In this Interview, Yoguef Sanchez, CEO of VEDOC tells us why his new platform could be the Amazon of vehicle services

Have you ever heard of an online platform that assists you to connect with local and reputable shops that will service or modify your vehicle? Probably not and that’s what motivated Yoguef Sanchez-Jarquin, a 27-year-old entrepreneur to come up with the idea of VEDOC. The soon to be launched platform will make servicing your car a matter of few screen taps. You simply need to submit what needs to be done to your vehicle, sit back and let the shops come to you with the best offer. Once you select an offer, you can schedule and bring your vehicle in. According to IBISWorld’s  market research report, the car services industry generates $63 billion in annual sales in the United States. As an early player, Vedoc, therefore, has a huge market to capture. We recently interviewed Yoguef Sanchez, founder of Vedoc to know more about his upcoming venture.

Yoguef Sanchez

Yoguef Sanchez

Yoguef, Thank You for talking with us. How did you come up with the idea of Vedoc?

Currently, there is an enormous problem that exists in the auto repair industry. For example, there is a lack of service quality and honesty in many auto repair business. In today’s digital era we felt that there is no solution that leverages and measures quality service, honesty, price and customer service with a click of a button. That’s when I felt the need for an online platform which helps people connect with local shops and service centers from the comfort of their homes. You can also call us ‘Amazon’ of car services.

So what does Vedoc mean? How can one avail the services available on Vedoc?

Vedoc stands for Vehicle Doctor. Vedoc is the first and only platform which guarantees its users the best service quality from reputable repair shops and all vehicle services. By using Vedoc, you can improve the way your vehicle is serviced. The app will be available for Android and iOS in April. Using Vedoc is very easy. The platform will assist you to connect with local and reputable shops that will service or modify your vehicle. Once you post your requirements, the shops will come up with the offers. You can select an offer and then schedule and get your vehicle serviced.  To ensure that the users of Vedoc get top quality service, the dedicated team of Vedoc reviews shop’s progress on a day to day basis to guarantee the users the best experience possible.


Vedoc is all set to be rolled out in the first week of April. How challenging is the launch going to be?

It’s always a challenge to make people at ease with a new concept. For us too, the biggest challenge will be introducing this new platform which has not existed before. Therefore, we will work hard to familiarize users with this new service and a new method to service their vehicle. For shops, this platform will simplify and improve their interaction with clients and also increase business flow with a click of a button. It will also be a temporary challenge to introduce a new way/modern way to increase business digitally.

Tell us more about some of the other challenges that you faced while launching the platform.

It’s all about introducing this new idea to the users. The challenges are simply making sure users understand the convenience of our service. The platform will provide a new method of servicing your vehicle which has never been implemented before. We feel that people will have to gain our trust and we must earn credibility before we can ask users to use our service. And as I said, in order to ensure that our credibility remains high, our dedicated team will review shops so that the clients get the best experience possible.

Is your platform bootstrapped or funded? Also, will you provide your services in all the states?

The platform is currently bootstrapped. We are based out of Houston TX. We Plan to launch in California and Texas initially. Vedoc intends to expand to most states by the end of 2019.

What suggestions would you like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

I have always followed my dream of accomplishing my goals and learned that in order to do that you have to create something that you believe in. Only then you will find out what success is. My suggestion is that one should first align with an idea one truly believes in. If you believe in something, you will be willing to go that extra mile to achieve it.

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