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9 Useful Tools For Businesses That You May Not Have Heard Of



There are countless digital tools that can help businesses achieve more than ever before. It can often be hard to know which options are the best for your business, so it is important to do your research and find out what’s out there. Some tools are universally helpful for companies of any type, while others are more niche in nature. 

Following business and industry-specific publications can be a great way to keep your ear to the ground for new tools to implement. You could also attend conferences, trade shows and conventions to learn more about the latest innovations in your field. 

Job Application Trackers

Managing the recruitment process can be challenging for small business owners who haven’t got their own HR or hiring manager. Finding ways to streamline the process so that it doesn’t cut too heavily into your regular duties as a business leader is critical. Fortunately, there are job application trackers that can make simple work of the recruitment process, allowing you to publish job roles, track applications and communicate with applicants all through one centralized system. 

Social Media Listening Tools

Social media listening allows you to understand how successful your brand recognition, social media campaigns or business reach has been by tracking information on social media. It can be invaluable for gauging your success and helping you identify market trends that could be beneficial for your business. A social media listening tool takes a lot of the guesswork and analysis of data off your hands, providing you with solid, workable information. 

Course Creation Software

Educating your team is a crucial duty for any business leader, and there are many training topics you might need to cover. While much training can be done via third parties, particularly for qualifications and industry best practices, there are times you’ll need to create your own bespoke courses for your employees. Having course creation software can be a massive help in building courses that offer real value to your employees. 

Task Management Software

Task management software allows you to collate, order and prioritize different tasks throughout the day. As a successful business owner, you’ll likely already know about task management, but you’ll also know that your management style can always be improved. Task management software can help you stay organized and visualize your work for the day ahead. It can also be invaluable for junior members of staff.

Fuzz Testing

Fuzz testing tools can help you identify errors or issues in your coding. This could be for your business website or a mobile app. Errors in code can cause a range of issues, from downtime to customer dissatisfaction. Testing code used to be a lengthy process, but thanks to AI developments, it can be effectively automated in a process called fuzz testing. Always choose a business like ForAllSecure with expensive experience in fuzz testing, so you can ensure you get the best. 

Portable Scanning

Being able to scan documents on the go can be a real lifesaver in many business settings. Traditional scanners are bulky and limited to office use, and there is a risk in carrying around essential documents until you can get them to a scanner. The solution to this problem comes with portable scanning apps, which let you use your smartphone to scan important documents on the go. These scans are as clear and readable as any scanner could produce. 

Spelling And Grammar Software

We all have different skills, and spelling and grammar is not everyone’s strong point. Getting these essential skills right is vital in business, as you want to present yourself as well as you can. There is software you can use when drafting important correspondence that will flag up mistakes in spelling and grammar, ensuring you always put your best foot forward. 


Customer care is so vital for businesses, but it can be challenging to devote all the time you need to customers when you don’t have a large team. Using chatbots can be a great way to help customers get the answers they need without taking up too much of your customer service team’s time on simple queries. 

You can program a chatbot to respond with certain answers based on the questions they receive from customers. This can be particularly helpful for common queries like when items will be delivered, returns policies and delivery prices. 

Digital Signing Tools

Much of business is done online nowadays, so if you need a signature for an important document, you may not be close enough to get a physical copy. There are plenty of fantastic digital signature options to help you overcome this hurdle, allowing all relevant parties to sign a copy digitally that is then copied and sent to all. This can be helpful when hiring remote workers, signing deals overseas or taking on new suppliers.


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