An Interview with Brooke Mason, founder and Creative Director of Brooke Mason(BM) Creative

Brooke Mason is the founder and Creative Director of Brooke Mason(BM) Creative,  a Creative Agency in Los Angeles. They are an independent full-service Creative Agency, providing services including Innovative Brand Strategy, Creative Media Management, Marketing, Art Direction among others. Brooke Mason’s Creative Agency in Los Angeles is a growth-oriented agency aimed at “creating compelling projects that continue to work for their clients beyond the initial project scope.”

We got a chance to Interview Brooke Mason to know more about her agency and her journey as an Entrepreneur.

When did you come up with the idea of having your own creative agency? Also, who is Brooke Mason apart from the founder of a successful creative agency?

BM Creative was a natural formation from my already fast-paced career as a celebrity photography and art director. I surrounded myself with an innovative team to create what is now this ever-growing boutique agency. I am Australian born with a Major in Sociology from Macquarie University and a graduate degree in Arts from NYC. I am living for creative development and growing the next project with my clients. My resume is vast, working with names such as Samsung, Chrysler, and local brands as Visit Pasadena and City of West Hollywood. I pride myself in challenges in my everyday work and life and am actively involved in the Los Angeles arts community by supporting local artists, curating exhibitions and lecturing at educational institutions.

What were the initial challenges that you faced in your endeavor and how challenging was becoming a branding and marketing entrepreneur?

I always had an eye for creative things so it wasn’t very challenging becoming a branding expert. Also, I am a celebrity photography, so it was not a tough transition branching off my photography career.

What are some of the top services that your agency provide?

Our top Services are Innovative Brand Strategy where we identify, find your voice, express your personality, and design a platform uniquely for you, Creative Media Management where we manage all your social media, newsletters and website needs, Pro Photography / Art Direction, Marketing, Graphic Design, and Website Development among others.

How do you differentiate yourself from your domain competitors?

We are ambitious, overachievers and love a challenge. We are growth oriented and because of this, we go above and beyond for you. We are nerds at heart with our finger on the pulse at all times, technology is our world, we are young, experienced and have a great sense of what’s hot and current in our every changing growing marketplace. We have innovative new ideas, our outlook is current, fresh, vibrant and curious.

How do you handle a difficult client?

In the world of business, you have to handle a difficult client. There is no one who can claim that he or she didn’t encounter a tough client. When I have a difficult client, I try to find a solution to what the problem is. Instead of going back and forth, I look for a solution. More often than not, focusing on the solution rather than focusing on the ways to satisfy the client is the key.

What are your plans with respect to your agency in 2019?

Expansion plans are on the cards. My plans are to onboard more people and keep doing good work for my clients.

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