Meet the founders of Moshik’s, India’s first homemade chocolate brand which is Trademark Registered and ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Meet the founders of Moshik’s,India’s first homemade chocolate brand which is Trademark Registered and ISO 9001:2008 Certified

The chocolate market in India is silently booming with time. Statistically speaking, per capita consumption in India has risen from 0.05 kg in 2005 to 0.14 kg in 2016. But these numbers may not justify the surge in demand for chocolates in the last 2-3 years. Demand for both branded and homemade chocolates is on the rise and understanding this trend entrepreneurs in India are trying to use every bit of the opportunity.

Trying to establish its name as a touchstone of home-made chocolates is a young but successful company from Bhopal. Moshik’s, the brainchild of Mohit Kumar Jain and Shikha Jain was founded during the Christmas/new year period of 2013-14 . After few initial challenges, there is no looking back for the couple.

Being from a simple middle-class family and having no business degree business knowledge,it was a challenge for us to establish ourselves in the market. Our first few orders came in new year and then for the next order we had to wait for 4-5 months.” said Mohit to TOS.

Mohit believes that an Entrepreneur’s  journey is like a double edged sword.If you succeed people will say that they knew you were born to succeed.If you fail, people will say that they warned you from the beginning that this idea will be a big failure.You have to have a razor sharp eye on your goal and keep moving.Just follow your heart and keep on moving.

Mohit recalls his early days and says that initially, neither his friends nor his relatives supported his idea and they said that leaving a high paid white collar IT job  to start this  venture will take him nowhere.

According to Mohit, things turned for better when they partnered with one of India’s E-Commerce giant Snapdeal.

“Once we started the journey with Snapdeal,there was no looking back.At present, we have more than 52+ E-commerce sites/Mobile Apps where our products are listed.Our Brand MoShik’s is the first Homemade Chocolate Brand in India having both Trademark Registration and ISO 9001:2008 Certification at present” he said.

Moshik’s is currently expanding organically and the duo has not approached investors for funding yet.

Some experts believe that the best home made chocolates can be procured in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, while others believe that Kerala is gradually becoming a hot destination for homemade chocolates and cakes.

At present, there are more than a dozen factories in Kerala that manufacture several variants and flavors of this delectable dark brown confection. Also, ‘home made chocolates’ is one of the top Small Business Ideas that early to middle stage entrepreneurs are exploiting in Karnataka and Kerala. But the success of Mohit and Shikha’s company ‘Moshik’s’ tells us that the trend is changing and entrepreneurs from other parts of the country are also trying to get their share of India’s chocolate market which is worth about Rs 7000 Cr and expected to double in the next 7 to 8 years.

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