Papers, Binders and Emails? No Way! Show a Model Home to Overseas Buyers with VR

With advancement in technology, the real estate industry has also grown and you are now able to present property in a more concise way especially when you want to sell quickly. Virtual reality has shaped the way people access information and this is a technology that is revolutionizing many areas including the real estate industry. Real estate buyers no longer need to travel miles to come and see the features included in the property you are selling.

As VR expert Jason Vander Griendt cites, this is a technology that is working to make the work of marketers in the real estate easier. Jason Vander Griendt is the CEO and founder of Render 3D Quickly and his company has been offering 3D renders and VR presentations that help clients to have a better view of the projects they are working on. No papers, emails or binders will give you the results you will achieve with virtual reality when selling property.

Showing amenities through virtual tours

One of the ways virtual reality has impacted marketing in the real estate industry is that buyers can now take virtual tours through your property at the comfort of their homes or offices. Major property sale sites have already introduced this technology and people who are using it have recorded better results than those still marketing through traditional techniques.

Virtual tours allow buyers to move into different areas of the property inspecting amenities just the way they would do if physically available. Typically, when you take prospective buyers to inspect property, they would be interested to see the interior finishes and the exterior of the home. This is exactly what virtual reality helps you accomplish while also ensuring they don’t suffer the inconvenience of traveling to come and see the property. It is a chance that allows buyers to make a decision before they finally physically visit the property.

More real estate resource support

Courtesy of the technological leaps made by companies like Facebook in the past five years, many applications have come into the market with support for virtual reality. This means many people are able to afford the add-ons required to use virtual reality. In fact, many modern smartphones support virtual reality and all you need is a gear. So your clients will not have a hard time viewing your property, plus this is a growing technology and the earlier you establish your business on it the better.

So, what are the benefits?

While working with a realtor and photographer could help you sell faster, virtual reality backs you up in a way you would not imagine and the technology is cheaper to use than paying all these assistants. It also offers a much higher success guarantee and you can easily cut down the need for strangers to roam around your property knowing too well most of them will not be interested to buy it. Virtual reality pairs you with only individuals who are interested in buying your property so you won’t have to waste time.

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