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Long sleeve printed top – The Ace ensemble to elevate your fashion game!



long sleeve printed shirt

It takes two to ace the fashion game: Experimenting with your styles and Diversifying your closet. Conquering fashion is a game of trying out different looks and styles and re-designing your dresses, and a long sleeve printed top is the just right one for it! The vogue industry leaves no bait to bring out the most elegant, stylish, and glamorous staples to your wardrobe, but that can be expensive. Also, fashion does not confide in the “More the better” theme. It goes in hand with “Diversity and Experiments.”

Mesh shirts are very comfortable garments that are woven from lightweight fabric. Mesh shirts are made from a loosely woven fabric known as mesh, and thus it leaves the texture of some holes or a sheer-like look. The materials used in mesh shirts are heft and absorbent, making them very comfortable to wear.

Mesh shirts for All:

Mesh shirts are becoming people’s favourites. Hence, they are not going anywhere sooner. With the fashion buzz going around, mesh shirts are here to stay for a long, so why not try on a super chic casual look or a super formal look with mesh shirts and sweep people off their feet?

It would be delusional to say that mesh shirts are just for the summer cause they are not! Mesh shirts are for all and any season you want to hop on. All you need is your way around styling it with your wardrobe. Imagine pairing up your mundane, monotonous winter wear with a full-sleeved turtle neck mesh shirt as the top layer. Wouldn’t that bring 360 degrees to change your winter look?

For summers, you can put on the mesh shirts directly or add them with a sports bra underneath and skinny high-rise jeans! We are sure that this staple from the 90s will never disappoint you. Mesh shirts are the cherry on top for the fashion-savvy crowd. The social media fashionistas are taking every bait to experiment with their simple looks with mesh shirts to put their “A game” on!

How to style your mesh top for as per the occasion?

As fun and promising as it sounds to elevate your style with mesh tops, it can be tricky sometimes. Mesh tops, if styled in a wrong way, can create a fashion disaster. Here are a few tips and looks you can try with your mesh top to pomp up your outfit.

Teasy date look

Mesh tops, as we know, are loosely knit, and thus, they resemble sheer tops and can be the perfect choice for the date! Why not choose a comfy outfit, a bit teasy, and make yourself look gorgeous? 

Mesh long sleeve cutout top are the desirable candidate to show a little skin without making it too bare. Pair your mesh top with skinny pants or leather pants, or try a laced bra underneath with a mesh shirt on top paired with skin-fit jeans. You are set for your date!

Don your casual/picnic look with mesh shirts

Picnic looks or outing looks with mesh shirts are seen all over Instagram and Tik Tok. Mesh shirts are just the right candidate for your comfy picnic look. Pair up your mesh shirt with a sports bra and trousers/joggers. You are all chic and comfortable for your cool picnic/outing look.

 For winter, you can try a full sleeve black mesh shirt with a cardigan or winter overcoat paired with jeans and winter boots. All you need is a cardigan and winter overcoat and boots that blend well with your mesh top.

Get Professional with your mesh shirt

Professional look with mesh?! Yes! You read that right. You can get your top-game professional look with a mesh shirt. The professional look comprises trouser suits or suits with skirts, so the key here would be to pick the right mesh shirt that complements your trouser suit or the skirt suit. Choosing the right combination is the key here.

Try a monochrome two-piece set of mesh shirts and trousers, add a blazer that complements it in colour and you are all set. Black mesh shirts are a top choice as work wear by professionals.

Mesh as Cardigans

Cardigans are everyone’s favourite. A cardigan can work as a wonder when you want to style a particular look, but the clothes you choose are inappropriate. Say it’s a casual day at your work, but you don’t want to go bold by wearing sheer at your workplace. 

What now? All you need is a mesh cardigan. Layer your sheer top with a mesh cardigan, and you are ready for a casual day at work. Mesh cardigans also give you this classic, fantasy look when paired with the right set of wardrobe.

Mesh with corsets

Corset tops and mesh tops are the contestants of the fashion industry in the long run. Their craze never seems to go away. There’s no surprise why! A fusion of mesh shirts with a fashion corset top is the one you can go on a ramp with. Dress up into this fabulous fusion, and be the fashion sensation! So why wait?

Where to look for such a diverse collection of mesh shirts?! Worry not! Here, you can find varied tops at an affordable prices! We have just the right place for you to shop all your needs for mesh shirts, festival tops womens, and a lot more on affordable price.

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Fashion & Retail Tech

Ways To Use Custom Embossed Leather Labels



In this day and age, various ways are used to beautify the appearance of product labels. There are various techniques for custom embossed leather labels. Embossed leather labels (embossed labels) are usually used to give an elegant and exclusive look to certain products, such as labels for clothes, shoes, or bags.

Embossed leather labels are usually made of genuine or synthetic leather. The type of leather most often used to make clothing labels is cowhide or sheep leather. These two types of leather are generally considered good quality, distinct, and durable for use as labels on clothing.

Cow leather is a type of leather that is strong, durable, and easy to work with. While sheep leather is softer and smoother, it gives a clothing label a more luxurious look.

However, it is important to remember that many clothing brands and manufacturers are now turning to vegan or eco-friendly materials to make clothing labels, such as canvas or fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton and hemp.

Examples of leather substitutes in making clothing labels:

But what if producers or consumers are looking for eco-friendly types of labels? The answer is, Yes! We will tell you now.

There are several materials that can be used as a substitute for leather in making clothing labels, including:

  1. Canvas: Canvas is made from natural fibers, such as cotton or linen. Canvas is strong and durable, so it is often used to make durable clothing labels.
  2. Woven fabrics: Woven fabrics can also be used as a substitute for leather. Woven fabrics are made from natural fibers, such as cotton or silk, and can be sewn onto the inside of a shirt.
  3. Non-woven fabrics: Non-woven fabrics are materials made of synthetic fibers or natural fibers that are held together through a bonding or gluing process instead of woven. This material is quite strong and durable and can be used as a substitute for leather in making clothing labels.
  4. Recycled materials: Recycled materials, such as materials made from plastic bottles or used fabrics, can be used as a substitute for leather in making clothing labels. Apart from being environmentally friendly, using recycled materials can also provide added value for clothing brands that promote environmental awareness.
    • Organic cotton fabrics: Organic cotton fabrics are made from natural fibers grown without pesticides or other harmful chemicals. This material is suitable for clothing brands that want to promote environmentally friendly and responsible products.

    But, Back to our topic this time, we will discuss how to use custom leather tags:

    Choose a label design that suits your product. The advantage is that it can give a three-dimensional effect to images or text. Determine the size and shape of the label you need. Make sure the label is large enough and easy to read but also proportional to the size of the product packaging. Choose the color and text to use on the label. Make sure text and graphics are easy to read and match the product’s aesthetic.

    Prepare your label design file and send it to an embossed leather label manufacturer specializing in producing custom labels like this one. Aseefashion is a company that offers this service and is available in various materials and design samples.

    After manufacturing the embossed leather label, carefully affix or sew it to your product packaging. Make sure the label is sewn flat and neat, or if using the patching technique, ensure there are no air bubbles underneath. Custom embossed leather labels are generally quite durable, but make sure your product is stored in proper conditions to keep the labels looking good and durable.

    Following these steps, you can use custom embossed leather labels to give your products an exclusive look. Now let’s learn more about how custom embossed leather labels can be used in various ways. Here are some ideas:

    The first is for branding purposes: Embossed leather labels are a great way to brand your product. You can attach it to clothes, bags, and other accessories to help customers recognize your brand.

    Second, personalization: You can also use embossed leather labels to add a personal touch to your products. For example, you can add a label with a customer’s name to a leather bag, wallet, or jacket.

    Product Information: Embossed leather labels can also be used to provide important product information. For example, you can use it to indicate an ingredient used in a product, the date it was manufactured, or care instructions.

    Gift Tags: Embossed leather tags make great gift tags. You can attach it to a gift box or bag or tie it to a ribbon. This is a great way to add a touch of luxury to gifts.

    Decoration: Embossed leather labels can also be used for decoration. You can attach them to DIY projects.

    Overall, custom-embossed leather labels are versatile and can be used in many creative ways to add a touch of sophistication to your products and projects. Keep in mind that each type of leather has its own characteristics and strengths, so it is necessary to do a trial first to determine whether the type of leather gets the results that match the design you want.

    You can see the types and examples of wholesale tags and labels that are always used on clothing labels and other examples on our website. Don’t forget to check out!

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    10 different types of crop tops



    crop tops

    10 different types of crop tops:

    Legend has it that at the beginning of the 20th century, going through its second decade and obeying sociopolitical theories that in the face of great national or world conflicts, short pieces of cloth, for almost thirty years, the aesthetics of women turned to revithe minds of the community with the exuberance of his body, in a battle not to allow misfortune to lower the momentum of society. Then, for the first time, pin-up girls wore this garment that combined perfectly with high-waisted shorts and exalted their feminine attributes.

    Placing backless tank tops dress as one of the favorites among popular culture to mark the sensuality of women, extremely famous personalities came to the crop top club to definitively turn it into a basic garment of the world wardrobe. Marilyn Monroe, Jane Birkin, and Brigitte Bardot also marked an era with these little models; Then came the hippie girls of the ’60s and ’70s, ushering in names like Madonna, Jennifer Beals, and Shannen Doherty.

    In the continuation of this immortal and increasingly relevant design, Miley Cyrus, Diane Kruger, and Emma Watson have played a leading role in the important.

    A revival that Marc Jacobs gave to said silhouette for the Louis Vuitton firm; A decision that would later be shared by Alexander Wang, Marchesa, and Dolce & Gabbana to arrive precisely at the moment we live in today, one in which the crop top is an ally almost for any occasion.

    For this reason, we have decided to list the 10 types of crop tops that any girl wants to always be in style and want to take any opportunity to feel sexy.

    1. V neck: Not only because it defines strategic points on your figure, but because it is very chic and you can put together endless outfits with it.

    2. Of lace: Perfect for the beach or an outdoor event during the spring or summer; remember that this model looks much better with a satin bra or a neon bikini.

    3. With sequins: Ideal for a party or night out. Most of the time you are afraid to use such a model, but there is nothing to be afraid of; take a risk and combine it with what you like most in your wardrobe.

    4. Blouse type: Did we go back to the ’80s? Not that much. There are more contemporary designs in this model, which is great for a casual dinner or brunch, and there is no need to worry.

    5. Chiffon: For true wild souls who don’t require the opinion of others as to what to wear; With high-waisted jeans or a long, draped skirt, you’ll be the center of attention wherever you go.

    6. With apps: With enough studs or crystals to draw the eyes of others, but without abusing the resource, please. Perfect for building a look in the style of the 90s and sharing the true brand.

    7. With patterns: Add a little fun to what you decide to wear during the hot weekend and don’t measure the excesses in this type of sexy crop top for women; nothing is ever enough.

    8. Sports: Being comfortable is not a sin. In addition, with a good pair of jeans, the right tennis shoes, and the ideal bag, you are ready for a Friday afternoon without anyone being able to reproach you for anything.

    9. Boho type: To pay tribute to all the predecessors who paved the way for liberation during the 60s and 70s. In addition, this is always a valid and very youthful style.

    10. Of long sleeve: A really exciting option; It can be worn with any other garment and will always give a more sophisticated touch to the look you have decided to wear.

    Crop tops haven’t gone away and probably never will. As one of the most moldable designs in the history of clothing, it doesn’t matter if you decide to wear it to an important party, dinner, during a festival, or as the key element on that summer vacation. You can never doubt that you are doing it right.

    How to wear a crop top and now show your tummy?

    It seems an inconsistency in itself but no, we inform you that the crop top has a star companion, and when you know which one you will understand: high-waisted skirts.

    It sounds very obvious but, in reality, this couple makes up a very balanced, beautiful outfit that makes you a great guy. In addition, with the seasonal skirts that we are seeing lately (all with the waist high enough) it will be very easy for you to jump into the pool.

    So yes, the best thing you can do is take advantage of the fact that there are still jewels in the second summer sales and get a set to test the effect it has on you. (Spoiler alert: you’re going to love it with it on.) You just have to think that the key is in balance and that it is logical that if you wear a top that is too short, you can cover that space with another garment, in this case, a high-waisted skirt.

    Although it is also applicable to women two piece pants set, skirts tend to be more elastic and that will prevent them from being too tight to the body (which would turn against you in a matter of seconds with narrow pants such as skinny jeans).

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