Not so good news for Entrepreneurs in the Google app store !

Google India has Introduced ‘ad auction’ inside the app store and it is not seen with pleasant eyes by the entrepreneurs. Google India’s introduction of ads is being seen by many as reducing a money power neutral platform to an arena, where ‘big’ parties can climb their way up through sheer use of money.

In some cases, Google already charges about 30 % of the amount received through any transaction in the app store. Now more money will have to be shelled out to be successful.

Google India claims that their new ‘ads auction’ scheme will benefit smaller players as they were not visible earlier but will now have an equal chance to get visibility. They also tried to pacify the irked entrepreneurs by claiming that the ultimate success in the play store is decided by how good the purpose is served by an application. Experts claim that it is yet another marketing gimmick.

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