How to Upsell Your Car Wash Services

If you are searching for ways to revitalize or grow your current business, use the following list strategies as a checklist of items that you might already be doing and might consider adding to increase your profit margins.

  1. Start on the Right Track

You can offer manual wash preparation during select hours at self-service car washes or before cars enter the tunnel at full-service car washes. Manual wash systems help remove snow, soil, bug, and ice buildup prior to entering the car wash. This feature can be a complimentary perk or upsell. Regardless, the tips from the customers will increase your detailers’ wages, and the manual pre-wash will heighten employee and customer satisfaction.

  1. Nice Wheels

No one wants to skin their knees or break their back scrubbing their hubcaps and tires manually? Not only can hubcap and home tire sprays range from $10-20 per bottle, but it is challenging to clean grime and built-up dirt. Giving customers a no-mess, no-fuss, automated solution is an easy upsell.

  1. Smell the Roses

Having a fragrance choice option, whether through full-service employee application or at a self-serve vacuum station, is a chance for a low-cost, high-profit, quick upsell.

  1. Lobby Products

If there is a waiting room at your full-service location, include a vending machine with snacks and sodas, or a freezer filled with ice cream treats. Not only does this provide an additional stream of revenue, but it also helps boost customer satisfaction by diverting their attention away from wait time on their vehicle.

Full-service car washes are definitely not limited to food items and beverages, however. Dashboard bobbleheads, keychain turnstiles, air fresheners, jewelry, or locally handmade items can also sell to your demographic.

  1. Triple the Foam

Presenting multiple foam options, like single, double, and triple foam can make for an enjoyable, customizable experience. From conditioners to pre-soaks and waxes, a foam curtain arch allows for a range of upselling packages.

  1. Detailing Services

With self-service car washes, add an outdoor vending machine containing merchandise from shammies and cleaning chemicals to air fresheners and cleaning cloths.

At locations with a full-service wash, detailers can swiftly wipe down any extra moisture left behind by an air-dry system following the wash. Not only does this make the customers feel pampered, but the employees create the opportunity for upsells like polishes or waxes.

  1. Finish in Style

A car wash with an air dry feature allows you to add a few dollars to your package fee, along with a better customer experience.

  1. Vacuum Services

Instead of using vacuum services to upsell, offer them as a free perk to draw in more customers. Even if the service is free, signage promoting complimentary vacuums is typically enough to not only increase customer traffic but also get them in the habit of washing their car every time their interior starts to get dirty.

  1. Add some Glamor

Another way to increase drive-up wash volume and customer appeal is to add “bling” to your wash tunnels. That can include multi-colored LED lights that can entertain customers inside the wash, and attract customers from the street.

  1. Windshield Repair

If a car with a cracked windshield endures the high water pressure of an automated car wash, the cracks are likely to worsen. Partnering with a windshield repair company or having someone on-site to fix the windshield will add another source of revenue as well as increase customer loyalty.

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