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Things to Consider While Opting for a Cloud Storage Service



cloud storage features

“Cloud storage is a model of computer data storage in which the digital data is stored in logical pools. The physical storage spans multiple servers (sometimes in multiple locations), and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company. These cloud storage providers are responsible for keeping the data available and accessible, and the physical environment protected and running. People and organizations buy or lease storage capacity from the providers to store user, organization, or application data.”

Ever since the advent of Cloud model of storage, numerous service providers have started providing cloud storage services. Though most of the features provided by major service providers are the same, there are certain features and functions that differentiate one cloud from another. Clients should carefully evaluate them before making any decision. If you want a detailed information on Good Cloud Storage Services and tips on how to choose the best service provider, you can visit here. However, in this article, let’s try to understand some of the most important considerations:

Reliability & Stability – The service you are going to finally choose should be reliable in every possible way. You will be storing important digital files on the Cloud and you cannot risk the security of those files by not ensuring that the service provider is reliable. Moreover, you should be able to access your data whenever you want without any access issues.

Security – Managed users access, authentication, and encryption are essential to protecting data regardless of where it’s stored; this is especially true when moving data outside the confines of the corporate data center.

Redundancy – This again is an important consideration. Having data stored at different geographical locations is very important, even if that means a hybrid approach where data is stored in the data center and backed up in the cloud.

Disaster recovery and Backup – This is very Essential in case of natural, machine, or human-driven events. Enterprises can adjust these features based on their tolerance for downtime and data loss. Multiple cloud storage services don’t even have the backup option available. On the other hand, there are a lot of them that focus precisely on backing up your files.

Administrative and other common Tools – People need fast, simple access to files. Tools that let them drag and drop files in folders, share files with simple links, and manage access to files keep them productive. You should always ask your prospective service provider about the tools they are going to provide. From the point of view of the administration, senior folks in any organization would want to be able to do things like manage permissions, set policies, and establish expiration dates for files. These things should be confirmed beforehand

Mobile access –  Providing fast, secure access to cloud-based storage from mobile devices has become really important in this age. Make sure that your prospective service provider has this important feature.

Pricing – Last but not the least, pricing is an important consideration. There are various service providers providing cloud services in the price range as low as USD 50 per year to over USD 100 per year. You can choose a service provider based on your budget but without compromising on the above discussed features.

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How an IoT Consultant Can Reduce Cost and Optimize Processes



How an IoT Consultant Can Reduce Cost and Optimize Processes

Even though the development of modern technologies is a process that began long ago, there are plenty of things that might seem confusing to many people. One of those things is the Internet of Things technologies. In this article, you will learn everything you need to understand this technology and how a consultant like this can be beneficial to your business.

What Is IoT?

The Internet of Things or IoT is a term that became quite popular over the last decade. However, despite its popularity, there are still people who don’t completely understand this phenomenon. So what is it, IoT? There are many ways to explain IoT technology. These are the devices themselves that go online and interact with each other. This is also a way of connecting – M2M – machine-to-machine, without human intervention. It is also the big data that devices are now generating. Data that can (and should) be collected, analyzed, and further used to improve comfort or make business decisions.

IoT can be used in any industry where something can be automated. Currently, there are over 10 billion connected IoT devices out there and the number only keeps growing. The biggest development of this technology can be seen in the agricultural sector, logistics, and Smart City. IoT makes it possible to save on equipment maintenance: sensors collect information about the condition of the equipment, making the maintenance and repair processes timely and easy. 

What Is IoT Consulting and How You Can Apply It to Your Business?

The Internet of Things is a rather new field, which makes it necessary for companies to come up with their own way of how to use IoT platforms which all require a personalized approach. A professional IoT consultant is an exact specialist who is able to advise on the best way to do that. Various devices and sensors that belong to the Internet of Things group of products can help you produce insights and actionable items. 

How an IoT Consultant Can Reduce Cost and Optimize Processes

However, modern-day businesses and organizations lack an understanding of how the new technologies can positively impact their game and often require help when kick-starting such initiatives. By launching IoT initiatives, the company can gain the potential to reduce operational costs, optimize internal workflows and build unique reports to backup strategic moves with data. It is the launching stage where the IoT consultants can become a true gem to your business.

However, to achieve success in IoT, it is not enough to connect some devices to the Internet. The company must align its digital transformation plan with its overall development strategy, apply optimal new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and blockchain, collaborate with the right partners and digital ecosystems and implement new processes and working methods.

The Rising Popularity of IoT Consulting Companies

IoT solutions are growing in demand each day, and the rates for such specialists’ services are increasing accordingly. The data provided by the IoT empowers businesses to develop new value propositions for consumers, improve efficiency, and gain unique insights into how to create value for customers. The IoT consultants help organizations discover new revenue streams, improve efficiency, and seize new opportunities.

However, not every company out there can afford to hire an IoT developer or even a remote IoT team. But, this is not a reason to avoid the chance to give a boost to your company’s development, isn’t it? What could you do in a situation like that, though? The answer is: hire IoT consultant. Luckily, the cost for an IoT consultant is generally lower than developers and engineers of the same field.

The Typical List of IoT Consulting Services

IoT consultants perform a wide variety of tasks for modern companies. One of the most popular services include the following:

  • Looking out for potential use cases. These consultants will closely observe your business and its typical activities to identify potential cases of IoT use. At the same time, an IoT consultant will be able to advise you on the best ways on how to incorporate this technology into your daily workflow. 
  • Development of the IoT strategy. For this technology to actually bring value to your business, it has to be properly implemented. Not being an expert in IoT you might cause unintentional damage, so it is always best to leave such tasks to the professional. 
  • Research and development, prototyping. IoT is not an old technology and some research still needs to be done, if you want to see positive results of this kind of implementation. With proper prototype building and thorough research, an IoT consultant will be able to predict possible challenges and smooth them down. 
  • Choosing a proper hardware and software vendor. Years of experience your IoT consultant has will allow them to advise you on the best soft- and hardware on the market. 

Hiring an IoT Consultant

Things to consider when hiring the IoT consultant:

  • Previous background. The ideal candidate is someone who has a degree in either Computer Science or Civil/Industrial Engineering.
  • Interest in technology. Your ideal consultant should be enthusiastic about all things IoT and staying up to speed with its latest trends.
  • An eye for IoT. Look for an early adopter and for someone who is constantly keeping an eye out for the next big thing.

Final Thoughts

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices with embedded software and sensors connected to the Internet that collect, transmit and exchange data. The IoT connected devices, sensors, and people provide a new means of communication between human and machine, software, and hardware. The IoT is creating a new world that is open to everyone, offering constant connectivity for humans, from home or work to entertainment. To implement IoT solutions, it is important to ensure the appropriate level of security, confidentiality, reliability and resiliency of systems.

Acting as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, the Internet of Things offers tremendous business opportunities. IoT consultants help clients realize the benefits of emerging IoT technologies by building complex business models that connect technologies, suppliers, and consumers. Whether you just start your IoT venture or are already making your way through it, the IoT consultants will help you get the best of new technological possibilities and set them in harmony with your business strategy.

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8 Ways Software Technology Helps Achieve Business Success



software technology and business

Every day, I come across people who agree that software technology makes life easier. But many businesses still see it as an unnecessary investment that can be postponed. However, in reality, it is a great cost-saving tool that can accelerate business growth tremendously.

Let’s understand how you can leverage software to achieve business success.

  1. Boost Your Online Presence:

With everything moving online, it will not be a surprise if businesses without a website go obsolete in the coming years. Online presence is very important so that your potential audience can find you and all the information related to your business with just a few clicks. It makes brands accessible. Therefore, leverage software technology to create a powerful website that stands out amongst your competitors. Make sure your website:

  1. Is easy to navigate.
  2. Has contact information readily available.
  3. Clearly specifies what benefits you have to offer.
  • Automate Service Scheduling

Manual scheduling of service appointments with customers and clients is associated with many risks, such as overscheduling, service time overlap, missed scheduling, etc. Moreover, when the staff is doing fieldwork, managing team members at different locations can become extremely difficult. But thanks to the advancements in technology, all of this can be automated without any error. For example, service scheduling software automates appointments in a way that work delegation, travel time, and staff productivity are optimized.

  • Recruit Top Talent:

Tedious tasks such as screening hundreds of resumes, sending updates to candidates, sending manual approval requests, etc.,can slow HR down. Instead, you can have your HR executives and hiring managers invest their efforts in more meaningful tasks whiletalent recruitment software automates these activities.

Here’s what you can expect your talent acquisition software to do:

  • Attract candidates through job postings and career pages.
  • Track applicants automatically from various job portals and the website.
  • Parse resumes and shortlist candidates.
  • Create multiple approval workflows.
  • Create accurate hiring reports.
  • Send automated communication and updates to candidates.
  • Centralize Project Management:

Businesses managing appointments, records, and client data regularly must have everything organized. And with the help of software technology, you can do that without any extra effort. For example, A field service scheduling software centralizes all the appointments and offers appointment data access at different levels. This way, the admin or manager can distribute work and appoint professionals ensuring that there is no wastage of time and resources. Moreover, field scheduling software also allows client data sharing as well as scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling appointments in real-time, which means no back and forth, reduced customer no-shows, and enhanced performance.

  • Optimize Business Outcomes with Cloud:

All businesses, no matter the size, invest in hardware or servers at some point. But that isn’t necessary anymore, thanks to Cloud technology. It allows saving data centrally, maintaining calendars, communicating with teams, and much more at a much lower cost than additional hardware and servers. Apart from cost saving, it offers another brilliant benefit –ease of access. Cloud-based software allows flexibly accessing data anytime, anywhere; all you need is an internet connection.

  • Elevate Customer Service:

Customer service can make or break a business. How accessible your brand is, how quickly you respond to your customers, how you resolve customer complaints – everything impacts your business. And with software technology, you can almost perfect every aspect of it. For example, you can use an online chatbot that is programmed using AI to respond automatically to customers and resolve basic issues.

You can embed an AI-powered chatbot in your website, automate email replies, and leverage quick social media communication to make your brand more accessible and gain customer loyalty.

  • Streamline Training:

No matter how talented a candidate is, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide them appropriate training and unlock their true potential. And to provide the highest level of training, many businesses either appoint their most skilled trainers or hire training professionals from external sources to do the job. But with the help of training software, not only can you save this considerable cost, but you can also give employees the control to train themselves consistently.

Various cloud-based training software allow uploading training courses and materialon a portal that integrates with online training programs. Moreover, from assessments to record-keeping, the software can reduce human intervention significantly so that the management team can concentrate on other aspects of the business.

  • Achieve Market Intelligence:

In a competitive business world, the sure-shot way to ascertain success is to use the right marketing strategy to attract ideal customers. This is where the role of marketing software comes into play. An intelligent marketing tool helps you:

  • Analyze your competitors.
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Improve and nurture leads.
  • Measure and optimize campaign efforts.
  • Create automated marketing reports.

Every benefit of a marketing tool contributes directly to business growth.

Make sure that you understand your business requirements thoroughly so that you can make the right software choices.I hope this was helpful!

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Tokocrypto Launches Toko Token (TKO), a CeFi-DeFi hybrid and Indonesia's first virtual currency project



Tokocrypto Launches Toko Token (TKO), a CeFi-DeFi hybrid and Indonesia's first virtual currency project

JAKARTA, Indonesia, April 9, 2021 — On, April 7, 2021, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) officially began trading their signature self-built “Toko Token” (TKO), Indonesia’s first local virtual currency project on Binance Launchpad, the largest virtual currency launchpad worldwide, according to Tokocrypto.

The currency was launched with $0.1 per coin with a total supply of 500 million shares and enables high-speed transactions at low fees. TKO recorded an oversubscription of 201,406 individuals with a total of 10,502,201 BNB at the launch date.

The TKO offers a unique hybrid feature by combining the advantages of both the Centralized Finance (CeFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) model which is the first in Indonesia. “The birth of TKO is a big achievement for us. It will be the most appropriate vehicle to help Indonesian realize the unlimited potential that we can achieve through blockchain technology,” said Pang Xue Kai, Founder & CEO of Tokocrypto platform.

Accordingly, the in December 2019 reported global fintech market are showing a significant increase in 2018, reflecting greater application of blockchain in financial services around the world. The research covered Southeast Asian countries and it forecasted blockchain market size will reach US$23.3 billion by 2023, representing a CAGR of 81% over the period from 2018 to 2023.

“The age of blockchain and virtual currency is here. With the technology from BSC that offers user-friendly services, it allows Indonesia with a large population of approximately 270 million to enjoy a financial system that is equivalent to developed countries,” said Kai.

Kai explained, as the first local Indonesian virtual currency project, TKO offers a hybrid currency model. Several services the currency offers are Exchange Platform Token that offers trading fee discounts, airdrop entitlement, merchandise redemption.

TKO can be used in deposit and savings programs such as TKO Deposit, TKO Savings, and TKO Cashback. Furthermore, as DeFi product, TKO will be integrated on third-party DeFi platforms via farming pools, lending, and more. Finally, the Tokocrypto will pioneer the Indonesian NFT landscape with Indonesia’s first-of-its-kind marketplace for digital collectibles and creative assets from emerging young artists.

He continued, “Through TKO, we aim to build an “Indonesia Strategy” for Indonesians, where this solution can reach out to everyone in the country on top of general financial services,” said Kai.

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