Company Cleaning: 5 Tips for Getting Rid of Business Clutter

Beginning of the year is the perfect time to get organized, take inventory and dump the clutter. Here are five solid tips to help you wade through the mess and keep it from getting out of control again.

Scan Receipts for Future Reference

Every business struggles with organizing and storing receipts and invoices. There are just so many of them, and it seems like they have an almost magical ability of getting lost. Don’t let receipts drive you crazy. Scanning them is now easier than ever, thanks to smartphone apps, affordable scanners and database management systems.

Create Daily and Weekly Cleanup Routines

One of the best ways to keep clutter from getting out of hand is to get in the habit of performing daily and weekly cleanups. Once the mess is under control, it only takes a few minutes or even just seconds to quickly cleanup your desk, empty the inbox or clear off the counters.

Invest in Better Storage Systems

Being disorganized can cost your company money. Employees get stressed out when they can’t find the papers, tools or supplies that they need. They waste time, energy and money when they’re constantly shuffling through stacks of papers on their desks to find that one report, invoice or work order. Clients can also become impatient with your inefficiency. It’s understandable that you don’t want to throw away money on cabinets, shelves or bins that you don’t need, but putting out some extra money for efficient storage systems can be a wise investment. Count the cost and make your decision.

Get a Dumpster and Fill It

Some warehouse managers are notorious for hoarding damaged merchandise to avoid writing it off as a total loss. But everything comes with a cost. When 20 percent of your warehouse is filled piles of damaged product, and your employees are wasting time moving these items around or digging through them every day, you have to admit that something needs to go. Bite the bullet, rent a dumpster from a company like Green Bin, fill it up and start using that shelf space more efficiently

Create Systems to Reduce Clutter

All of these clutter solutions require extra time and money that shouldn’t need to be spent in the first place. The best solution is to examine why all this clutter is accumulating and deal with the problem up front. Make sure that there is a place for everything, and train your staff to put things away the first time instead of letting the clutter build up.

Decluttering is a task that every business faces from time to time. By following these simple tips, you can keep clutter in check and deal with it in a fast, painless and efficient manner.

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