In this Interview, Sam Bourgan talks about his review blog “Top Reviews Advisor”

TopReviewsAdvisor is a Product Reviews and Informational blog where the readers are given an easy snapshot on some of the best products Available in the US market. We interviewed Sam Bourgan of Top Reviews Advisor to know more about his blog and how quality reviews shape customer’s behavior.

Sam, Thank You for talking to us. For our readers, please tell us something more about yourself.

I have done Electrical Engineering and I have always loved the spirit of Entrepreneurship which has pushed me in the path where I am right now. Entrepreneurship isn’t something that is new to me. I have already sold a health website before on Flippa for $200k.

Top Reviews Advisor has some amazing product reviews. What were the initial challenges that you faced in running this blog?

Running a successful blog can be really challenging. In my case, Negative SEO attack harmed the site. I had to Spend a lot of time in disavowing links for Google. Moreover, you always have to be innovative and conversant with all the details of the product while creating a content.

How do you differentiate yourself from other review websites?

We are different because we do not focus on quantity but on quality. We try to be objective and recommend only top 3 rather than best 5-10 like others do. Readers get a clearer picture and only relevant options to choose from.

Do you think that independent product reviews on shopping websites like amazon will take over blog reviews. If not, why?

Though product reviews on Amazon can affect a buyer’s behavior to a certain extent, Editorial reviews have their own place and customer reviews on Amazon are not a direct threat to it. At Top Reviews Advisor, we provide in-depth reviews, that are often missed out on amazon or other product reviews written by customers.

What are your plans for 2019 with respect to your blog ?

As you know, we are providing quality reviews for products under certain bestselling categories. In 2019, we want to grow this site with a focus on Bedroom and outdoors.


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