Chinese automaker partners with US electric-car Startup Atieva

One of the largest state-owned automakers in China confirmed that they are teaming up with Atieva in order to increase their presence in global markets.Atieva is highly valued among the investors and with the quality team Atieva possesses,raising capital doesn’t seem to be a major concern for them. Atieva have also hired a good number of Tesla employees.

Beijing Electric Vehicle Co is planning to have a new tech center outside San Francisco. If properly nurtured, Atieva can pose definite challenge to its rival Tesla Motors Inc. When it comes to EVs, the developing market is a highly untapped market segment and with growing affluence in India and China, EV startups can penetrate into these markets to fully utilize the customer base.

“Atieva is designing and creating a breakthrough electric car in the heart of Silicon Valley,” is the punch phrase on Atieva’s website. Atieva was founded in 2007 and till now holds over 100 patents for battery and motors.

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  1. Philix
    November 8, 2015

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