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Young Startup Venture Summit/ Virtual Connect 2021

Times of Startups is pleased to sponsor and invite you to join us at Venture Summit \ Virtual Connect

YS Venture Summit 2021

Special offer: Register Now & Save 20% off (Use discount code “TMSTVIP”)

Startups \ Investors \ Matchmaking

Venture Summit

          Virtual Connect

  December 7th – 9th 2021

* Call for Top Innovators Details below

Whether you’re a founder seeking capital and exposure, or an investor seeking new deals, Venture Summit \ Virtual Connect presented by youngStartup Ventures – is the event of the year you won’t want to miss.

A highly productive 3-day venture conference, this exclusive summit is dedicated to showcasing early stage VCs, Corporate VCs and angel investors committed to funding venture backed, emerging and early stage Lifesciences, Healthcare and MedTech companies as well as showcasing over 100 Top Innovators.

Featured VCs and experts from our recent summit:

Bozena Adamczyk, Investment Director, Truffle Capital | Uri Adoni, General Partner, Sanara Capital | Nick Arnold, Associate, HG Ventures | Paul Asel, Managing Partner, NGP Capital | Assaf Barnea, CEO, Sanara Ventures | Tobias Bauer, Head of Partnerships, Blockchain Founders Fund | Amman Bhasin, VC Investor, PayPal Ventures | Ashish Bhatia, Angel Investor | Wade Bitaraf, Founder, Energy & Sustainability, Plug and Play | Tanya Boyko, Principal, ArcTern Ventures | Dan Burstein, Managing Partner, Millennium Technology Value Partners | Adam Carson, Operating Partner – Fintech, Point72 Ventures | Matt Caspari, Partner, Spike Ventures | André Chabaneix, Senior Associate, Blue Bear Capital | Sara Chamberlain, Managing Director, Energy Foundry | Iris Chan, Partner, Mighty Capital | Shaun Chaudhuri, Senior Associate, The Westly Group | Yi Jean Chow, Investment Principal, Future Energy Ventures | Diana Ciobanete, Program Director, Commons Accel | Michael Cohen, Investment Director, SAIC Capital | Amy Coveny, Managing Partner, Quake Capital | Alexander Crowell, Managing Director, PureTerra Ventures | Linard Daleckis, Investment Analyst, iTech Capital | Melissa Demma, Associate, Differential Ventures | Jun Deng, Investment Partner, Joyance Partners | Eric Dobson, CEO, Sheltowee Angel Network | Nissim Dravish, Venture Partner, OrbiMed | Amy Dyck, Associate, Framework Venture Partners | Denis Efremov, Principal, Fort Ross Ventures | Sara Enan, Investment Associate, Global Ventures | Shintaro Enomoto, Principal, MS&AD Ventures | Raymond Fung, Associate, ArcTern Ventures | Stan Fung, Managing Director, FarSight Ventures | Gary Gershony, Founding General Partner, BayMed Venture Partners | Zilvinas Giedraitis, Investment Analyst, Contrarian Ventures | Sam Goldberger, Managing Partner, Ambit Health Ventures | Jacqueline Goodman, Senior Analyst, SJF Ventures | Michelle Gouveia, Vice President, Sandbox Insurtech Ventures | Juliana Green, Senior Associate, Unovis Asset Management | Edward Greer, Corporate Technology Scout, Dow Chemical | Yashwanth Hemaraj, Partner, Benhamou Global Ventures | Thomas Henry, Co-Founder COO, Eunike Ventures | Deborah Jackson, Founder and CEO, GP, Plum Alley | Ben Jen, Managing Director, Ben Jen Holdings | Gary Jinks, President, GLJ Group | Hunter Kettering, VC Investor, Republic | Jason Klein, President, HBS Alumni Angels | Howard Ko, Partner, Morpheus Ventures | Eric Kohlmann, Principal, Arc Ventures | Ryan Kole, Partner, VCapital | Randall LaVeau, Founder, BOSS Capital Partners | James Lee, Executive Director, Photonfund | Debbie Lin, Exec Dir, Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund | Ephraim Lindenbaum, Managing Director, Advance Ventures | Charles Ling, Investment Director, Tsingyuan Ventures | Darwin Ling, Founder and General Partner, Good AI Capital | Ubaldo Mafrici, VC Analyst, Aster Capital | Jaione Maiz, Principal, Anzu Partners | Ruchit Majmudar, Senior Analyst, JetBlue Technology Ventures | Honour Masters, Associate, Supernode Ventures | Alex Mayall, Principal, Anthemis Group | Christian Miller, Senior Associate, Poplar Ventures | David Miller, Managing Director, Clean Energy Ventures | Erika Nash, Investor, Sorenson Capital | Hamzah Nassif, Partner, Real Ventures | Ivan Nikkhoo, Managing Partner, Navigate Ventures | Mika Nishimura, Operational Partner, Gilde Healthcare | Samir Novruzov, Venture Analyst, I2BF Global Ventures | Chris Park, Investment Director, UL Ventures | Donna Parr, Managing Partner, Cross-Border Impact Ventures | Akhilesh Pathipati, Partner, MVM Partners | Cameron Peterkin, Associate, BCI Technology Investments | Vincent Pichon, Investment Director, Engie New Ventures | Daniel Pinault, Principal, Cycle Capital | Allyson Plosko, Director, Telosity, Vinaj Ventures | Jean-Noel Poirier, Executive Managing Director, Clean Energy Venture Group | Todd Poole, Associate Director, Pathfinder Ventures | Susan Preston, Managing Partner, SeaChange Fund | Suraj Rajwani, CEO, DoubleRock | Michael Rand, Managing Director, WindSail Capital | Owen Reynolds, Associate, Expon Capital | Keeton Ross, Entrepreneur in Residence, Evok Innovations | Kerry Rupp, General Partner, True Wealth Ventures | Brian Schuman, Principal, Strategic Investments, PepsiCo External Innovation | Stephen Shapiro, Partner, eHealth Ventures | Simon Sokol, Investment Associate, Relay Ventures | Mark Solovy, Co-President, MCAP Acquisition Corporation | Vivek Soni, Venture Partner, S CAP Clean Tech | Peter Sopher, Manager, Investments & Portfolio, Clean Energy Ventures | Abhinav Tiwari, General Partner, Owl Capital | Eran Toledo, CTO, Sanara Ventures | Claude Vachet, Managing Partner, Cycle Capital | Varun Varma, VP Investment Operations, Lightbox | Ilya Velder, Partner, Basinghall Partners | Alejandra Vergara, Associate, Bee Partners | Eze Vidra, Managing Partner, Remagine Ventures | Rohan Wadhwa, Principal, Lumos Capital Group | Brian Walsh, Head, WIND Ventures | Isaiah Washington, Investor, Insight Partners | Tony Zhu, Venture Associate, Clean Energy Trust and many more…  

Special Offer:

Times of Startups has made special arrangement for our network to receive a special discount of 20% off. This conference will be attended by the best people in the industry. Please register early to avoid disappointment.  (Use promo code “TMSTVIP”)

In addition to providing access to leading Investors, the conference will feature more than 100 pre-screened venture backed, emerging and early stage companies seeking capital, and hardcore networking. 


Get Noticed > Get Funded > Grow Faster

A select group of more than 100 Top Innovators will be chosen to present their breakthrough investment opportunities to an exclusive audience of Venture Capitalists, Corporate Investors, Private Investors, Investment Bankers, and Strategic Partners.

Apply to Present / Nominate a company:

For more information or to be considered for one of the Top Innovator slots click here

We look forward to seeing you there. 

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