KFP Ken, an American Rapper, actor, and film director talks about his production company K Factory Productions and his journey as a music entrepreneur

KFP Ken is an American Rapper, actor, and film director. KFP Ken’s personality in combination with his live instrument skills, unique delivery, and vocal adaptability,  makes him a true artist. Ken is known to work hands-on with his clients in diverse roles, be it behind the camera or behind the boards. We recently interviewed KFP Ken to know more about his journey as Music Entrepreneur and his production company  K Factory Productions.

Kindly describe your journey as a Music Entrepreneur.

I’ll start by saying this, I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. As a music entrepreneur, the experiences over the years have left me with better communication, a life-long skill set, and a thrive for greatness each time I present anything with my name attached. It has its ups and downs and there has for sure been times where I found myself out of motivation, but as I continue my journey, many more doors begin to open.

What were the initial challenges that you faced in your endeavor and how challenging was it going ahead with the idea of K Factory productions?

I founded my production company ( K Factory Productions, LLC) with my business partner CookitupKayo in 2014 after graduating high school. K Factory Productions offers all media based material ranging from video and audio production down to SEO marketing. Starting fresh from grad school and entering college life, I found it was a chance to chase my dreams and begin to shape myself into the person I wanted to be. When we started the company, we did not own any equipment, we only had an idea and somewhat of a plan to execute it.

Atlanta is a fast-paced city but if you are not in the loop, no one is there to extend a hand of help, so we found trouble booking and keeping work and money for projects we had ideas for. We would rent a few digital cameras from friends ( starter DSLRs) and begin to film a documentary for the high school we graduated from; we documented the last two weeks of senior actives and graduation. We then moved to film a short doc for their football team entitled RTG: The Documentary. This is the first project that would gain us some real local attention; we sold DVDs and made our first company profit of $1,100. From this point forward, i understood the amount of money that could be made in this field of work.

You have worked with quite famous artists. Tell us more about your interactions.

After spending time shooting videos for local artist, I would soon run into more notable figures out at events or gain contact via a mutual friend. I also met a few of my favorite artists such as Lil Wayne and G.o.o.d music artist, Chyi Tha Prince while interning as an audio engineer at 11th street studios in Atlanta. There are two types of artists, those who handle things themselves and those who let the label handle everything. I notice the artist that has more control over what is released, they are easier to work with. Once you work with the artist a few times, u start to build a relationship, and in most cases, you form a family-like bond. It’s hard to remember every single person I have worked with because I’m always focused on building more and adding to the repertoire. But, if I would have to say, my favorite artist that I have worked with thus far is Ice Cube, Kevin Gates and his brother Yung Mazi. Rest in peace to Mazi as well; that’s another part…..The music industry is rough, so make sure you always do good business and treat people right. S/O to young nudy as well, he is a cool guy, I was recently in a session with him and producer chasethemoney and we had a few good laughs.

What is your vision with respect to K Factory Productions?

My vision for K Factory is quite huge, 50,000Sq foot Studio( at least), Billboards and a team of leaders that will help shape the new generation of entrepreneurship.

What has been your most memorable work?

My most notable work (to me) is my soundtrack and film extra work I’ve done with Lions Gate for a film entitled Fist Fight with Ice Cube and Charlie Day. I still get residuals for that film and it was completed almost 3 years ago.

2019 is just around the corner. What are your plans for the upcoming year?

2019 is just around the corner and I am so ready for this new year! I took a bit of a break after my car accident in early 2018, but I am back and want to return better than ever. You can expect more short films, a music project and a handful of collaborations throughout the year. I honestly don’t know what else is in store, but if I keep on the track that I am now, 2019 looks very promising!

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