How a Bangalore based healthcare Startup Achira Labs is making medical tests fast and accurate

Achira Labs, a Bangalore based Startup which recently participated in the India-US Startup Konnect in the United States, has a vision of empowering patients and doctors with convenient access to medical testing.

Achira Labs is developing a proprietary lab-on-chip platform to perform rapid, quantitative and multiplexed immunoassays (protein tests) at a low cost. The company believes that their innovation will change the way how health care and diagnostics are carried in the present times. With the existing diagnostic testing, there are several problems associated. They are expensive and slow and the for patients it nothing less than an ordeal. Achira Labs seek to alleviate the pain of both doctors and patients by bringing tests closer to the point of diagnosis which will ultimately lead to a personalized healthcare environment.

The public healthcare sector in India is still struggling with the structural challenges. One of the main reasons for this is that the government is investing a meager 4.2% of GDP on healthcare sector whereas some of the developing and developed countries spend in excess of 10%.

In a country so vast, the private sector needs to step in in order to ensure delivery of healthcare services at the grass-root level. In recognition to the efforts made by Achira Labs, the Startup was selected as one of the 36 participants in the  India-US Startup Konnect organized by NASSCOM. Some major funding agencies associated with this Startup include Grand Challenges Canada, Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council and Indian Council of Medical Research along with funding partners C-CAMP.

Image source: Achira Labs

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