Now awesome meal kits are just one click away

Do you love home cooked food but hate the preparation part of it? Do you abhor going to market to purchase the various ingredients that go into making your food awesome?

Well, if you are from Chennai, here is some good news for you. , a Chennai based Startup is the City’s first ready-to-cook meal kit provider. Founded by Praveen Kumar and his wife Anjali AnandAwesomeChef wish to help home chefs and first-time chefs save time and forego the hassles of shopping and reduce wastage by providing fresh, pre-measured ingredients for the recipes featured on their website.

All one has to do is order the dish from the menu available on the site and Awesomechef takes care of the ingredient shopping, packing and delivering to the customer’s door-step. This also enables customers to get to know what goes in each dish and nothing remains a secret.Their kits serve a minimum of 2 people.

“In the past, we faced many instances where eating out became a big problem. Event though we loved restaurant style food but at the same time wanted to spend more time with the family at our home. This is where the seeds of Awesome Chef were sowed. The idea where everyone could cook restaurant style food at home, at their own pace, without the hassles of shopping and reduced amount of wastage.” said Praveen to Times of Startups.

The couple did a bit of market research before implementing the actual idea. Currently, they have an inventory for dry ingredients and they procure fresh vegetables every day.

“Pride in being a home chef has increased over the past few years, thanks to amazing programs like MasterChef or shows featuring famous chefs like Chef Venkatesh Bhat or Chef Damu. The “Art of Cooking” these days, has surpassed the gender divide and we see amazing chefs in husbands, dads and kids.” he added.

According to Praveen, there were many challenges they had to overcome in their entrepreneurial journey. Right from validating the idea, to sourcing, packaging and building the brand everything was new for the husband-wife duo.

However, he also believes that awesomechef has the benefit of being the first to launch the concept in the city. Also, the menu on the website covers a wide range of cuisine with new ones being added each week.
Though the couple has not demonstrated their concept to investors yet, they have received positive feedback from various stakeholders.

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