5 Tricks To Use Video For Better SEO

There’s no doubting the role that videos now play in a brand’s SEO ranking. The visual power videos provide cannot be replicated by any other content form, which is why they are poised to take over the digital content world. Video marketing spends are expected to grow exponentially in the next few years with the amount of content consumed via tablets, laptops and mobiles. But creating an amazing video is futile if users cannot find it. These tricks will help you use video content to boost your SEO efforts.

Integrate The Video With Your Website

The presence of a video on your website can serve as a vital ranking factor for SEO. Consider the following:

  • Video demonstrates a mix of different mediums of content on a website, which could be an indicator of quality.
  • Video sends signals to search bots crawling through your site that your pages have rich media content for searches.
  • Search engines may continue to include videos in ranking factors as more users consume videos through their searches.

Integrating videos into your website will help to showcase all these factors, which in turn will boost your website SEO ranking over time.

Include Keywords Just As You Do On Your Website

Your videos should provide enough information to search engines to help them establish relevancy to search results. Consider the following:

  • Find keywords that are most relevant to your video based on what users search for.
  • Keywords should describe your video in the description, title, file name and tags.
  • Make sure the relevancy of the video is made clear to the search engine with the right keywords.

These keywords should be used to describe the video to make it easier to find when users type in a specific search query. More specific keywords make it easier to find the video. 

Place Your Video On YouTube

An important factor to consider is that Google owns YouTube. In addition,

  • YouTube is a huge channel for search queries given the large appetite for video content with users.
  • Since YouTube is a popular medium for video content, brands are likely to get more traffic to their videos.
  • YouTube enables sharing to other social media and website channels, making it easy to distribute content across mediums.

YouTube has the power to make a huge impact on the way your content is consumed, which in turn will influence your SEO efforts.

Keep Videos Short

If you want people to engage with your videos and watch them until the end, they need to be relevant and short for time-poor users. Consider the following:

  • Make sure scripts are short and concise with only relevant key messages included.
  • Avoid long and complicated explanations that will cause users to bounce off the page quickly.
  • Make sure videos load quickly as Google factors in load time as part of SEO ranking.

Users today have very little time and patience, which is why videos must be short and must load quickly to prevent them from abandoning your site.

Encourage Sharing On Different Channels

One of the best things about a video is how engaging it is, which makes it a popular choice for sharing across social media. To make sure your video is share-worthy, consider the following:

  • Identify topics that are most relevant to your target audience.
  • Introduce humour and make sure your content is valuable by solving a problem.
  • Encourage participation by getting users to engage with your content.

When people are more engaged with a video, they are more likely to share it on their social media pages. This will improve your video traffic, as more and more people are likely to see it.

According to SEO Shark – the local Sydney SEO agency, the more video traffic you have, the better your SEO over time.

Consumers are far more likely to remember something they watch on a video than something they read through text, which is why it has grown in popularity over the last few years as a form of content in the digital marketing sphere. The best part is producing a video is no longer considered to be ultra expensive with a range of affordable options for all kinds of small and medium businesses. If you’re looking to harness your marketing efforts online for better SEO, make sure you include video as part of your strategy.

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