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How to Speed Up Your Laptop



how to speed up your laptop

A new laptop is usually a fast one, but most computers tend to slow down over time. The more you use your laptop, the more bloated it becomes, as a result of thousands of files that keep guzzling your system resources. With that said, you might be looking for ways you can make your new HP or Acer work faster and I came up with a few of these that might be exactly what you need.

Disable startup programs

We’ve all been there – you turn on your laptop and it takes ages for it to start up Windows and allow you to use programs. The real reason why this happens is because the more programs you install, the slower your laptop becomes. However, you don’t have to uninstall any of them in order to make sure your laptop boots in a more timely fashion. Instead, all you need to do is disable some programs from starting during boot-up. The easiest way to do it is to use the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC shortcut key, switch to the startup tab and disable programs you don’t want to run at startup.

Uninstall programs you don’t use

This one is pretty straightforward. Chances are there are a number of programs in your laptop that you simply no longer use. In fact, if you’re like most PC owners, there are some programs you never even opened. No matter how tiny these things may be, having them installed on your laptop just slows things down. This is why it’s a good idea to go through a list of programs on your laptop every once in a while and uninstall everything you no longer have any use of. To uninstall programs from your laptop, click Control Panel and find Add or Remove programs.

Install more RAM memory

Just like adding an SSD will help your laptop perform faster, adding more RAM memory will do the same. Of course, you first need to know how much RAM you already have and whether upgrading it is an option. If the answer is yes, all you need to do is buy a RAM memory module and insert it into your laptop. Most laptop models have an access panel at the bottom and that’s where you’ll be able to find latching sockets. Just make sure your laptop is turned off and unplugged when inserting your new RAM module. If installing more RAM memory doesn’t get the job done, chances are there’s something wrong with your hardware and turning to experts who offer laptop repairs is recommended.

Use the Disk Cleanup tool

We talked about how too many programs can hurt your laptop’s performance but there’s much more that can slow things down. Belonging to this list are a number of files that can be deleted without actually affecting your laptop’s functionality. While deleting them manually can be risky, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, there’s a tool that can delete all these files for you and using it is a much better idea. The Disk Cleanup tool, which is a part of Windows, can search for these files and delete them for you. To access this tool, click All Programs in your Start bar and click on Disk Cleanup under System Tools.

Defragment your hard drive

Another important thing to do if you want your laptop to run its best is to defragment files on your hard drive. Defragmenting or consolidating your files is a maintenance task and helps improve your laptop’s performance. What’s important to know is that defragmenting your hard drive may take a while and in case you have an energy-saving feature on your laptop, disabling it before you start might be a good idea. Ideally, you should be able to run your defrag overnight. Another option is to instruct your laptop to run the procedure automatically on a regular basis. To perform it manually, click on Disk Defragmenter tool in the Administrative Tools window.

Upgrade to SSD

Upgrading to SSD is one of the most foolproof ways to speed up your laptop. SSD performs much faster than HDD and doing an upgrade shouldn’t be tough. However, the most important thing you need to do is make sure your laptop is SSD compatible. That should help avoid buying an SSD only to discover that your laptop doesn’t support it. Inserting a new drive into your laptop involves finding the right slot for it and using a magnetic screwdriver to install the screws that’ll hold the drive. In case you’re not sure how to do it, it’s better to have professionals get the job done for you.

Perform a virus check

Of course, there’s always a chance your laptop is infected with a virus and that’s what causing it to perform slower than it usually does. In case you suspect this is the issue, consider getting a good piece of antivirus software and using it to detect the virus. If you invest in a good software, it’ll identify the virus and remove it for you. Most antivirus software will perform regular checks but make sure you do it manually from time to time as well. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your antivirus software whenever possible.

Over to you

Have all these things in mind and there should be nothing stopping you from speeding your laptop up. Even once you’ve done it, don’t forget to perform regular maintenance on your laptop and have it repaired as soon as you identify a hardware issue.


Bily Bum is an electrical engineer, tech, and gaming fan with 15 years of experience in the technology world. He is also a contributor on site Technivorz.

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Want to start a creative events business in 2021? Here’s how



Want to start a creative events business in 2021? Here’s how

Though it might not seem like it, now is a great time for event planners. After a year of social distancing guidelines being enforced throughout the world, no one quite knows what to expect from the events industry as it begins to resurface. 

And that means that event planners can take advantage of this uncertainty and carve out fun new ideas and businesses, using this time to try out new things and see what sticks. 

So, what businesses will be right for you? That depends on what you’re interested in and how serious you’re willing to be. There are many creative event planning business ideas out there, and you can find your niche by thinking about what you want, what people want and what you can reasonably do. 

For example, if you are interested in cooking or baking, you could develop a food truck or catering business that serves meals in prepackaged containers. Or if you love photography, you could start up a photobooth that captures priceless party memories. 

A few other event industry business ideas that you could start up include: 

  • Live-stream service for weddings and parties
  • Camping excursion planner
  • Picnic planner and games coordinator
  • Outdoor scavenger hunt maker
  • Outdoor dance floor builder 

Each event industry business requires different skills and experience levels, from being outdoorsy to being able to build and take down equipment. With so many different skills needed, there is an event business out there for everyone. 

Want to start a creative events business in 2021? Here’s how

But once you’ve decided on your business idea, it’s time to get to work. The first steps to creating a successful events business are picking a name, developing your branding and registering your business with your local government. All of these are crucial to get your business legitimized and ready to operate. And to keep track of these logistics, we’ve included an event planning startup checklist that includes everything you’ll need to do.

From there, it’s time to get ready for an event. You can drum up business by networking online or attending trade shows to advertise your offerings. Make sure you showcase your value and present yourself as professional and ready to host your first event. And once your first date is booked, you can use this events checklist to keep track of day-of logistics and needs.  

At the end of the day, the key to launching a successful events business is the motivation to make it happen. This is a great time to explore your possibilities and get ready to make your way into this fun, exciting industry. 

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How to Train Your Managers (and Why it’s Important)



How to Train Your Managers

Having a great manager (not just an okay one) is so important to a business’s success. You will find that your employees work a lot harder when they have a great manager, because they want to impress, they want to help, and they do not want the business to fail. For information on training mangers, a useful link is: This will provide you with an overview of what is involved. To get it wrong will impact on staff engagement, performance, and retention.

Educate Them on the Importance of Their Role

To educate managers, there are textbooks, online resources, seminars, and eLearning courses available. These can bring a manager up to speed with not only tried and tested methods of management but also with the very latest methods. Training methods that are digital and more relevant to today’s business world. New managers can learn from already experienced managers and how they best achieve their results for their respective companies. Equally, managers can learn through good and effective training, targeted to their needs and that of their company. The best managers increase the motivation and mood of their staff on a continual basis, which in turn, increases their company’s productivity.

Offer Training

Training such as new managers training can be provided in-house, and be even more effective and targeted through the use of external training agencies. It can be a very effective conducted by specialists in this area, who know not only what it is like to be a new manager, but the skills that can make for an effective manager in the long term. Much can be learned from the experiences that former managers have faced in a variety of different types of businesses. To not offer a manager training is to allow them to fail. To not provide them with the tools for success is to make their progression slower and less effective, for themselves and those that they are managing. Management training is not only about training others but how to train those responsible for the training.

Encourage Them to Practice, Reflect, Learn and Repeat

The best way for a manager to learn is to continue practising their skills, to think about the result the skills are having on the staff and the business itself. Continuing to repeat these skills, the rights skills, can only improve them until they become second nature. That is, not to practise until you get it right, but to the extent that you cannot get it wrong. Skills such as: communicating effectively with staff, planning the progression of staff, the ability to delegate the work in an effective manner. In addition, the manager will need to learn skills in problem-solving and motivation. There are tricks to be learned, to be known. An effective leadership course can teach managers these skills initially, so that then be refined through constant use and monitoring of their effectiveness. It is not enough to put into practise these skills once, they have to be carried out several times to check their effectiveness on different groups of staff, who are likely to respond in different ways and with different results.


So, with much to consider, it is in the first instance necessary to recruit flexible managers who are going to respond to training. Managers who are not too fixed in their ways of managing for other companies that they cannot respond effectively to a new training scheme. Then, they need to be aware of exactly what their new role encompasses. This should next lead to an effective training scheme that they are going to engage with, as their staff will ultimately engage with their management approach. During completion of the training scheme, it will be a matter of continual practice, but the results will be rewarding.

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What’s Amazon ASIN And How Do You Get One? Here’s Everything You Need To Know



What’s Amazon ASIN And How Do You Get One? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Amazon is the world’s leading online marketplace. According to Statista, they have 213.4 million unique website visitors each month.

That’s a lot – accordingly, it’s no big surprise that every merchant wants to sell their products through Amazon.

If you also want to sell your products on Amazon, you need an Amazon ASIN.

But what is an ASIN?

ASIN means Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is an Amazon internal number that helps them keep track of your products.

Every product on Amazon has a unique Amazon Standard Identification Number.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about Amazon ASIN – what it is, why you need an ASIN and how to get one.

What Is Amazon ASIN?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number and it’s simply the product identifier used by Amazon. A product identifier is a scannable number like a UPC (barcode) to identify a product.

If you don’t know what’s a UPC, here’s an example of it:

What’s Amazon ASIN And How Do You Get One? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

ASIN is Amazon’s internal unique identifier to keep track of all the products sold on Amazon. With over 2,734,713 active sellers on Amazon, it would be impossible if every seller has their own unique identifier for their products.

There’s only one exception – if you want to sell books on Amazon, you don’t need to have an Amazon ASIN. That’s because every book has it’s own ISBN as an identifier. Amazon uses this ISBN to identify books, they don’t use their own ASIN.

I really don’t know exactly why, but I think it’s because Amazon started as an online bookseller in 1995.

When Do You Need An Amazon ASIN?

First of all, if you want to sell your products through Amazon, you need an Amazon ASIN. You need one unique ASIN for every product you sell on Amazon.

Second, if you sell the same product on two different marketplaces – for example, Amazon US and Amazon Germany, you need two different ASINs.

If this in case, you need two one ASIN for the US marketplace and another one for the german Amazon marketplace.

The next thing is that you need different ASINs if you sell variations of your product. If this in case, you will need a parent ASIN for your initial product and different child ASINs for all your variations.

For example, suppose you sell a T-shirt in different sizes. You need an ASIN for the first product – the T-shirt – and further children’s ASINs for all variations, e.g. for a blue, yellow and pink shirt.


When You Don’t Need An Amazon ASIN…

If you want to sell a product that’s already on the Amazon marketplace, you don’t need to register a new ASIN because every product that’s sold on Amazon already has one.

If this is the case, you only need to research the ASIN. If you don’t know how to find the ASIN of a product, read on, I will explain in the next chapter how to do this.

However, if you’re a new seller and want to sell a brand new product on Amazon, you’ve to register a new ASIN for that product.

What you need to know is that there’s a limit for new sellers on how many new ASINs they can create. If you want to create more ASINs in the near future, you need to sell more products and increase your sales on Amazon.

I highly recommend checking out this site to find out more about Amazon’s restrictions on the creation of new ASINs.

How To Search For A Product’s ASIN

Looking for a product’s ASIN on Amazon is super easy. All you have to do is to search for the product on Amazon.

Then, navigate to the product detail page and scroll to the end of the page.

You will find the ASIN of the product at the end of the listing with the product information.

But there’s another opportunity to get a product’s ASIN even faster. What you can also do is to take a look at the URL entry of your browser:

The ASIN is usually at the end of the URL of the product page. Just make sure that there’s no referral code and you’re good to go.

How To Get A New ASIN

If you’re starting as a private label seller, you will probably sell a product that nobody else sells on Amazon.

If this in case, you need to create a new Amazon ASIN so that Amazon can identify your product.

But you only need to do that if you sell a unique product under your own private label brand.

If the product you want to sell is already on Amazon, you don’t have to create a new ASIN.

Here’s how to create a new ASIN for your product on your own:

First of all, you need a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) for your product.

What is a GTIN?

Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) can be used by a company to uniquely identify all of its trade items. GS1 defines trade items as products or services that are priced, ordered or invoiced at any point in the supply chain.

Source: GS1

Where do you get a GTIN?

You can get it from the GS1. The GS1 is a worldwide organization which distributes GTINs, UPCs or ISBNs.

There are different packages and you should choose a package that isn’t too expensive but fully suits your needs.

There are a lot of online sellers that also sell GTINs. However, I highly recommend not to buy a GTIN from another seller than the GS1 since it will only make you problems in the future – trust me.

Once you have a GTIN for your product, it’s relatively easy to get an Amazon ASIN.

All you have to do is to head over to Amazon Seller Central and click on “Add a new product” and then on “Create a new product”.

Then, you’ve to upload your product’s GTIN and Amazon will automatically generate a new ASIN for your product.


It is necessary to have an ASIN to sell on Amazon. However, you only need to create a new ASIN if you want to sell a product on Amazon that does not exist yet.

Anyway, taking care of the ASIN is only an administrative task. Focus more on increasing your sales to succeed in the long run.

About the Author

Moritz Bauer has over 5 years of experience in eCommerce and Marketing. On his blog smartminded he writes about Amazon FBA.

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