An Interview with Priti Singhvi, Founder of Paparazzi Closet

Paparazzi Closet was founded by Priti Singhvi around five years back. The brand is known for offering trendy and classy fashion and apparel products for women. We recently interviewed Priti to know more about her company and her journey as an entrepreneur.

Priti, tell us a little bit more about yourself and your company Paparazzi Closet and how has been your journey as an entrepreneur so far?

I have done my BBI from Jai Hind college along with MBA from KCCMS with dual specialisation in Marketing and HR. I am also a certified trainer from Delhi University(DU). To be honest, I never thought I’ll be doing anything related to fashion. When I started Paparazzi Closet, it was just an idea. It was nothing but a blog named “Girl in Green Scarf” as I was obsessed with shopping back then. I was earlier working with SAP India as a consultant and before that with Amex .I had merely 3-4 years of experience in corporate. So getting in fashion was a real challenge for me. But my love for fashion was constant and that’s the reason I am where I’m today . Being an entrepreneur is not easy as one might think . My journey as an entrepreneur has been crazy with lots of ups and downs. There was a time when everything seemed wrong but that is when an entrepreneur’s spirit kicks in and you know that though it’s never easy, you have to be ready to take the next leap.

What were the initial challenges that you faced in the women’s fashion sector given the type of competition this sector has?

Yes the competition in this sector is immense as fashion changes before the blink of an eye. Moreover it is a constant challenge to learn every latest trend and apply it on various products because any design can be out of fashion pretty quickly.

What kind of unique products your platform offer?

Though we offer various products which are conventional in every sense, we also offer ultra high end fashion products too. That is, there is a blend of convention and latest fashion on our platform. You will get everything on our platform- from casual to high end international Style. We specialise in Gowns , Party wears , etc. along with the most simple stuff you could think of in the most stylish manner.

How do you differentiate yourself from your domain competitors ?

We are different as we are not just resellers but we also manufacture the products. So we just don’t style, we also make sure we design import and customise – all under one roof. Moreover, we believe in giving our best service to our customers through our superior customer care service.

With the advent of various online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. fashion Industry has seen disruption like never before. How relevant do you see owning your own platform is viz. a viz. selling on the above mentioned platforms.

To be honest we understand they are much bigger than us and in this age you cannot operate in an independent manner, given the number of customers visiting these sites. Therefore, we not only sell on our website but our products are also available in e-market places. So we are associated with amazon , Flipkart , Myntra and others so our customer can buy from any of the platform they wish.

Any recent activities at Paparazzi Closet that you wish to share with us

We are proud to mention that we have recently launched our app on both the platforms ; iOS and Android . We have even started a new range of plus size and Luxe collection where products can be customised in any manner the customer wants.

Is being a woman entrepreneur tough? What are your suggestions to young ladies who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

Trust me, it’s never easy to be a women. Being a women entrepreneur has its own challenges but the fact is, no matter what , women are born tough and they are beautiful in every possible way. And trust me I really think, we are more capable of doing things than men. And to all the women, the path to success is not easy but the fact is, keep walking and take one step at a time and you will definitely taste success. We excel in everything- be a housewife , or a mother , or in any other role.

Currently Paparazzi Closet is offering various offers.

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You can also get 10% off on purchase of products worth Rs 5000.

For more information, visit Paparazzi Closet

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