. It can be used to record any online streaming video or audio directly from your screen – and can be used as an internet radio recorder or to record videos that are within other apps.

By this token screen recording can be used to help create videos under ‘fair use’ guidelines by capturing the footage of other videos that you may want to use.

  • Save video calls or conferences

In the same way it can save online streaming videos, screen recording can be used to save video calls on any platform. The screen recording software must be able to record audio via a microphone as well however, so that it can capture the outgoing call’s audio and for example you could try Movavi Screen Recorder.

Recording video calls will provide you with the opportunity to create other types of content as well – most notably expert interviews or discussion panels.

  • Capture bugs and issues to obtain technical support

Last but not least screen recording will give you a way to capture video footage of any bugs or issues you encounter. That can make it easier to obtain technical support, as you will be able to ‘show’ others what the problem is rather than trying to spell it out to them.

All in all you should be starting to see the ways in which screen recording could be very useful. If nothing else you should definitely try out some of them, and as a starting point you could use the built-in recorder on Windows 10 or MacOS. In time you may want to look into one that is more substantial however, and will provide you with more options.

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