An Interview with Marwan Ghazi, a Digital Marketing Specialist and an SEO guru

Digital marketing as a field has changed a lot in the last few years. Moreover, the competition in this field has seen sudden spike. Both for the service seekers and service providers. Digital marketing strategies now involve a multi pronged approach that need to adjust with evolving market trends.

To know more about Digital Marketing and the ongoing trends, we recently interviewed Marwan Ghazi. Marwan is a top Digital Marketer and an SEO guru. He is also an expert photographer and a Social Media consultant.

Marwan, Thank you for talking with us. Kindly describe your journey as a Digital Marketer and an Entrepreneur so far.

My journey in Marketing started right after finishing high school, when I decided to take a time off before joining the university. I worked at Digital Marketing Services DMS (Now Acxiom MENA) as a call center supervisor and operations executive handling projects. That exposed me to marketing and I fell in love with what I learned. Marketing became what I want to have as a career. I then decided that everything I learn or do, must be related to Digital Marketing in any way.

I joined Multimedia University in Malaysia under Creative Multimedia division. Majoring in Interface Design. Keep in mind that design and graphics are part of marketing as well.

After that I decided to continue further studies in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology as Masters of Arts in Communication, majoring in Advertising. I learned a lot of advertising and marketing methods that I apply even today.

My experience in Social Media goes way back to the days when Facebook was still a small platform. My first project was with the Lithuanian basketball national team documentary. It was a successful campaign as I managed to earn a sizable amount of Likes and Shares. I’ve done a few other campaigns in social media from pro bono to real projects. I always do the social media marketing on myself to learn the capabilities, and to practice. That keeps me well prepared to take on projects at any point in time.

What were the initial challenges that you faced as a Digital Marketer? Also, in one of the interviews, you said that you constantly need to go to the drawing board. Tell us more about it.

The main challenge is the question of Where can I get Insights and user data or trends. But after working at Tribal Worldwide, I was shown the proper software and Google and Facebook methods to extract such information. As well as Big Data and Social Media Listening Tools which helps a lot. By constantly going to the drawing board, I meant that one needs to constantly work on the basics. Some fundamentals never change even in the most evolving of fields.

How do you differentiate yourself from your domain competitors?

As Nik Lim from Tribal Worldwide said once that I am eager to take on projects, and I’m very resourceful. I also keep thousands of my resources in my Evernote, that I can’t live without. I combine design tools (Adobe), SEO/SEM/PPC/CPC/AdWords, and digital marketing in one package and deliver projects to my clients according to their needs.

In the field of Digital Marketing, what according to you makes a client happy?

To say it bluntly: by seeing an increase conversion rate, increase of page Likes, going viral, and whatever goal they specify for me and I make it happen. Mostly, all the time.

You are also a known SEO expert. According to you, how important is SEO in determining the success of your business?

I can’t stress more on how SEO is very important for any business or personnel.SEO can help rank you up the search results in search engines. It increase visits from organic traffic which is more than 70% the way people reach websites.

It Increase domain authority and brand credibility lead generation and conversion rate and more.

What singular Digital Marketing tip would you like to give to our readers.

My tip would be: “A good digital marketer is ALWAYS learning!” and I leave it at that.

Digital Marketing is all about attention. You want to get as much attention as you can from the right people, the people who make up your audience. In digital marketing, precision is the key. I work precisely and effectively, giving my clients the edge that they need in the hyper-competitive digital world!

You need to attract people’s attention if you want to succeed in your field! That can be tough in today’s world, where everyone’s attention is constantly pulled a dozen different ways.

I’m available at these channels:

Marwan Ghazi

+60 129344491

[email protected]

You can also listen to a Radio Interview with Marwan Ghazi on Business Channel.

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