7 Budget-Friendly Office Decorating Ideas For Your Small Business

The atmosphere around us has a significant effect on the way we think and work, therefore; it is suggested by many professionals to decorate the office space in such a way that it inspires productivity. Following are few amazing office decorating ideas and guess what?! You don’t have to spend lots of bucks on them. Yes, they are quite pocket-friendly; hence, easily affordable for everyone running a small business. Have a look:

Declutter Your Desk

If stacks of papers and magazines are currently lying scattered around on your office desk then I suggest you continue reading this article. The first step to declutter is to get rid of anything you don’t need. If there’s something you haven’t used in the past month, trust me you don’t need it and you’re better off getting rid of it. Invest in a wall organizer and use magnets or magnetic tape to mount supplies to any surface. To make your own wall organizer, click here. Use hooks or clips to create a DIY pegboard to organize your supplies including any stationary or post-it notes. Here’s more information on how you can organize your desk while decorating your office using pegboards.

Another way to increase your storage and decorate your office is by spray painting recycled berry baskets to hold your stationery.
To further clear up the clutter, you can lodge a monitor arm. One of the best monitor arms that you can purchase on a budget is ‘Freedom Monitor Arm and Dual Monitor Arm’. A monitor arm will get your monitor off your desk and free up space which can be utilized for alternate ways such as keeping your coffee mugs or pictures of friends and family.

Wall Decor

Replace the paint on your boring walls with some colorful wallpaper and cover your filing cabinets with some attractive, patterned paper. Ditch the expensive canvas art and instead click a good photo of nature, or take an inspirational quote, nature scene or a piece of abstract art off the internet and have it printed on a canvas and nicely framed, you now have your very own $500 art in an affordable price.

Another alternative is to shop at vintage or second-hand stores or garage sales. Hang some shelves on the walls and decorate them with frames that compliment the theme of your office. If you want, you can also add a mirror to your wall; surprisingly this has more advantages than one.

The obvious benefit is that it’s convenient to check yourself out but not only that, mirrors can create the illusion of space and make your office look bigger than it is. To add further glam, you can use Christmas lights to decorate your walls.

Go Green

You’ve heard it before, nothing prettier than budding greenery. Plants are the perfect way to brighten up your office. Try opting for low maintenance plants such as the spider plant, Gerber daisy, or the pothos plant. If you believe you won’t be able to take care of your plants, just get some fake luscious green plants, they will make your office equally attractive.

Plants not only serve to add decor to the office but indoor plants also help to create a cleaner environment for you to breathe in. Thus, it is good for your health.

Rugs and Cushions

Rugs and Cushions add a sense of comfort and style to your office and give it a more inviting look. According to the size and aura of your office, find any rug that suits you and goes well with your office theme. Do not invest in costly rugs and instead purchase one from discount stores.

Moreover, use brightly colored, radiant pillows to decorate your office couch to give it a more pleasant look. Bold, geometric patterns or some vibrant lattice-print throw pillows could really enhance your office outlook. Finding a pillow of your liking shouldn’t be a hard task because they are available in several different colors and styles for you to pick from.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Appropriate lighting in a workplace is fundamental to achieve optimal productivity. Different colors affect our performance differently. Lighting is a crucial factor to office decor and most often, has a significant effect on your mood, so make sure you pay it enough attention. If you have windows in your office then move your desk to take full advantage of natural light. In the case that you don’t, you can install a floor lamp or a desk lamp of your choice. Make use of holiday’s sales to get your hands on cheap lames. Another way to improve lighting while improving your decor could be to create a starry night ceiling.


If you look at your office and it does not energize or stimulate you then it’s time to rearrange. Move your desk chair around the office, maybe the problem is you are facing a wall but you’d much rather have views of the outside. Identify the problems with the placement of items and arrange accordingly.

Office Supplies

Do not invest too much money in office supplies and turn towards budget friendly methods. A collection of glasses or vases can make great pen holders. Use small dishes to hold paper clips and stapler pins. For DIY pencil holders, you can click here.

It’s highly advisable to make your office look as alluring and aesthetically pleasing as possible and I hope for your next decorating endeavor, you remember these tips. Goodluck!

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