Australian Startup which analyzes workplace culture raises $10 M

Culture Amp, which is an Australia based Startup, which helps companies find what employees think about their companies,  has raised $10 million Series B round led by Index Ventures. The Startup banks on the fact that businesses now recognise a good workplace culture can provide a competitive edge.

Culture Amp aims to help companies grapple with these issues by offering an analytics platform that can provide them with quantitive and qualitative data about their employee satisfaction.

The company will use the cash to add new features to its platform and to begin a push into Europe. They’re just about to open a London office, to compliment those in Melbourne, San Francisco and New York.

This is  the company’s biggest funding round so far, Haasz said. It raised US$6.3 million in March, 2015.

The company, which began in its current form in 2013, claims to have some high profile, high-tech clientele, including Slack, Namely, Airbnb, Etsy, Eventbrite, Pinterest and Warby Parker.

Currently, Culture Amp is in more than 500 workplaces. While it began working mostly with technology companies, it has started to field interest from a wider circle of businesses and in fact, Culture Amp is now used by five Australian Football League teams.

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